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Buzz Lightyear in Space Design Wins Patch Challenge

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Buzz Lightyear Official NASA Mission Patch
Last year, when Buzz Lightyear returned home from space, Disney Parks launched an online Mission Patch Design Challenge. It was simple — students had the opportunity to design a NASA mission patch to commemorate Buzz’s return and the most creative entry and 100-word essay would win. Well, we have a winner.

Adam Carr, 11, of Tampa, Florida, created a patch showing Buzz soaring past the International Space Station that’s pretty unique. NASA has decided to make Adam’s design into a commemorative mission patch that’ll be flown into space on a future mission. After the mission, he’ll get the patch with a certificate from NASA and Disney Parks.

Adam says he dreams of one day becoming an astronaut and hopes his design will inspire others to reach for the stars. Congratulations, Adam.


  • This patch is just one of many winning art projects by Adam…a very talented writer and artist….I should know..I’m his Grandmom! Congratulations, Adam…good work.

  • Michele,

    …why wouldn’t an 11 year old draw that? Some children are very gifted artistically, as Adam obviously is. This is a great design and he should be proud! He is very talented.

    Congratulations, Adam!

  • You can see more winning patch designs and all essays on NASA’s Web site.

  • No way an 11 year old drew this. Where is his essay.

  • Is that the space station or the Hubble telescope?

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