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Authentic Pizzeria to Open at Epcot’s Italy Pavilion

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Great news – especially if you share my passion for amazing pizza. An authentic pizzeria will be opening at Italy Pavilion at Epcot later this year and it’s an attention-grabber.

The new 300-seat restaurant will have traditional Florentine architecture, vaulted-ceilings and outside dining. And the food will be authentic — Italian dishes (complimenting the offerings at Tutto Italia ) and pizza from wood-burning ovens.

The pizzeria will be the newest flagship restaurant in the Patina Restaurant Group’s portfolio. And one of the special touches at the Epcot location will be the water. It’ll be imported from a source where the composition most resembles water used in Naples, Italy, to make the authentic Italian dough.

A name for the family-style pizzeria has not been finalized but we wanted to share this information with you first on the Disney Parks Blog. Construction is currently underway and the restaurant is scheduled to open in fall 2010. Check back for more updates.


  • Can’t wait!!! We are traveling to WDW the end of October, and I so hope it’s open by then!!

  • I think having a pizzeria is great and Italy is the perfect place for it, however, I don’t think we needed to know about the 3rd party who is running it, I think leaving that info as “Disney Magic”, would have been better. I don’t know if I will visit it now since it is not authentic Disney. I could just go to NYC to try the pizza there

  • They need some good pizza at disney world parks what they have is mediocre at best.Hope it is really good!

  • Why is this expected to be so special? It’s not like there isn’t pizza avaialble at Walt Disney World.

    I hope it’s not dramtically overpriced like Tutto is.

  • Finally, good pizza in Florida! Been waiting for this to happen at Epcot for a while.

  • Quote 17. Interesting since pizza originated in the US not Italy.

    What! see post 23!! maybe 25 also, but i’d go with Italy for Pizza as we know it today. (not the deep filled rubbish either)

  • Great news. I hope it is open for our next visit.

  • Well it’s about time!!! Although I miss Alfredo’s, a pizza restaurant sounds great!!

  • Hooray! Being from the northeast with a definite Italian heritage and often longing for a good “slice” of heaven (I mean pizza), the lack of quality pizza in the central Florida area will no longer be an issue. Way to go, Disney!!

  • I hope is as good as it sounds! Pizza in WS, now thats what I’m talking about!!

  • Oooops…that should be the origins of the pizza ARE Greek, not the US or Italy. Guess I was too excited about the pizza to type properly. 😉

  • Can’t wait to eat there!

    Stephanie, actually, the origins of pizza or Greek, not the US or Italy! I don’t care what the origins are, though, I love it, and the Italians made it famous. 🙂

    Only 14 months until our next Disney trip!! 🙂

  • Pizza actually originated in Naples, Italy. Thus making a pizzeria in the Italy pavilion a natural fit.

  • Italy Pavilion is not that big. Where will it be located?

  • I’m super excited about this. My husband is even more excited. He is hoping that it is like his Grandpop’s pizzeria from MD. We are really hoping that it is open by the last week in September. 🙂

  • i am really excited about the new pizzeria, but i only wish it could open sometime in july before my upcoming trip.
    best of luck=^)

  • Sounds like a great addition to the line up at Epcot!

  • I’m excited!! I loved the restaurant in Downtown Disneyland that served “real” pizza. Now is this the first totally new thing construction in World Showcase since Norway came in in the late 80’s???

  • Interesting since pizza originated in the US not Italy

  • Bravo!! It is nice to see Disney listening to the public. Here is a heartfelt request from your Canadian public. We would love to have a Tim Horton’s at the Canadian pavilion only. Tim Horton’s is as close a symbol in Canada as hockey and maple syrup can get. Pizza of course runs a close second.

  • YEAY! sooo excited were from Miami & visit the parks every month! Were HUGE Disney freaks! Can’t wait my husband & kids are totally excited about this! Go Disney!

  • Ohhhh Yeah! Hopefully it will be open in time for the Food & Wine Festival!!

  • We LOVE LOVE LOVE Epcot and pizza… what a fantastic combo! Keep it up Disney!!!!! See youo next winter!

  • This is awesome can hardly wait to try it… Epcot love pizza win win go mickeymouse

  • LOVE PIZZA and LOVE EPCOT! What a great addition! Can’t wait to try it on my next visit : )

  • Can’t wait to try in 2011!!

  • This looks like such a great addition for EPCOT. Yummy!

  • Sounds great – it’s been a long time coming, when you consider that a second restaurant was announced for Italy back in 1983! And it’ll fill the glaring lack of pizza, which is good.

    Now if we can just get that ride that they planned back in ’83 too… 🙂

  • I don’t know if it will be the same one but the same company has a place like that in Downtown Disney at Disneyland called “Naples Ristorante e Napolini” You can go to the pantini groups web site and look at all the resturaunst they own and they list some at Disneyland at Downtown and that is one of them, you can click in the information and it will give you the menue. I don’t know if it will be the exact same menue but it may give you an idea what is to come.

  • Being a Florida resident and originally from NY/NJ, I really miss the pizza. This will be a great way for me to get that taste back.

  • Mama Mia can’t wait. Pizza for lunch or dinner and then walk it off around World Showcase. Yummy!

  • If anyone here as eaten at Naples 45 on Park Ave. in New York, it’s run by the same company. They have some of the best pizza in the city, without a doubt. This is great news!

  • Interesting that it’s third party.

    Still, it looks like a nice addition to EPCOT Center (Which should really be the name of the park… 😉 ) and I hope to see some more investment in World Showcase. Especially of the attractions kind.

  • I only wish this was going to be open for our March 2010 trip! Thank you Disney for recognizing the need for a classy pizza place and meeting it in a very Disney way!!

  • I love pizza, and I love Epcot. This should be illegal. I’m totally looking forward to this!!!

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