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Drew Brees — ‘I’m Going to Disney World’

Darrell Fry

by , Sports Media Director, Walt Disney World Resort

Drew Brees led the New Orleans Saints to a Super Bowl victory over the Indianapolis Colts tonight in South Florida, so what do you think he’s going to do next? Come to Disney World, of course!

After making several memorable plays against the Colts in the 31-17 Super Bowl XLIV win, Drew looked into the TV cameras and proclaimed “I’m going to Disney World!’’

Drew joins a long list of marquee athletes from a variety of sports, such as Michael Phelps, Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Joe Montana and Magic Johnson, who have uttered that iconic phrase after winning a major championship.

Like those athletes, Drew is appearing in a nationwide commercial this week and heading to Walt Disney World Resort where he’ll celebrate his team’s magical Super Bowl win with a ticker tape parade down Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom along with several NFL Youth kids.

The commercial featuring Drew Brees will be the 42nd installment in Disney’s famous “I’m going to Disney World’’ campaign, which began in 1987 when New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms first uttered the signature phrase about going to Disney World immediately following the Giants’ Super Bowl win. The campaign was considered a groundbreaking concept at that time and has since become a fixture in American culture.

UPDATE: Drew Brees is scheduled to visit Walt Disney World Monday for a special ticker-tape parade at 11:55 a.m. at Magic Kingdom Park.


  • Do you know when the parade is scheduled for?

  • Congrats Saints!!

  • We are here because we BELIEVED!! And we have a date with Drew tomorrow at 11:55 am, but what’s the best location? Will there be a reception at the Grand Floridian when they arrive? We need the inside scoop! WHO DAT!!

  • Where can I see the clip of the commercial?

  • When will Drew’s commercial air? I was bummed not to see it after the game.

  • Wish I would have known so I could be there!!! Geaux Saints!

  • My friends and I are students in New Orleans and huge Disney and Saints fans – this is so exciting, we were waiting for the commercial last night! I really hope the characters from “The Princess and the Frog” join Drew in the parade, that would be the cutest thing ever! 🙂

  • Will the parade be streaming live online? Is there any way the people who can’t make it to the park can watch the parade?

  • Can you please tell me what other activities (besides the ticker-tape parade at MK) Drew Brees will be involved in today at WDW?

  • I would imagine Brees is going to Disneyland too. I’d love to go and wear my Saints jersey. Any word on when they will have the Disneyland parade????

  • I’m also going to Disney World on March 5th! Well, actually March 6th, only because we will be driving all day on March 5th. I’m too excited and don’t think I can wait Untill Friday! When we first get their, (by WE I mean all of us 8 people) We are just going to relax and go swimming at our condo. Then after that we’ll be going to Seaworl. The rest is too still be planned. I can’t stop saying I can’t wait! I’m already almost packed and ready for that 18-19 hour drive! I’m looking foward to going back to Rainforest cafe` again! Man, I can’t wait! I think I said enough, it’s just that i’m soooooo excited. (Did I mention this is the 2nd time i’m going?) This is Sierra saying, peace out! p.s. NEW AND IMPROVED SPACE MOUNTAIN, HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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