A Foggy Morning on the Rivers of America

Sailing Ship Columbia
Early morning is my favorite time to explore the Parks, especially when it’s foggy. As a photographer, I appreciate the element of mystery that fog can add to a shot. This photo of the Sailing Ship Columbia was taken around 6 a.m., and the light coming in on the right side is from a video shoot near the Mark Twain. Without this lighting, the right side of the photo would normally be darker and not as interesting.


  • This is an awesome shot. I have a great shot that I took of California Screaming. I caught the coaster right in mid loop. Is there somewhere I could email it to share it? Thanks.

  • I have been in the park on foggy mornings and have to agree they are something special. This is a truly amazing photo with the fog, the park lights and the “Columbia”. I love how you captured the photo when the lights on the “Columbia” were illuminated, like a beacon in the mist. Every time I see that ship I am humbled that Walt Disney mortgaged his own home to buy it! Dreams do come true!

  • Pretty as-is, but you might try reducing the yellow/orange saturation to eliminate some of the fall-off from the lamp-posts; they distract from the boat a bit.

  • When I worked at Disneyland a few years ago, whenever I worked in the stroller department I would always volunteer to gather the rented stollers from throughout the park that people left all over the place. All the guests were gone and there were just a few other employees you might pass. I loved walking through the empty parks, it was just such an incredible feeling.

  • Great shot! But how did you get in the park at 6am?

  • I like Christopher’s idea! I second that!

  • How can i get your job? =P Great shot!

  • I miss those times when I worked in the park, walking through, before it opened and all was quiet. Everyone getting ready for the day. The photo is a beautiful, rare moment!

  • Another fantastic shot.

    D23 idea – workshop and walk through the park with Paul!

  • Fantastic shot-Love it.

  • Amazing picture!!! I want your job!!

  • DisneyLand before the guests or After all of them have left – is my Favorite time – Awesome shot, I miss the park already!

  • I would love to wander around the park before other guests were there – just to see the sights and attractions in a different “context”. Beautiful picture!

  • that is beautiful!

  • i love this shot. the fog does give it an eerie feeling. this is amazing.

  • I love the picture Disney can you make it so people in wheel chair could ride I would love to be able to ride the Columbia. Thank you.

  • What a beautiful photo! I love seeing Disneyland through all the photos you’ve taken; I can’t wait to go back!

  • Fantastic shot! Looks like a scene from a movie. What an opportunity that was. Would you share your exposure setting with us?

  • Thanks we are coming 2011 can’t wait to see it in real life!!

  • What a great time to be in the park, quiet and somewhat mysterious. I’d love to be there to experience that! Thanks for posting the photo!

  • Beautiful shot…wish I was there!!

  • I want to go to Disney!!

  • Absolutely LOVE IT!! I sooo can’t wait to go back! Disneyland is my home 🙂

  • You have presented some amazing pictures and this ranks right up there at the top. Thank you so much for sharing these rare perspectives with us.

  • Very nice!
    Another great photo!

  • I get very excited every time you post a new picture. Each one shows a different side to Disney that always keeps me intrigued and waiting for the next post. Keep posting, please!!!

  • wow.. how your imagination can take you to places in just a photograph. So many stories in just this one little photo.

  • Do you have a downloadable, large file of this photo? Id love it as my desktop background.

  • Gorgeous picture. Thanks for sharing. I love it. 🙂

  • Wonderful and spooky photo! Really makes me look forward to our Food and Wine Disneyland trip.

  • Very nice…. another great place for foggy early mornings is World Showcase lagoon…

  • This is so gorgeous! I can’t wait to be there 2 weeks from today!

  • Beautiful photo. What a treat to be in the park before all the guests arrive. To have that magical place all to yourself (well, mostly to yourself) must be amazing.

  • You, my friend, have the best job in the world.

  • What an amazing shot! Makes me want to go there right now!

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