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Hand-Painted ‘Disney’ Basses Will Be Auctioned Off to Benefit Music Education

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Disney-artist designed and painted instruments benefiting music education.

We showed you “Genie” first on the blog…and then promised more. Well, here they are — the remaining Disney-artist designed and painted instruments created specifically to benefit music education. And yes, you can possibly own one.

There are five hand-painted string basses. A few of them celebrate Disney classics and others tell the stories of Disney’s newest characters. But it’s best to hear it from the artists themselves and learn how and why they transformed the Conn-Selmer, Inc., donated instruments into one-of-a-kind works of art.

So, want one? The instruments will be auctioned off by Julien’s Auctions after they’re showcased at music and art museums across the nation – with proceeds benefiting the music education programs of GRAMMY Foundation. More details on the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Disney Magic Music Days at Walt Disney World and an event calendar now live at www.disneyartformusic.com.


  • Wow those are awesome I wish I played just so I can get one. I especially like the chishire cat one!

  • Those are so cool! I like the one with the Genie. 🙂

  • Being an artist, I am disappointed that the artists who painted these instruments weren’t noted here. They deserve recognition. Without their extraordinary talent, this project would have never happened.

    To the artists: I admire your work and your talent. Fantastic job.

  • Great job, Disney – I am so passionate about music education too!!!

  • Simply amazing – always Disney!

  • The PINK ELEPHANTS ON PARADE bass was my fave! The wildly psychadelic animated sequences directed by Disney legend Ward Kimball don’t show up near enough! I am so pleased to see all five of these great works of art. It just goes to show that classic Disney animation NEVER fails to inspire future generations of artists. Now I think I will have to paint my KAZOO!

  • The 5th video clip is the Holy Name Cadets!

    Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex should TOTALLY hold DCI World Finals after Indianapolis’ contract is up

  • I love the Rapunzel and Princess and the Frog ones. I doubt, though, I’d ever be able to afford the bidding.

  • They’re lovely! It’s so wonderful that the proceeds go to such a great cause. It’s magical to have the opportunity to preform at Magic Music Days (my high school was honored with the chance to march at Epcot during my senior year).

    I have a question though…At marker 01:24 on the video provided above there is a full-length shot of the “Princess and the Frog” bass with it’s artist. The design on the bass in that shot is laterally reversed to the design on the bass in the photo. It’s shown again at 01:55 and a close up of the princess at 01:51. What gives?


  • Amazing!!! So cool, I would love any of them! What a great cause!

  • Those basses are wonderfully decorated! I am sure some one will enjoy them for years to come….

  • love the Alice in Wonderland Cat..

  • Woooow, i love it, does instruments are incredible, i want one.

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