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Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade: Tilt-Shift Video

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

We’ve already posted some early peeks at the award-winning musical talent and stars appearing at this year’s Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade but here’s one more – and it’s my favorite. It’s the Magic Kingdom turned into “Toyland” using tilt-shift photography:

You can see the entire two-hour televised special nationally in high-definition on December 25 on ABC-TV at 10 a.m. Eastern and 9 a.m. Central, Mountain and Pacific times.


  • We’s wants the video to be public!

  • Yes, please make this video public again!!!

  • Please bring this back as open to everyone! I didn’t get a chance to do much blog reading over the holidays and I’d love to see this!

  • Why did you change the video to private? It’s not just something to be enjoyed during the holiday season! I want to see it again.

  • the video is marked Private on YouTube. I’d love to watch it, but I’m being denied now. 🙁

  • Great parade. Love the view, but it is sad that “Partners” is covered up.

  • Ah. I watched the time-shifgted recording of the parade. I see they DID use the tilt-shift videos as promos. Maybe next year they can show the tilt-shifts in the weeks beforehand (hint hint grin).

  • It was totally amazing!!! But i will agree, it is sad that the Partners Statue is not shown!

  • Nice video!!

  • Wonderful video, looks like it was a lot of fun to film. Can’t wait to see the parade tomorrow.

    Any chance we’ll get to see Block Party Bash in tilt shift?

  • I love these tilt-shift videos . . . and my family is in this one! I was wondering why that camera was hidden in that main street window looking at us. So cool!

    Still looking forward to Animal Kingdom!

  • Agree with Chris, it is really bad show to see the Partners statue all covered up with boxes.

  • Awesome as ever! I can’t seem to get enough of this tilt-shift thing.
    A thought occurs… with some editing for time, this would make a really different and enjoyable TV commercial!

  • Even though the parade looks good, I found the fact that the Partners statue was completely covered up truly upsetting.

  • Looks like a nice parade and entertainment, and Iike the tilt shift videos, but did you really need to hide the Partners statue of Walt and MIckey in a pile of boxes?

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