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Animal Facts, Photos are Part of Mobile Magic

Mobile Magic at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Those of you who’ve been following the DisneyParks Blog have read about the first official Disney Parks mobile application – Mobile Magic – available on Verizon Wireless phones. What you may not know is that in addition to attraction wait times, FASTPASS return times and other very helpful theme park information, also included are wildlife facts and photos for many of the animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
Mobile Magic at Disney's Animal Kingdom
On your Verizon phone, you can discover, for example, that a bull African elephant eats in one day as much as an average person eats in an entire year, that flamingos often feed with their heads upside down and their beaks under water, and that Komodo dragons can smell their next meal from 2.5 miles away. In addition to learning about the animals (including seeing their photos and finding out their whereabouts at Disney’s Animal Kingdom), all animal descriptions include steps we can take to protect wildlife and wild places. For example, all of us can help by choosing our pets wisely, practicing the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle), creating habitats for wildlife in our backyards, and supporting the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund and local conservation organizations.
Mobile Magic at Disney's Animal Kingdom
Next time you’re at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you can take a peek at Mobile Magic on your Verizon phone and wow family and friends with your animal and conservation knowledge by sharing, for example, that the very long neck of the giraffe they’re looking at has the same number of vertebrae (seven) as they do. The only difference is that each vertebra is about one foot long!


  • I love the idea guys, but you’ve gotta make this more open. Some of us are stuck with our cell phone providers and can’t make a change to Verizon.

  • Any plans to make more apps maybe on different providers?

  • I would love to have this application on my network. Are there any plans to make it available elsewhere? I can see us using this to check wait times and avoid wasting time walking across the park only to find out the wait time for a ride is too long.

  • any chance this app will be available on another provider?

  • Please, please add this application to other providers. What about AT&T? My kids got iPhones for Christmas and would be very excited to have the wait time application. Thanks.

  • Looks like a great app, but it would be great to have this for other iPhone providers too. Us international guests would love this as a planning tool as well!

  • any chance it will be made for blackberry’s soon? I have the storm and would love to be able to use this app in my trip to disney in february!!

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