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Video Walkthrough of Mobile Magic App

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

We just announced that our first official Disney Parks mobile application is live and shared the list of phones the app is currently available on. Now, we have a video walkthrough. Let us know what you think.

As we mentioned, Verizon Wireless customers can download the application for $9.99 for 180 days. Just go to the Media Center to “Browse & Download,” then “Get New Applications.” You’ll then find Mobile Magic in the “Travel & Navigation” folder. The app can also be found by texting Magic to 2777.

Here’s more information on the Mobile Magic Application. And of course, there are some official details you should know about: The downloadable Mobile Magic application for Verizon Wireless subscribers is available for purchase. Message and data rates also may apply. Coverage not available everywhere. Availability subject to handset limitations. If you’re under 18, get your parent’s permission first. Valid theme park admission required.


  • Will be at WDW for Christmas, would love to be able to access this app on my Verizon Blackberry, but I think missing some of the perks of the new app. Any update on release for other phones (especially the blackberr!)?

  • I think that ten dollars isn’t too steep of a price when it helps you get more out of your day at the parks, especially when you go very often.

  • I have to agree with some of the comments above. I was lead to believe that this was an app for smart phones, and yet none of the phones it is compatible with are in that category. When will this app be available for Blackberry. Verizon sells several different Blackberry models and they are huge sellers with Verizon. I can’t imagine why these phones were overlooked in the planning of this app.


  • I really like the app and would purchase, however I have the HTC Imagio [smartphone]. Hopefully soon!!

  • Will it come out for iPhone? There are some apps already for Disney park waits times, but they aren’t that accurate, because they’re user posted times.

  • What if I am unable to download the Mobile Magic App to my phone, either because I am not a Verizon customer or I do not have a phone suited for the app? Will Disney rent me a Mobile Magic App enabled phone during my vist to WDW?

  • I purchased this app as soon as I heard that I could. I have loved being able to play with it and can’t wait to use it on my up coming trip to WDW.
    I read that many people are not happy with the fact that it is used on mid-level phones. I am glad that it is one that I am able to use. Many of us use these phones and don’t want to pay the high price for the fancy phones. It is much more economical at the mid-level.
    The price for the app is not that high when you consider the cost of your trip to the park. A low cost for a great program.

  • seems a little steep for me — should really just be free — how much does one fork over to visit a Disney park? would be a nice guest service to just “plus” the guest experience without asking for anymore money.

  • Not really planning on buying this app, maybe D23 members could get it for free?

    Also, the site is okay, but it does not look good on my Verizon equipped Blackberry; fonts are being overwritten.

    I like the idea of making this information readily available for guests, but if one has to pay extra for it and it doesn’t work properly then why bother?

  • I think these apps are great. Where’s the iPhone love? Seriously hope someone is working on that.

  • There will be NO iPhone version anytime in the near future. Last year Disney and Verizon signed an exclusive partnership to make this App.

  • Now the real question is:

    When can I buy this on my VZW Blackberry?

  • Why spend the time to focus on obsolete mid-level phones rather than on just smartphones?

  • Still wishing for an iPhone app. It seems to me that Disney is exclusing a big chunk of its visitors, probably a majority, by limiting these functions to Verizon customers only.

  • I have a Sprint Blackberry. Will there ever be an app for it? As for the questions about the i-phone, there are already apps for it. I have a friend that has 4 apps for WDW on his.

  • I have to say I’m a little underwhelmed. When it was announced that there’d be a Disney Parks “application” I think the assumption was that it would be a smartphone class app, not something designed for mid-level feature phones. I’m still holding out hope for a mobile application that’s up to the standard set by Google’s Android, Apple’s iPhone, and RIM’s Blackberry.

    I still think this is a fantastic innovation. Having live park info at a glance is a brilliant idea. I remember the Nintendo DS pilot program that was testing in early 2008. I think it was a little ahead of its time. The recent explosion of “mobile apps” is clearly a sign that now is the right time. Keep up the good work. I’ll be anticipating this project’s future developments!

  • Please Update the app for new phones your killing me with this tease!

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