Full Circle

When I’m out in the park I’m always looking around for my next favorite photo, and when I say “around,” I mean I literally turn a full circle to see what I may have missed. This photo is a result of that practice with a slight twist. I was on a lift at the Hub a few years ago waiting for an event to start, high above one of my favorite photo subjects, the Partners statue. I had already done the full circle to see what was around me, when I remembered to look down — and there it was, one off my favorite photos just waiting for me.
Full Circle


  • i Love the picture

  • Love it!

  • This is a beautiful picture. I remember sitting backstage speaking with one of the Disney photographers, wishing I could have his job. I believe you truly have a dream come true job.

  • Great shot – thanks. I was just there on 1/15 and I always make sure I stop and read the plaque before leaving the park – maybe its my connection to Walt and Mickey.

  • Beautiful shot!

  • Nice shot, Paul! Thanks for sharing.

  • The “Partners” statue will NEVER fail to charm me. No matter how many times I see it, I still get the same goosebumps as when it was first installed. I have a mockette of my favorite statue in front of an oil-painting I did of SLEEPING BEAUTY CASTLE. Thanks to your photo, I have now found the subject matter for my next work of art in oils. Thank You for your never ending source of creative inspiration.

  • Too cool! I have to say that my favorite part of the shot is the stepping stones that go behind Walt and Mickey which I have to imagine is used for reaching the statue when maintenance needs to. It seems very symbolic of how we are following in the partner’s foot steps not just their pathways.

    Great Shot! Btw 🙂

  • Great shot!

  • Paul… I love this photo. Every time I come to Disneyland I photograph the statue from different angles. I’m always photographing something new that I’ve never notice before. My photos of Disneyland date back to the early 60’s and on a regular basis I pull them out and go through them with fond memories. Thank you for your fabulous work and sharing it with us.

  • Mary from Santa Barbara, CA…..
    I love this picture!!!! It just shows proff that as a cast member in whatever department you work for in Disney. You can always find something magical and that is the heart of what Disney is all about. Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture….

  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fantastic photo, Paul.

  • Absolutely love it! There is so much beauty and playfulness in Disneyland, it’s great to see that heart expressed in new perspectives. ^_^

  • This made me cry ! I love this sculpture and the photo is fabulous !

  • What a great shot! I love your eye for pictures. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Very cool Paul!

  • Wonderful advice for all photographers Paul! 🙂 360, up, down, low, high and tilted! 🙂 Great shot here and I greatly enjoy the unique perspective!! One idea I may try that I recently noticed from a photo of photographers surrounding Bobby Bowden on the field after this year’sd bowl game…one guy had his SLR on a monopod and was holding it very high above all of the reporters and photographers…I can only imagine he had it on a 2 second timer. Possibly a way for us joes to get a shot similar to this? 🙂

  • LOVELY! great shot ….

  • Great photo!!

  • Beautiful! 🙂

  • wow. Love the picture! Definitely something I would expect from the Chief photographer, if not better 🙂

    good job and please share more! 🙂

  • beautiful. absolutely beautiful.

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