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Comfort Zones

Our Parks are a photographer’s paradise, and I am constantly amazed at what one can find amid the hundreds or thousands of guests “on holiday” at any given moment. These images are so different, but not really. First, a beautiful Great Egret rests on one leg atop a fence post, overlooking the Rivers of America in Frontierland. Second, a child leads his father on a curiosity-driven quest steps away from Reflections of China at Epcot. Each in their own world — our world, and each in their “comfort zone.”
Great Egret
Comfort Zones


  • My husband and I visited Epcot for a few hours on January 14th. I just completed blog posts pertaining to our visit. One of my readers told me that Disney should hire me to promote their parks. My reader wrote that he never had the slightest interest in visiting there, but my World Showcase pictures find him revising his opinion. So, I decided to share my blog posts with Disney World. I found your blog post, written on the day we were at Epcot, so I decided to leave a comment with you. Here is the link to all 14 of my blog posts about our 1-day visit to Epcot. By the way the photograph of the child with the monkey on his back is adorable!

    Linda G.

  • The Disney Parks are my favorite place to get excellent shots of ANY subject range. They offer people, places, objects, near or far, day or night. Just take a camera and start shooting! Great shots here. I love em! 8):-)

  • I love that you took a step away from color and captured the magic just right.
    Wow, you definately have the best job in WDW.

  • @Robert – I would die for an Annual Pass right now – I’m freelance writing my blog about Walt Disney World and it needs some photos to suit!

  • I agree with Robert. My ultimate dream job would be Park Photographer at Disneyland!

  • What a cool job you have! I wish I could just roam the parks and take pictures for a living.

    BTW great photos!

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