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Your Favorite Part About Celebrating The Holidays At Disney Parks Is…

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

If you’re like me, it’s unique experiences and amazing decorations that make holidays at Disney Parks special. But what grabs you? We’re in the parks to find out — this time asking, “What’s special about celebrating the holidays at Disney Parks?”

Now, it’s your turn. Is there something that makes visits to Disney Parks special for you this time of the year? Please let us know in the comments.


  • Listening to the Carol of the Bells under the Lights of Winter, absolutely magical.

  • One of our family traditions, a favorite part of every Christmas for years, has been the Lights of Winter at Epcot. We are beyond disappointed to learn that they have been cancelled. Our holiday trip this year is already scheduled, but next year we’ll probably save several thousand dollars and go to Europe instead of WDW.

  • My favorite part was probably Pamelia Perkins singing about the Pretty Little Dolly at the Adventurers Club Christmas Show

  • I love letting my kids visit Santa and Mrs. Claus at Epcot. We love going to the candlelight processional first and then visiting with the Christmas couple. You cannot beat it. You’re seeing the most magical couple in the most magical of places!

  • My favorite part is that every nook and cranny is decorated with the season. In the bathrooms you hear Christmas music, in the hotel lobbies you get a tree decorations of that resort’s style, in the parks you get lighted displays, special fireworks, decorations and performers. It’s like walking into a giant holiday train garden from the moment you step off the bus.

    When I visit I always look for my favorites:
    Osborne Lights
    Main Street decorations (love the garland)
    Cinderella’s Ice Castle
    EPCOT’s lighted promenade (Lights of Winter)
    MVMCP fireworks
    EPCOT’s Peace on Earth fireworks (always brings a tear to my eye)
    Grand Floridian’s Gingerbread House
    Saratoga Springs’ classical Christmas music
    All the resort decorations for their unique styles
    Voices of Liberty (best choir onsite)

  • Goodness, where do I begin?

    I love grabbing a hot chocolate or coffee from the Market House and perhaps a gingerbread man with chocolate Mickey ears, and sitting to play chess by the stove pipe furnace – especially after a long day at the park and Main Street USA is open for an hour after park closing. I enjoy so much the holiday music along Main Street – it seems as if Christmas came rather early this year, but whenever I go through the tunnel and hear the music, the bells, I know the season is really here! I also enjoy the decorations of each respective land; there’s such care to detail that you feel that the land’s ‘inhabitants’ actually put them up themselves. I enjoy partaking of a sumptious holiday feast at Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel, as per family tradition – but nothing comes close to beating the joy I get when I see A Christmas Fantasy Parade with my family. I have such fond memories of being a little girl and enjoying this time of year, all thanks to the magic of Disney (I’m nearly 25, by the way)!

  • The Lights of Winter!!! Such a great music selection, and then synced up with all those arches of lights, when you stand within it you’re literally being bombarded with the sights and sounds of the holidays, you really can’t beat it!

    PLEASE bring back the Lights of Winter! Pretty please, with sugar on top!

  • La Befana!!!!!! The Italian Christmas Witch!

    She is SUCH a riot!! I could watch her over and over and over and I laugh hysterically everytime.

  • One of mine was seeing the Country Bear Christmas Show, which still REALLY need to bring back ASAP!

    I also enjoyed riding Haunted Mansion Holiday and It’s a Small World Holiday at DL. They need to do those overlays at WDW as well.

  • Main Street U.S.A is unbeatable this time of year. Get a sundae with hot fudge at Ice Cream Parlor and see the Castle with it special christmas lights from Rose Garden while setting up for Wishes Nighttime Spectacular is one of my favorites.


    I will be in Epcot at Christmas for the first time in nine years. Back in August, I purchased a $400 digital camera because of its ability to take easy yet stunning night pictures..I ONLY had the Lights of Winter in mind.

    My heart sank and I felt betrayed when I learned they weren’t going to be displayed.

  • I loved the Lights of Winter.

  • Lights of Winter!

    We are going in December, but I was searching You Tube back in October for the Lights of Winter dancing to Carol of the Bells.

    Imagine my disappointment when I learned only in November that the Lights of Winter would not be displayed.

  • Lights of Winter…but that’s no longer around. 🙁

  • What I love abou8t the holidays at WDW – everything, especially the parade, shows, and character greets at the MK and the sights of decor and air at the Epcot Resort Area – go figure!

  • NPH I’m guessing is Neil Patrick Harris? Just curious what makes his presentation/reading that much more special than any of the others.

    For me it’s just the general feeling of Christmas everywhere you look, smell, hear, there’s Christmas in the air.

  • I really love the festive atmosphere and all the decorations. But i must also agree with Daniel, I have lost some of my favorites….the Lights Of Winter and the tree lighting at EPCOT come to mind… I think I will check out some of the items on Dale’s top 10 list………as long as I am wiht family, sharing the magic it will be special.

  • The Christmas shows at the Adventurers Club

  • Not sure if some people who posted here realize this, but the Lights of Winter is cancelled. Disney has made yet another Holiday cut.

    My Favorite things at Disney World are all disappearing. So for me, its my memories that makes holidays at Disney special.

  • I love the festive Christmas atmosphere at WDW. The decorations and Christmas music make WDW even more magical. Of course, I never miss MVMCP while at Disney. This year I decided to give MNSSHP a try. It was alot of fun but now I’m missing my Christmas at Disney. Counting down to 2010 already.

  • The Lights of Winter at Epcot always made the parks special during the holidays for me.

  • I always loved finding a bench near the Lights of Winter in Epcot and watching the lights dance to the gorgeous holiday music. I tried to plan a trip each December just to see the LoW — nothing else at the parks put me in such a festive, happy mood.

  • Great list, Dale .. I’m totally in agreement with your top 4. Then I’d add:
    5. Hoop-Dee-Doo revue (it’s not dramatically different than the year-round show, but they add in a few Christmas carols and some decorations to make it a festive holiday show).
    6. The live entertainment (bands, caroling) in the Grand Floridian lobby.
    7. Osborne Lights at the Studios

    not sure what my 8-10 are … will have to decide when I get there in a couple of weeks.

  • I love it all! But especially the fun holiday food. 🙂

  • Lights of Winter and the Fountain at Epcot……specifically when the song ‘Carol of the Bells’ is played. Love it!!

  • My favorite part is Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. The cocoa and cookies go well with the snow on Main Street.

  • My Top 10!

    1 – Lights of Winter at Epcot
    2 – Dancing foundtains at Epcot (with Christmas music)!
    3 – IllumiNations holiday tag
    4 – Cinderella Castle Lights
    5 – Character Trees at Camp Minnie-Mickey
    6 – Singing carols at the Rose & Crown with a pint!
    7 – Resort Christmas trees
    8 – Garland on Main Street
    9 – Gingerbread house at American Adventure
    10 – Gingerbread village at the BoardWalk

  • I always loved the special Christmas version of the Country Bear Jamboree at the Magic Kingdom.

  • While the Magic Kingdom is great this time of year, my favorite holiday experience has been sitting under Epcot’s Lights of Winter arches and listening to the music. I’m as facinated by these as I am by the Fountain of Nations. The sychronized music and visuals are truly unique. That’s why I’m traveling to the WDW in the next few days and planned to be at Epcot as much as possible… to get in the holiday spirit with the Lights of Winter.

  • The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights take the top spot. So phenomenally cool. When I’m there in August or September and I see the lights starting to go up, it feels like such a tease. I could spend hours in the Studios on the Streets of America just watching the lights. And of course, searching for the cat. 🙂

    Honorable Mentions go to the Candlelight Processional and the Holiday Tag on Illuminations.

  • I love all the decorations and the snow on Main Street. So pretty.

  • All of the decorations at the parks, especially the Lights of Winter.

  • The holidays at Disney is special because they do such a great job of combining two of my favorite things – the holidays and Disney!

  • Ha, NPC = NPH on post #2. I have no idea who NPC is.

  • Holidays at the DisneyParks is something I look forward to every year. Everyone is in such a joyous and happy mood. The Christmas Tree on Main street, the festive lights. and the snow on the Sleeping Beauty Castle always puts such a big smile on my face. The Christmas Parade and the Fireworks adds the magical touch. Disney truly knows how to celebrate the holidays. Thank you for making every holiday season special with your magic.

  • I just love the sounds, the smells, the decorations and the mood of the whole park. It just seems like Disneyland becomes a place where the holidays need to be. The true meaning of happiness and joy. Feels special to be there during the holidays!

  • My absolute favorite thing is the Snow on Main Street it’s positively Magical. I love hearing the squeals of delight when it comes over the crowd after the finale of the fireworks.

  • NPC at the Candlelight Processional!

  • I love that everyone there is always smiling and that they love being there just as much as we do. Last time I was there I met someone who worked in one of the stores and was just as into finding hidden mickeys as we were! As for the holidays Disney comes up with the most creative & beautiful decorations I have ever seen! Plus the parades and fireworks help. =]

  • That one’s easy — the Lights of Winter at EPCOT. It’s the best holiday display anywhere on property, and the centerpiece of EPCOT’s Christmas decor.

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