• Oh my gosh, how exciting, I didn’t know they sold those kinds of costumes for teenagers!

  • What a wonderful way to spend a work day! I am planning a trip in October so that I can create a portfolio of “Disney” photographs. Working at Disney World doing something photography related is my dream job! You do such a wonderful job capturing the magic, do you have any advice for a Disney enthusiast like myself who is interested in working at the Happiest Place on Earth?? – Joana

    • Thanks Joana. I encourage you to photograph everything you can that interests you- there’s so much here to shoot. (Virtually, a photographer’s paradise). There are several options re: employment, but those would be identified by stopping by Casting at Lake Buena Vista, and submitting an application for employment. The Company is always seeking quality cast members, but job opportunities do vary according to positions available at any given time. Best of luck to you…:-)

  • I think its really cool, but I am surprised they were allowed to wear them. Disney should post on their website that adults are allowed to wear the kids costumes into the park if they can fit them. I know lots of people who would do it.

  • I encountered these young ladies while in the park last week! What a real treat to see teens idolizing something other than the usual “celebradorks” that we see nowadays!

  • Great picture. I love WDW! and hope to be there again soon.

  • What a joyful photograph. It made me smile! What wonderful memories those girls will have. Thanks for posting it. I can’t wait to make more of my own memories at WDW next month!

  • I do agree it is very cute and what a nice way to really enjoy a Disney experience.

    However, I also wonder why the “no adults in costume” rule doesn’t apply here? So many other Guests have had their Disney “experiences” tarnished when they have been turned away at the gate for coming in their favorite Disney costume.

  • We were at the Magic Kingdom last week and saw the girls in Tomorrowland. It is funny this picture was posted. They all looked really cute and were having a great time. Have never since a group dressed up like this during a park visit. Enjoy all the pictures that are posted. Thanks!

  • This is such an adorable picture- proves that Disney is for kids and kids at heart!

    Adults aren’t allowed to wear costumes that may confuse other guests into thinking they are the real characters. If these dresses weren’t just kids dresses and were more authentic costumes, then they wouldn’t have been allowed. I’ve seen lots of teens dressed in these types of costumes around the parks. They’re the ones you can buy in any of the stores.

  • I thought guests weren’t allowed to wear costumes in the parks?

  • I thought adults weren’t allowed to dress up as Disney characters in the parks?

  • Hi Gene,
    Congratulations on your great photos from the Walt Disney World! Like the way you can create all these creative images. And I must say, as a young photographer who is also a Brazilian Tour Guide there, that you have one of the best jobs in the world! lol
    Best wishes

    • Thanks Lai- You are right, and I don’t take it for granted. I have a great job!

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