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First Disney Parks Blog Pins

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

First Disney Parks Blog Pins
They’re baked and ready to go…a first-ever batch of Disney Parks Blog pins.

We’re giving you a first look at the pins because attendees of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebrations event at Walt Disney World will be the first guests to receive them this week. They’ll never be for sale so we’re working on some unique ideas on how to get them into your hands. We’ll post more details here.

Also, look for other social media focused pins from Disney Parks in the future.


  • TEST!!!

  • I would Love a pin. I’ve been pin collecting since 1991. We’re going to WDW in April, so I hope they’ll be available somewhere 🙂 What a great idea!!

  • Awesome logo!!! I sure been enjoying this blog….

  • Looks like a nice way to show thanks to fans who have/keep personal Disney trip/vacation blogs…

  • Nice!! I like this pin!

  • cool pin. i love the simplicity, the bold colors, and the balloons!

  • This is so cute! Glad to see the blog getting some recognition like this. The balloons are way too cute!

  • I too think this is a great pin and can’t wait to see how it is that we will be able to collect them. I am new to the pins though I grew up 20 minutes from Disneyland and now live 3 hours north of DisneyWorld I love both parks and can’t wait until my family can go back and really get into the pin trading.

  • That is a beautiful pin! Those who receive them will be lucky indeed!

  • Great Media Pin..I have always liked the ideas Disney comes up with for ways to promote Media/Cast events and have collected these pins as a way to remember what makes Disney run smoothly and create the magic everyday- the cast member.

  • How about the 90th blogger???? Love the pin.

  • Thank you for creating a “Disney Blog Pin”. This is very special to me as a former Walt Disney Resort castmember and as a current blogger! I am a student at Georgia Southern University majoring in Public Relations and am very interested in social media so I think that announcing the availability of a “Disney Blog Pin” on this blog is a great idea. It’s a shame that they’ll never be on sale since I will be in the parks in about three weeks! It’s a shame I won’t be able to ask my friends in merchandise about how to attain one!

    Again, thank you for writing this blog and keeping me updated on all things Disney. I feel connected with the company in this way, and I love the pin idea!

  • I love it!! How can I get one??


  • Love the blog! Love the pin! How can I get one?

  • Great idea and nice looking pin. Hope to find out details to try to get one

  • Great pin! Love it!

  • Hello from THE NETHERLANDS!!!

    I LOVE PINS…. can you send me one in the mail….


  • I love it me and my family are are over to Disney in 76 days. Not that we are counting and my son and I pin trade so we are excited.

  • Great pin…please make them available to Disney lovers!

  • Brilliant in its simplicity! Kudos to Disney, as always…..

  • Would love to be able to purchase this pin to remind me of all the wonderful family memories from our annual visits to Walt Disney World. Our pin books are bulging, but each one was chosen for a specific memory…with the holidays of our annual visits, or a favorite villain, attraction, or special milestone in mind…

  • I like the Mouse Balloons… but where did Tinkerbell get to? Is she out getting into mischief again? 🙂

  • I love this pin…very nice!

  • Love this pin! It would be a great one to add to the collection we started for our daughter. We picked up a few on her first trip to Disney World. She’s now 2 years old, and I’m itching to go back!

  • What a great idea to have a pin all the pin sharks wont have already when we come to visit
    Looks great keep up the good work

  • My wife and I are addicted to collecting the pins, we started on our honeymoon and would love to get this one to add to our collection.

  • Ohhh this pin would be perfect in my collection! Can’t wait to see how we can get one!! When I’m not in at a park, my pin collection is displayed in frames.

  • Fantastic idea!!! It would be a wonderful addition to my collection of Disney Park pins!!!

  • Great looking pins!!!!! Hope the common folk have an opportunity to get this pins. Keep us in the loop. Thanx.

  • I LOVE the Blog pin. Now we need a Moms Panel pin. PLEASE.

  • beautiful pin. please tell us where to buy one or give us all one.

  • Love the new pin and I love your parks. There is not other place I’d rather go. Thanks for all you do.

  • What drives me nuts about that method of distribution is that a lot of people who could care less will get the pin while those of us who want it and live too far away from the parks for regular visits will have to shell out $$$ money to Pin Vultures to acquire it. While said Vultures probably got it for free.

  • Another wonderful pin…Thanks Disney for always bringing a smile

  • Hi I think you should come up with something blogers could wear when they go to the parks and some one could give them the pin.Deb

  • wow very nice, would like to find out how I could get one.

  • Me like! 🙂

  • I love it! Great simple design and it’s cute to boot. I want one!

  • I want one I want one!!

  • Love it! Hope there is a way that I can get one!

  • Very attractive pins. I’m looking forward to learning more about their availability.

  • I love it! Cant wait to find out when & where we will be able to get them!

  • this is awesome. My wife would love one of those, especially with the balloons. Or for my daughter who loves the castle AND balloons! 🙂

  • I would love to get one of these pins.Lets make it happen.

  • Nice looking pin. Keep us posted on how we can get one.

  • Love the pin. It is very classic looking.

  • Love that pin! Must…get…one…soon….

  • I spent my 50th b-day at WDW last year w/ hubby and best high school friend and her hubby – we traded until our fingers couldn’t pry the mickey heads off the back of anymore pins. Please help heal my wounds by giving me one of these neat pins (or at least let me continue to support the Mouse and buy one)

  • I’d like this pin too!

    How about making it available to those of us who AREN’T moms, can’t be on the Moms Panel, but have just as much valuable input to share?

    We get excluded from too many things already, just because we’re not parents!!

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