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All Aboard for Disneyland Photos

Hi, I’m Paul Hiffmeyer, Chief Photographer for Public Relations here at the Disneyland Resort.

Like my counterparts at the Walt Disney World Resort, I’m lucky enough to have access to many areas not usually visited by our guests, usually with camera in-hand, and it seems like a good time to share some never-before-seen photos on the Disney Parks Blog.

For the first photo, I wanted to share one that I’ve thought about for a long time, but only recently shot; a long lens photo of a Disneyland Steam Train on a cold morning where the train seems to glide on a steam cloud. Last month on an especially cold morning I set out with my camera and a 28-300 mm lens in hand to capture the No. 3 Engine, Fred Gurley, as it made its way through Frontierland.
Disneyland Steam Train

I’ll be sharing more of my work here on the Disney Parks Blog from time to time and I hope you enjoy it.


  • Great photo! what portion of the track is this? Looks like it’s near the Rivers of America?

  • The photo is trully a work of Art!

  • Where’s the rest of the photos?

    I need more! 😀

  • I love how the steam up top seems to separate the trees. A lower angle would be amazing too!

  • Love this photo, I showed it to my train/disney addicted son (he is Autistic) and he nearly cried. Great shot!!!!!!

  • That is an awesome shot! More Disneyland Railroad locomotive pictures please!

  • Nice. Look forward to seeing more.

  • That is gorgeous! I want to paint that.

  • I LOVE this! This picture says “Disney” in my heart! I’m jealous you were able to take this photo…I have photography envy! 😛

  • Fantastic photo of this wonderful vintage train. The train is always the first attraction we take our grandson on when we visit Disneyland. I can’t wait to see what photo you’ll be posting next!

  • This begs for a desktop wallpaper-sized release!

  • Great photo! I too would love this on my desktop wallpaper!

  • Love it absolutely beautiful!

  • I am currently a photography student, this is awesome! I love disney and the parks. It would be awesome to have a behind the scenes photography tour! Jealous of your job!

  • What a beautiful shot! How do I get it for my son???

  • Like some of the other out-of-the-ordinary-spots tours at Disneyland, I’ll bet a photo tour would be very popular. Even if we couldn’t stand on the tracks to get a shot like this, bet there are a lot of other places we could go.

    This is gorgeous.

  • Oh my gosh!! I so need to be there

  • An absolutelyu beautiful shot, Paul. The colours on the leaves either side of the train add wonderfully the picture. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  • what a great shot and from a perspective we would not normally see… thank you. makes an excellent wallpaper!!

  • This photo is awesome! We spent a few days in Disneyland during Christmas and one of the best scenes we viewed was the early morning train rides… Thanks for sharing this with us!
    David & Jeanne from Wittmann, Arizona

  • *sigh* fantastic!

  • *jealous*

  • Mr. Disney would LOVE that photo. great job!

  • Thank you!!!! Your photo brings back wonderful memories. I was a visitor when the park opened in 1955. It truly was magical.

  • Being a Disney fan since I can remember, we now come to Disneyland as an escape from the real world. Even though we may come to the resort sometimes 3 or 4 times a month, not much to some, we enjoy all things at the park. When we see photos like this, we wish somehow we could be behind camara.

  • Wow truly fantastic.

    What lens were you using? I think a photo tour would be absolutely outstanding!

  • Beautiful

  • Mary from Santa Barbara, CA
    I have been going to Disneyland since I was 4yrs old…I have raised my sons to love Disney and the Disneyland Resort…I am a former cast member of Disney. Seeing the pictures at the park I wish I could be there everyday…its so magical, in the short time you visit at Disney all the problems from home or work is gone and you live this fantasy intill you have to go home to reality…Please share more of these moments and pictures from Disney.

  • What a great job you have. You should start a workshop program for photographers to attend, after regular park hours, where they could get photos of the park without all of the people in the way. I would pay for that.

  • Great photo!
    Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • This is such a wonderful picture. I’ve been going to Disneyland at least once a year for 30 years and riding this train is always one of my faves! I love this!

  • I would LOVE a beautiful, large, hard bound PICTURE BOOK of these kinds of pictures. This picture is gorgeous, and a whole book of them would be amazing. I’m SURE they would sell like hotcakes!

  • what an awesome way to make a living!!

  • Before moving from California to Colorado I visited Disneyland at least once a month. This picture makes me “homesick”. I need to make a trip very soon.

  • Wow, what a shot. I agree needs a wallpaper and a way to get a professional quality print from Disney Gallery….

  • You have my dream job!!!!!! Wonderful photo!

  • I would LOVE to be able to tour some of those locations on a photog tour…… HINT HINT

  • What a fantastic photo! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  • Beautiful! Only thing wrong with it, is there aren’t MORE pictures!

  • Stunning. I would love to have the opportunity to do what you do for Disney! It would most definitely be a dream come true 🙂
    your photography is fantastic

  • I love this picture! I took some of the other commenters’ advice and made it my desktop background. I am a Disney girl at heart. Even though we are 600 miles away, we visit ever 6-8 weeks or so. Like #34 Merleta, I too get “homesick”. I also love all of the comments. Makes me feel good to know there are others out there that really “get” the Disney magic!
    Thanks for the pic and keep ’em coming!

  • Wow, does that bring back some GREAT memories!

  • I love this picture!!! I am an annual passholder and would also pay for a photo tour of Disneyland or a book of your pictures! good work!

  • What a spectacular image! I, too, would like this as a desktop, to go along with the Main Street window of Roger Broggie. Jealous you have made us!

  • OUTSTANDING photo! You must post something weekly!

  • Very Nice Work Paul! (great name) Walt would be proud!
    Where do we find more of your work?


  • Nice shot! From one photographer to another! 🙂

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