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How Everything is Coming Together for ‘World of Color’

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Earlier this week we shared a video that gave you a sense of the fun we’re having with the construction of “World of Color.” As promised, we’re sharing additional video today that helps tell the story of how all the different pieces are coming together – from fountains, water screens and fire to lights, sounds and Disney and Pixar animation.

Today’s clip shows how various Disney cast members have been working behind the scenes to get ready for this spectacle. You’ll see video of projections on water screens, fountain-test footage from August 30, 2007, a lighting test on November 18, 2009, and a test of fire effects on November 24, 2009.

You’ve been getting to know Steve Davison since he joined the Disney Parks Blog, and now you can also see him hosting today’s video from the platform of the Paradise Bay Lagoon. You’ll also see new footage with Dave Bossert, Creative Director at Walt Disney Animation Studios, who explains how the team is creating new animation specifically for this show.

To help us answer some of your questions about “World of Color” and give you some information you want to know, tell us in the comments what you want to learn about this spectacular, new water show.


  • Looks amazing, and another good reason to go to california and go to Disneyland and DCA

  • I already love California Adventure and this is just one more reason to love it. I can’t wait.

  • This gave me GOOSEBUMPS. It looks amazing.

    Please tell me this tech is coming to WDW in someway. The Fountains and Fire fit EPCOT’s Reflections of Earth PERFECTLY.

  • Can’t wait to see it – will it be visible for some of the 1 bedroom DVC Villas at the Grand Californian?


  • I’d love to know how the back screen and the front screen will work together! and the Projections on the water are a million times better than those for Fantasmics!

  • Very cool!
    I can’t wait to see this show.

  • Sure, I have questions!

    – Has the official soundtrack been recorded yet? If so, when do we get to hear a sample?

    – Will the viewing area include seating areas, or standing only?

    – Should we expect any interactive elements within the viewing area itself?

    – Can you tell us more about the proposed encores that will occur after the show?

    – Will the structures/attractions around Paradise Bay interact with the show in any way?

    – Will there be merchandise available for the show? (Official CD, clothing, etc.)


  • It looks great! Can’t wait to see it! I wish that the new animation for the show featured Tinker Bell hand drawn, I really don’t like her as a CG character.

  • There is no doubt in my mind that this is going to be INCREDIBLE!

  • Looks great! We want to plan a trip when will it be open?

  • Have you noticed that “Disney” has front men (and women) for the cameras but, they all give credit to the entire “team” working on the project, Disney always treats everyone like family because they are!

  • I can’t wait to see this!! It looks amazing 8:)

  • Looks like this is going to be very popular! Fantasmic is always packed and hard to see if you don’t stake out a spot several hours in advance. Will the viewing area be able to accommodate more people than Disneyland’s riverfront area? How many times will the show be presented?

  • The show is looking awesome Disney!!! I can’t wait to see it all done.

    Being a techie, I am very interested in the control systems for the show. Where is it controlled from? How is it controlled? Is it all run by the computer and just monitored by the technicians? How is it programmed? 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to share the process with us… it has been magical following the show from the day they drained the lagoon. Into the home stretch now guys!

  • How does the MeeFog system work? Also, what type of laser effects will be used in the show?

  • I cannot wait to see it either! But I do agree with Sean about Fantasmic’s limited viewing area. Everything within Disney is so magical and fantastic that it seems like everybody wants to see everything every time they visit!

  • Wow! I hope to see this in the near future!

  • Hi, this looks fantastic! The water idea reminds me of the wondrous dancing water fountains outside Bellagio Hotel in Vegas. Every time I have been there they never fail to move me to tears! I think this show will do the same! Go Disney! xxx

  • What about the storyline of the show? Will it be similar to Fantasmic!? Or just random images united by a cool score?

  • Quentin, as far as I know the MeeFog is not shown here, It is used in Fantasmic, a low cloud cover is good at obscuring the hardware needed for fountain nozzles and lighting. If you are asking about the water screen, it is like turning on a fire hydrant with the cap half screwed on, big sheets of water!

  • I agree with #8 – not loving the new Tink as part of the show that is about Disney’s history – bring back old Tink!

    Would love more details about viewing the show – the logisitcs of where guests will stand/sit, any premium viewing opportunities, etc etc.

    Can’t wait!

  • Looks incredible! Now how about seating?

  • is there an official date on when it is going to show?

  • Keep it up the good work WDI… Cant wait.

  • In response to what people are saying about Tinker Bell in this video;

    It is entirely possible that the Tinker Bell footage shown with the Walt quote in this video is just TEST animation. It could just be a computer simulation of how it will look for reference. They also created computer simulations of the fountains as well.

    It is a fact that they are creating all new hand-drawn animation for the show. So worry not, Tinker Bell may very well be hand-drawn in the show. 🙂

  • When is it SPECIFICALLY going to be on???? Same question for CAPTIAN EO.

  • I really want to know when this opens. I heard spring, if this is true will it only be open for spring break and then summer?

  • I cant believe that they were running fountain tests in 2007? Where and how were these installed in the Paradise Lagoon since it was not fully drained until more recently than that? When did this idea start?

  • I cant believe that they were running fountain tests in 2007! Where and how were these installed in the Paradise Lagoon since it was not fully drained until more recently than that? When did this idea start?

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