First Guests See ‘Captain EO’

Heather Hust Rivera

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First guests see Captain EO

Here they are! This photo shows some of the first guests to see “Captain EO” at Disneyland park. More than 500 guests lined up to try to snag seats to the first official showing at 10:00am Pacific this morning.

Check back on the Disney Parks Blog later today to see video of the reopening.


  • I was fortunate enough to be among those to see the first showing of captain EO, but may I make the suggestion that there isn’t nearly enough variety in available merchandise. We NEED a fuzzball plushie such as the one they used to sell- only with todays technology preferrably one that LOOKS like fuzzball. Even in a limited edition!

  • So what of the outlooked rumors of the Starspeeder joining Pod Racing in tattooine. StarTours 2011

  • Can you please tell me if Captain Eo will be there until Christmas?

    If yes, we will surely be there. Please tell us as soon as possible, because we need to plan our vacations! Thank you !

  • Seeing Captain EO was awesome but I was surprised that there wasn’t much merchandise to choose from. I was hoping that atleast the original t-shirt design was available.

  • Any chance of this returning to Epcot? I know there are a bunch of us East Coasters who would love to see this again!

  • I didn’t see the first showing but my bf and I went later in the afternoon and thankfully no big crowds got right in there it was even more amazing I loved how it was updated (no spoilers) and thankfully got some pins and posters even tho we went just to see captain eo it was still the best can’t wait to see it more

  • Im in that crowd and all i have to say is THANK YOU Disney for bringing it back and all the great memories form past to present with captian EO and his crew.

  • I was there (in the first group) and had a blast! Pictures are here:

    We were let in a little before 10 and directed right to the attraction. Despite the huge crowd, the wait from there was pretty minimal.

    Thanks to all at Disney for bring this piece of my past back 🙂

  • Paul Hiffmeyer, Chief Photographer for Public Relations and contributor on the Disney Parks Blog, took this photo.

  • Do you know who took the picture?

  • I LOVED it all over again and so did my 3 year old daughter!!!!!! the line wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be….. and i also found myself in this picture!!!!!

  • After being closed for almost 15 years , its hard to belive many under the age of thirty have any true memories of the original Captain EO.Anyone under 20 may believe they remember it but its unlikely. I saw it numerous times back in the day and it was a great show. I thought todays opening would be a bigger turnout and its nice to see that its not going to be a difficult attraction to get into. The theater seats 500 and turns over aprox every 20 minutes. Apparently after the first showing today there havent been many or any not able to get into following shows. Just a matter of waiting for one to end and another to start. I am sure many of today fans have and will see it again and again today. Nice that its back in the theater built to originally house it. The last attraction ” Honey I Shrunk the Audience ” will not be missed by more than a few and long since wore out its welcome. I am guessing that Captain EO will atleast run through 2010 since nothing is set to replace it, Yet!

  • I can not wait to see it again, I love it as a kid!! Now bringing my family from AZ next month and sooo excited.

  • I have mixed feelings about the return of Capt. EO. I remember loving it as a child and even saw MJ in Disneyland. Why did it take his death to justify a return.

  • I soooo want to go this weekend! The last time I saw Captain EO was when I was 12–its gonna be so nostalgic. What kind of merchandise to they have for it?

    • You can find details about the merchandise at this site:

  • How many people can the theater seat?

  • Any chance they will bring this to Walt Disney World?

  • I was the audience as well! I was completely overwhelmed with excitement and joy to see the Captain make his return to his home! I hope it stays for a very long time!

  • No, thank all of you at TDA for bringing back a piece of my childhood, and many others I’m sure.
    I think I saw you there Heather! Standing on the side with all the media? I was the one wearing the yellow glasses! =P I did however found myself and my friends in this picture, such a great memory! Thanks again!

  • Hope to see it next week. Don’t remember much about seeing it before except lots of dancing……….will almost be like seeing it for the first time.

  • How long does the Catain EO show last?

  • I am on my way over there today. Hopefully the lines are not too long later on. Cant wait!

  • I was there! I was a part of the first official viewing and it was GREAT!!! Oh man, what a feeling. I was hoping they had some type of commemorative item for first viewing but the other merchandise was great none the less! Can’t wait to go see it again this week!

    • Thanks for coming out, Minesh! I agree – the energy in the theater was amazing.

  • Very cool.

    I’m going to be there this weekend.

  • I can’t wait to go, but does anyone know what show times are and will they be the same each day?

    • “Captain EO” is presented multiple times daily.

  • Rev up the campaign for Blu-ray!!!

  • I really hope they can bring this to Epcot at Walt Disney World!

  • Any estimate on how long EO will be showing there? I’d love to see in again!

    • The exact duration has not yet been determined.

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