New Retro-Style Merchandise Unveiled for 55th Anniversary

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Limited-Edition Mickey Mouse Club Ear Hat
Over the holidays I was working on one of our new merchandise programs, “Happiest Memories on Earth – Since ’55,” and I’m excited to share some of the details with you for the first time. This new retro-style program will feature a variety of items, including ladies and men’s apparel, limited-edition Mickey Mouse ear hats, souvenir items such as a jumbo pencil, photo album and autograph book, as well as plush, mugs, pins and stationery.
Deluxe Autograph Book with Pen
I sat down with the product developer, Summer Bloomfield, for a few minutes during her day to find out more about this new product line which will debut in January 2010.

Michelle: Can you tell us about the “Happiest Memories on Earth” program?

Summer: We wanted to create something dynamic and special for our guests this year. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us to celebrate the 55th Anniversary of Disneyland park, and we want to make sure that our guests have the opportunity to take home a memory from their visit that they can treasure through the years. We really aimed for a retro-style look to give guests a sense of nostalgia, in the hopes that they will remember some of their favorite memories and experiences from past visits. The program features some of our beloved characters, including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Thumper, Huey, Dewey and Louie as well as Mr. Toad.

Michelle: Can you give us a little insight on what type of merchandise our guests and collectors will see over the next year?

Summer: Some of my personal favorites include our deluxe autograph book with pen, a ladies tee, the zip hooded fleece, a commemorative A to E Ticket memo book, a nostalgic pennant and of course our Mickey Mouse Ear Hats. There are actually two hats that we expect will be very popular this year, and they were created by our Headwear Product Development team. The first is a limited-edition ear hat that replicates the shape, logo and fabrication of the original Mickey Mouse Club ear hat that was featured on the TV show in 1955. This commemorative ear hat is limited to a quantity of 1,955 and comes with a special label inside the hat, a hangtag and is packaged in a collectible vintage hat box. The second ear hat will feature a blue cap with a drum that states, “Since ’55” and features such characters as Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket as well as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Goofy.
Commemorative A to E Ticket Memo Book
You can find this line at the World of Disney store in the Downtown Disney District, Emporium at Disneyland park and Greetings From California in Disney’s California Adventure park.

What do you think about this new line?


  • How do I go about purchasing the retro ears and hat box?? I’m a huge Mickey Mouse Club fan and watched every show when it originated….I have to have these as a memento!!

  • Oh please bring back the Big Bad Wolf! I have a pic from early 1960’s of BigBad walking around with the 3 little pigs but there isn’t any plush of him. I’m always checking out the villans but he’s never there, so if your taking requests for future retro, he’s my vote!
    Joyce, San Diego,CA

  • I bought the retro-design umbrella today – adorable, and reasonably priced!

  • I was just at Disneyland yesterday and didn’t see these amazing retro ear hats! Are they already sold out or have they been released yet? Please let me know! I just have to have one!


  • When will the park have the ears??? everything else is out but the ears are not.

  • This is very nice. However,I was disappointed when I visited
    Downtown Disney (Anaheim) yesterday,and tried to buy the ORIGINAL
    “Retro” Disneyland T-shirt…the one which had the name spelled
    out and enclosed in rectangles. I was told it had been discontinued
    as of Summer,2009!

    I’d seen that a year ago when a friend had taken me from Hollywood
    for my birthday. This time I had to ride all 3 MTA trains,and the
    special bus (a 3-hour ride).

    The staff hinted that there was a place which MIGHT have the discontinued item. Well,good luck with the new merchandise anyway.

  • Great stuff and thank you. Like most Disney fans, I have seen the Disney parks merchandise become very generic and loosing the park specific merchandise which used to made shopping unique and fun. It is great to see some retro merchandise… I have to say that I am a huge fan of Disney merchandise. I actually have 20 years Merchandise Management experience and one day would love to do something like what you do!
    Again, thank you.

  • Will this merchandise be available at WDW, or is it just Disneyland?

  • When is this coming out, we called Disneyland and they know nothing about it. They told my husband that this is just a blog?

  • I guess I better pack my bags… The last time I was at Disneyland was for the 50th anniversary. It makes sense to go back for the 55th, especially with such cute Old Timey merchandise ^_^

  • All about the retro style! The ticket book is so cool. What a great idea!

  • Disneyland has had the coolest young adult clothes and other merchandise these past few years! Keep it up! Also, why doesn’t Disney Store use the same product designers as Disney Parks? The quality and style of the Disneyland merch is soooo much better! I always end up buying tons of stuff at the parks, but there is never anything cool to buy at Disney Store anymore, unless you’re a little kid.

  • Absolutely Love the New Vintage line, wish it was out last month…Can’t wait to get there again to have my own piece.I still remember the old ticket books…

  • This new look bring back great memories when I was a child. the tickets were the best it was so exciting to tear off a ticket and give it to the attendent and then get to get on a ride,love the tickets I can’t wait to buy them..

  • Will the retro items be available to purchase online for those of us who live overseas?

    • I’m glad you like the “Happiest Memories on Earth” program as much as I do. Many of the items can be found throughout the Resort right now, and for those of you who might not be able to make it to the Resort anytime soon, you can always call Disneyland Merchandise Guest Services at 800-362-4533 to inquire about the availability and purchase the item, if available.

  • I must have the vintage ticket book and memo pad!


  • I love the vintage ticket book! I was just telling my kids about that last month on our Christmas trip to Disneyland, and they coudln’t imagine having to use a ticket book at Disneyland! I want to get one! 😀

  • I love it too, but I’m hoping they’ll make it available online for those of us who don’t live near a Disney Resort.

  • Love it!!!! it’s my husbands 50th birthday this year, great ideas.

  • I love the hatbox! Is that for sale or just for show???

  • LOVE the retro items! I have a feeling the A to E Ticket memo book is going to be a sell out. I plan on giving some to my parents as a little surprise. Now that I am older I can really appreciate the effort my parents put in bringing us to Disneyland every year without fail, and all the wonderful memories come flooding back when I see items like this!

  • I love it brings me good memories

  • After just visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum in SF this past weekend, I really can really appreciate this new ‘vintage’ merchandise. The vintage items remind me of when I was a little girl and we would watch Walt Disney every Sunday evening, and were lucky enough to get to visit Disneyland once every summer (since 1960). I look forward to seeing the merchandise on my next trip to the parks

  • Like the hat box better than the ears. I am old enough to remember the original Mousekateers. Don’t remember the Mickey logo being this big, or Mickey looking like that???????? Do like the bright logo stuff for Happiest Memories. What I saw in the stores at Disneyland should sell well.

  • very cool!! I still have some old tickets, too….from 1955-1960, but they’re mostly just the A tickets!!!

  • Awesome!
    I love the retro look.

  • The Merchandise was fun. My wife Nicole and I Really like the note pad and the cute umbrella. All the pins were fun too! Made me want to loosen up the tightly closed “purse strings” Can’t to see what’s next!

  • Mary from Santa Barbara, CA…we are going to be there in March I will have to check out the Disney Stores and see what vintage items I could possible purchase.

  • Will I be able to buy this stuff online?

  • I like the retro look! I actually have my first Mickey Ears when I was a kid…but when I got mine it was blue for the cap part…but I have always liked the retro look 🙂

  • i already have a note to my friend in Disney to pick up a set of the ears for me when they are released!

  • I love the vintage look they’re doing for the 55th anniversary, it’s so classic looking! I already bought the t-shirt with this logo on it…LOVE IT!

  • I love the retro stuff! What else do you have???

  • Love it!! Wish it was out when I was there last week. Don’t care for the 2010 logo; had a hard time finding souveniers I wanted to buy.

  • LOVE the vintage look! Can’t wait to visit again!

  • Nice stuff! This is what I would like to see for WDW’s 40th next year! Nice plain retro merchandise is a big seller right now. Love it.

  • are they out now?? i want to go to DTD today after work if they are..

  • I have some old ticket books — they’re in good shape still!

  • The mouse ears are so cute!

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