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Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse Voicemails at Walt Disney World

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Just a quick note to let you know about a new service at Walt Disney World Resort hotels – special voicemail greetings from Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

There are three different messages…and it’s hard not to smile when you get one. The specific message you’ll receive depends on your celebration. Hear for yourself:

Scheduling a voicemail during a visit is easy. Simply share what you’re celebrating during the reservation process or when you arrive and a complimentary Disney character voicemail will be delivered to your room. Let us know if you try it.


  • I agree with Ashlie, Mickey doesn’t sound like himself on the Celebrating message…

  • A very special call from Mickey awaited my 2-year old grandson at the Animal Kingdom Lodge January 30. He loved it! Thanks for this little bit of Disney magic!

  • I think Mickey sounds absolutely wonderful and I’m looking forward to this during our August “Celebration” visit!!!!

  • I’m also sure when Walt passed, many people thought Wayne didn’t do well at it because he was SO different compared to Walt

  • That Celebrate one sounds like Pal Mickey to be honest. I think he was just trying too hard

  • I love the Birthday and Anniversary message but the Celebration does sound a little off. We will be celebrating both an anniversary and a birthday our next trip and I’m looking forward to both calls! Hopefully this will still be an option in September!

  • Get rid of the Mickey imposter doing the Celebration voice it is horrible.

  • Joey–You are correct.

    I just listened to Bret’s mickey in the short versions of the cartoons from the website that Joey is referring to

    And the recordings on this blog are MOST DEFINITELY Wayne Allwine. Without a doubt. You can hear the age in his voice.

    But again, Bret still does a good job as Mickey. 🙂
    He may sound slightly different, but Mickey can’t just retire, he has to go on.

    So, I guess I should never have doubted myself. 😉

  • Actually, I think these messages are some of the very last material with Wayne. The “I’m Celebrating” clip is sounding like how he did Mickey in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, which came out several months before his death. His condition seemed to have taken it’s toll on his ability to do Mickey.

    And it doesn’t sound quite like the Bret Mickey stuff I’ve seen over on the official Mickey Mouse videos pages in the abridged versions of the shorts.

  • Sounds good, we’ll be down in May for an anniversary. Any reason to celebrate right?

  • It’s abundantly clear that whoever did the first two recordings (my money is on Wayne) is not the same person who did that final “Celebrate” message. I’d love it if we could get a confirmation on whether or not that’s actually Bret Iwan on official Mickey duty.

  • Love these messages!!! I do agree with the others in that Mickey sounds a little “horse” in the Celebration clip… or someone was serving as his voice’s stunt double. Practice makes perfect!

  • I’m not as familiar with the various “voices” of Mickey outside of Walt but I thought there was something different in the I’m Celebrating clip. At first I though maybe the microphone or recording booth was different. The squeaker parts were OK but there was a different timbre to the lower registers.

  • I agree Fred… it’s sad to lose a part of what we all love 🙂 I just played this for my husband and he didn’t even know the difference… Disney is not going to hire an actor to do Mickey if he’s not on the mark! After all… it all started with a Mouse! 😉

  • Great idea! But please re-do ‘I’m Celebrating’. Let that one be from Mickey and Friends!

  • I agree, I think Mickey sounds great! We will be arriving on Valentine’s Day this year and I think I will ask for the “I’m Celebrating” message for the kids. Disney knows just how to make everything special!

  • I LOVE IT!! But the Celebration voicemail is not Mickey 🙁

  • I really do think that Bret Iwan does a really good job (I’m going to go ahead and assume that this IS Bret’s voice. Sorry for my confusion.)

    If one were to listen to a recording of Wayne doing Mickey, and then listen to these recordings, they sound very similar. 🙂
    I’m sure that most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

    Its alright guys. I miss Wayne too, but Dina is right; life must go on. We all knew the day would come when Mickey would need a new voice. None of us are immortal after all.

  • You are missed Wayne! Mickey just doesn’t sound like himself. 🙁

  • …Of course, if I’m mistaken, and this IS Bret Iwan’s voice, then I think he’s doing a great job! 🙂

  • Everyone–I have heard Bret Iwan’s mickey, and this does NOT sound like Bret Iwan’s voice. This sounds like its Wayne Allwine doing mickey. It was probably recorded before he passed away. I think these recordings have been around for a while.

    Although I have heard Bret’s mickey, and don’t worry, it sounds like Mickey! He does a great job.

    Thomas– Could you please confirm if this is indeed Wayne Allwine’s voice or not? 🙂

  • I liked Bret on the anniversary and birthday messages, but the celebrating isn’t as Mickey like. But that would be the one that my kiddos would hear and they will just be beyond happy to get the message. Just another way to make your Disney trip special and magical!

  • After reading the comments I had to test it out. My 3 and 6 year olds didn’t notice anything different.

  • I think the “new” Mickey voice is great! I don’t think much improvement is needed at all! Wayne Allwine will be missed…but life must go on 🙂

  • I agree, the Mickey voice for “I’m Celebrating” doesn’t sound anything like Mickey and if we can hear the difference, you know that a kid will! 😉

  • I miss Wayne Allwine. I miss Walt too. But life goes on. Hopefully Bret improves with some time. Thanks for sharing these. I think I will request one for my friend since we are leaving two weeks from yesterday. And we WILL be celebrating his birthday there.

  • I agree with Ashlie. Mickey does not sound right. Maybe he had a cold when recording the message.

  • Sounds great!! I can’t wait to see if the hubby and I will get the anniversary greeting when we come down in a month. Disney magic once again at it’s best! 🙂

  • So this is Bret Iwan doing Mickey, huh? Well, it’s early in his career, he’s got some developing to do.

  • Loved the birthday and anniversary greetings…but our friend Mickey Mouse does not sound like himself at all in the I’m Celebrating message…I do not like it at all…

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