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It’s the Muppet … Vinylmation!

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

“It’s the Muppet Show!” As a child of the late 70s, those four words kept me glued to the television every week. I think “Pigs in Space” was my favorite segment, or maybe it was Sam the Eagle. So imagine my excitement upon seeing the new Vinylmation Muppets Series #1. As it turns out, I’m not alone in my love for the Muppets.

Disney Design Group Artist Monty Maldovan

Walk into Disney Design Group artist Monty Maldovan’s office and immediately you’ll see that he really loves the Muppets. Surrounded by various Muppet figures and toys he’s collected, I asked Monty about his fondness for Kermit the Frog and friends.

“I grew up with the Muppets,” said Monty. “I love the characters, the incredibly talented Puppeteers and the Vaudevillian, slapstick humor found in the shows. Jim Henson was a great storyteller much in the same way Walt Disney told great stories.”

Despite his obvious passion, Monty wasn’t specifically approached about creating a Muppets series.

Disney Design Group Artist Monty Maldovan

“The initial work for the Muppets series was started in 2008,” continued Monty. “I started sketching various Muppet figures on a blank template which I thought would work for future Park series. Once I started drawing, I couldn’t stop. I eventually ended up with way more than 12 designs.”

The next step in the process was narrowing down choices for final 12 figures.

“I wanted to include so many of my favorite characters like Sam the Eagle,” said Monty. “But we had to make cuts. I guess that is why we called this ‘Muppets Series #1.’ (Wait, did he imply that Sam the Eagle is coming? Yes!)

Muppets Series #1

Next up, unique packaging was designed for this series. Taking a cue from the Vinylmation Cutesters series, the packaging needed a point of difference from the Park or Urban collections. Quynh Kimball from Disney Design Group lead the charge.

Muppet*Vision 3-D: Inspiration for Muppets Series #1

“In a way, Monty and I wanted this series to be an extension of the Muppet*Vision 3-D attraction,” explained Quynh. “The packaging needed to have all the fun, whimsical and wacky Muppets sense of humor. We visited the attraction and took pictures for inspiration. Many details from those photos made it onto the final packaging.”

Look for the Vinylmation Muppets Series #1 arriving in February at select Walt Disney World Resort locations and in March at select Disneyland Resort locations.


  • So sad….They are already “gone” from the Disney Store – online…

    Will there be more? When??

    Guess Disney should have planned for the “mad muppet masses”

    • Suzanne –
      I spoke with the Disney Parks Store team. They confirmed that additional Vinylmation Muppets Series #1 will be arriving in the first week of March.

      Click here to go directly to the store:

      I’m sorry you weren’t able to purchase it right away. I am, however, glad to know that many folks really like this series. It is a Limited Release series and will be carried for many months to come.

  • Is the Flower and Garden Festival vinylmation on time to get it there by the first day of the festival next week? Please let me know, thanks!

    • George –
      I have good news! The Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival 2010 Vinylmation will be at Epcot on March 3 for the start of the festival. It will only be found at Epcot for the first two weeks of the festival in a variety of locations. After March 18, you may find this Vinylmation in additional locations at Walt Disney World Resort.

      Here is a picture:

  • I still have that same Kermit Puppet!

  • Of the set I LOVE the Rizzo! He is hysterical and my favorite of the set especially with his tail in the back.

    In the next set I’m most hoping to see Pepe the King Prawn (aside from Rizzo, he is my other favorite Muppet).

    Who else do you think we’ll see? Gonzo most likely…Chickens? Penguins? Members of the Electric Mayhem (most importantly Janice)

    Who are you most excited to see?

  • WOW!!! I just got mine yesterday and have them on display!!! Great job Monty!!!! And Quynh THE BEST PACKAGING YET!!! I have the box’s and tray on display as well!!! Thanks for a great series! Can’t wait for Sam!

  • lookin at the picture above, of minnie…she has teeth now?

  • Cool.
    I love the Muppets! 🙂

  • Monty really did a great job as usual, this might be the best Vinylmation series yet! So how about a Muppets series #2 since there are some leftover designs? 🙂

    WDW News Today

  • I saw them yesterday at the Muppet store outside of Muppet•Vision at Hollywood Studios. I want them all.

    Orlando Attractions Magazine

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