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Announcement: Disney Villains Set Sail with Disney Cruise Line

Jonathan Frontado

by , Public Relations Director, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney and Disney Vacation Club

Villains Tonight!
Hey Disney Parks Blog Readers! Today I have really exciting news; there is a brand new stage spectacular heading to the Disney Magic in 2010.

The show is called “Villains Tonight!” and it is the first full-scale musical production dedicated to the Disney villains. The show is a family-friendly comedy that places our famous evil-doers in some irreverent funny moments.

“Villains Tonight!” will premiere during the March 27 voyage aboard the Disney Magic and debut on the Disney Dream in early 2011.

Here is a first look at this new production:


  • Villains are my favorite type of Disney characters! They have the most personality and the best songs. We attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party each year just to catch the villain shows and get our pictures with them.

    But everything Disney aside, the BEST part is that the show was written by the “[title of show]” geniuses Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen!! While the show may not appeal to everyone, it better to be 9 people’s favorite thing instead 100 people’s 9th favorite thing.

    I just booked another cruise because I can’t wait to see this show!

  • James of Northern New England wishes the best to his fellow buccaneers Frank Troth and Tim Sauke and reminds all that he is delighted that the “Captain of villainy, murder and loot, eager to kill any that says his hook that isn’t cute” is a part of the DCL Villains Tonight! Is there a greater villain than Hook? I think not!

  • James of Northern New England wishes the best to his fellow buccaneers Frank Troth and Tim Sauke and reminds all that he is delighted that the “Captain of villainy, murder and loot, eager to kill any that says his hook that isn’t cute” is a part of the DCL Villains Tonight! James discloses that “the Id within me is deeply moved”!

  • I am not a big fan of villians but I trust Disney to do it right. Remember Monsters, Inc was all about monsters scaring children. It is now one of my most favorite Disney movies. Give it a chance. I’m very excited to see it!

  • I absolutely love the Villians, and any portion dedicated to them is exciting news! Thank you for such a creative twist!

  • I’m so excited. This show looks awesome! It’s something different for us, non traditional Disney fans! Hopefully I can wait for the new ship, but I can’t promise anything!

  • My teen boys & husband are going to LOVE this! My daughter probably won’t but she has many opportunities for princesses so she’ll live! 🙂

  • How awesome is this! For a person that has cruised every year for the past 4 years the shows were getting old so I am really tickeled to see Disney going out on the limb with there must be a balance of good vs evil to keep the world in balance. I am sorry to see the people posting the negative comments aren’t even willing to give the show a chance. When has Disney ever done something that evil was not mocked and you vowed never to see it again? All these characters are characters that many of us in the Disney world love to hate and enjoy seeing them get their just dues. These characters were essential to us falling in love with the main characters. So I say hats off to Disney and hope to see the stage show soon!!!

  • Very exciting! I may just have to book a trip on a DCL to see this show. It is about time they showed the Villains some love too, after all there wouldn’t be much of a story without the villain.

  • Oh, this is the best news! I think it is wonderful to hear that Disney is broadening it’s entertainment schedule to include these rich characters! There is more to life than princesses, after all, and the villains are a much under-represented part of the parks. I hope there will be time for autographs and pictures…. 🙂

  • Without a villain in your story, your hero has nothing to do.

  • Brilliant! Disney Villains are the best villains! I would love to see the finished project, and hope I will get to sometime. I liked the “Project Cruella” set. Does she say, “Make it hurt, people!”?

  • So sad about this one! Our girls LOVE the shows and there is a good chance they will not even bother with this one. This can’t possibly be the show that is going to be played on formal night is it? The Golden Mickey’s was so perfect for formal night! I am sure the show itself will be great, as always with Disney, but I just don’t see a need for an all villians show. Walt Disney placed a villian in his movies but it was the good over evil that always prevailed! Having a show all about villians just seems very unDisney to me.

    It is funny how at the parks the characters are not even supposed to enter lands that are not “theirs” but somehow they want our kids to believe that all of these villians meet up in the underworld together?!?!?! IMO that is going to lead to more nightmares and fear of villians. Not to mention the fact that we will be out at sea when watching it!!! Children don’t need to think there is an underworld below us with all the villians together!


  • I am actually disappointed I am huge Disney Cruise Line fan. I have been on 10 Disney Cruises and love most of the shows. I don’t really care for Toy Story the Musical because of Sid. I think that show is too villainous. I guess I will be skipping this show.

  • I think they should put this in California Adventure instead of the Toy Story show! (I’m still sad about losing Aladdin to Toy Story!!!)

  • Awesome i’m going on the Disney Dream in 2011. Can’t wait, another reason you guys rock!!!

  • This looks AMAZING! Disney Villains definitely deserve their own musical and this looks like it will be fun for everyone. We take our first Disney Cruise this January on the Disney Wonder… I guess we’ll have to plan a trip aboard the Disney Magic next!

    NCDisneyDad Bob ºOº

  • Looks totally awesome, can’t wait to see it! I miss Hades, Pain, and Panic from the old Hercules the Muse-ical on DCL, so this will be a great way to see them on stage again!

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