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‘Give a Day, Get a Disney Day’ Web Site Update

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

UPDATE: Hats off to each of the one million volunteers!

Thank you to all who have participated. The last day to use the free Disney Theme Park tickets distributed in this program was December 15, 2010.

Although you can no longer use a free Disney Theme Park ticket received in connection with this program, you can still continue to give back to your community by signing up for volunteer opportunities through HandsOn Network.

If you have additional questions please contact customer service.

And don’t forget to share your Disney Parks memories!

Thanks to the generous spirit of our guests, we have had a strong response to our ‘Give a Day, Get a Disney Day’ program.

We prepared for this launch based on similar programs in the past. However, the large numbers of guests attempting to register for volunteer service in the program has created periodic slowdowns in the network, resulting in difficulty in completing the registration process.

We apologize for the inconvenience and want to let you know that we’re working to add capacity to the system to provide a better registration experience.

Be assured that new volunteer opportunities are being added to the HandsOn Network daily, and we will not hit the 1 million ticket milestone this weekend. So keep checking back to see what new volunteer opportunities have been added — and thanks for your interest in the ‘Give a Day, Get a Disney Day’ program. Here are more details and terms concerning the program.


  • Your site tells me to go to Hands On Network site to schedule a volunteer activity. When I get to the Hands On Network site, it does not allow me to input the information as it takes me to the page where I can “view/edit the oppoetunity I have signed up for.” I have been trying for two days to do this and have been unsucceessful. How do I get to the page to sign up? Thank you.

  • HELP! The site is not working properly! I chose Waterway cleanup, volunteered the 3 of us and got the message from webpage: STACK OVERFLOW AT LINE 47 and another one “Unable to create sign up. Please correct errors below.” All I did was put check marks next to our names. There is no room for error here. I have screen captures of the messages if you would like to see them. Please advice.

  • Please help!Been trying to sign up since the Jan.1. At first the system wouldnt allow me to add additional volunteers{my kids}. The next day it let me add but when i tried to submit our activity it said “error – line overflow” or something. Now i have account but everytime i try to manage it{choose an activity} it says my session has expired-reload. When i hit reload it just starts me over again. I am so very disappointed now because all the opportunities for kids my sons age are filled and i cant even sign myself up for something. Is there anything i can do or any phone # i can call for help?

  • Also, putting in my zip code got me as “local” everything from Richmond Virginia to Baltimore Maryland.

  • This has been an interesting process. I’m trying to do this with a teenager which makes it slightly easier than some of the ones with young children. However there doesn’t seem to be a consensus with what qualifies as “give a day”. On some of the projects it could be as little as one hour, others require a six month commitment (that’s from two of the organizations I contacted today. Now I’m finding that one organization that wants teenagers, doesn’t want me, yet the website clearly states that all volunteers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

    Very confusing.

  • I am having the same issue. I registered months ago for my family and have already contacted project Linus about making blankets since it was one of the few my 8 year old daughter could be a part of. I cannot sign onto the site. It says it does not regognize my e-mail address but it allowed me to change my password so I know the e-mail is working fine. I have a deadline to my project and cannot register – what do we do now??

  • I hope other volunteer organizations are having better luck verifying the attendence of their volunteers that I am. I’ve been trying for 2 days to verify those you helped me on 1/2 and 1/3/10. I am obligated to verify within 24 hours but cannot due to a computer glitch. I hope my volunteers don’t lose their attended status after 72 hours of not being verified because that deadline is approaching fast. Disney and HandsOnNetwork have not responded to my many emails and phone calls. I am thankful that they have offered this opportunity to my volunteers but it is very frustrating because I’m always checking the website to see if it will finally let me finalize this matter.

  • If you don’t have an “event” in your area, a great option is Project Linus. You make blankets to donate. Great project to do with several kids!

  • Curious, has anyone been able to check the “Manage My Acct” feature after signing up? It was not able to find my sign-up info so I clicked on the “forgot my password” link which sends a msg and link to my E-Mail account. From there, although I’ve been able to change my password, still can not log into this feature. Tried several attempts of this whole process with no success.

  • i am signed up!

  • We volunteer at a number of charities, but none participate in the Disney program. Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be any in my county that welcome children. Hopefully this changes.

  • I have also been trying for hours and hours both yesterday and today and both the Disney site and the Hand on Network site was not working right. Because we have young children we are limited in what activities we can do, because to us, this is a family project. I stepped away from the computer to have dinner with the family, after being totally obsessive about it since 230am on the 1st,and I come back, things are fixed, and everything is gone that is suitable for the kids.

    Disney and Hands on Network should have prepared better for this. This trip means alot to our family and it will be the first time for my young son to go to Disneyland. We volunteer alot in our family with our local congregation and my children know what service is. We really did this for the free tickets to Disneyland…I know that tickets won’t be gone by the weekend but we are competing with the rest of America and this should have been better thought out.

  • We volunteer with one of the organizations listed but have not been successful with the sign-up. Despite that, we will be onsite to continue working with the organization because we are making a difference not because of the Disney tickets.

  • I was finally able to successfully make it through the system finally after trying for two days. It was a very frustrating process. Sadly, the only local service opportunity that would enable my young child to participate was already full. The positive side of this is that there are so many people willing to give service. I will keep watching for other opportunities for families with young children. It also has motivated me to find ways my family can help our community (without the lure of a free ticket).

  • One of my favorite things of the Disney Parks is that there is no right age to go, I mean,anyone at any age can attend them, and I think that’s the big difference Disney!!! This is realy cool!

  • How do you make a charity eligible for this program?

  • When do you expect to reach to 1 million ticket mark? Do you have to complete your service first?

  • I have been tried all day yesterday Janaury 1, 2010 to signup at the Disney Website for the Voluteer Program at the Senior Gleaners in Sacramento CA for January 18, 2010 I get the entire application completed and when I get to the last step I get a “Stack Overflow on Line 48 Error” and if I try to backout and re-enter the system tells me that we have a pending account for the E-mail addresses that I am trying to use.

    I tried again this morning January 2, 2010, to complete the registration and found that of the 33 Voluteers need by this organization as reflected on the website on Janaury 1, 2010, it appears that only four individuals were able to complete the registration as it indicates that there are still 29 Voluteers needed for Janaury 18, 2010.

    All of this is very furstrating and I know that is there an overload problem with the Hands on Network System but i feel that this should have been anticipated and that the Hands on Network and Disney Parks should have been more prepared to handle the large number of people trying to complete the registration process.

  • Thanks for letting us know there are still major kinks in your system..many of us thought is was our computers!..
    I too have tried many times to register..using up emails because once you register its a pending account and then you cannot use the same email..I think Disney should honor all of us in the system..when I check my account status, the names are there..but it is saying we started process and need to complete, but there are no ways to complete…please consider for those who spent their time and effort trying to sign up for a good cause.
    Hope this is a lesson learned..this world is computer savvy and with the way technology is, this should not have happened!
    But keep smiling people..remember your heart and why u are doing this, yes the ticket is nice, but remember the cause is better!

  • I don’t know if it’s the syste, slow down or not, but apparently they have no record of early registrations. I signed up in October…and they have no record of me. I started the process all over…so far…so good…

  • Thank you for the update. 🙂

  • I have been trying all day off and on to the Disney Site. My husband even contacted the place that we want to volunteer. They said that they wished they could help, but they were at the mercy of Disney and the computer situation as well. If any one gets through tell us the secret.

  • Thank you so very much for the update, Thomas! I’ve been at it all day today & all of the fun options that we could do with our kids have all been filled as of right now in my area. I’m very happy to hear that more will be added & I don’t have to worry! My kids are so excited about this experience!

  • Thanks for the update, it has been intensely frustrating trying to sign up tonight. The website must be receiving a lot of traffic.

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