• Wow I really love this picture! 🙂

  • We Love the Hat, it’s awesome!

    It identifies Hollywood Studios. Not the Chinese place. Maybe at Hong Kong disney, not America.

  • easy enough, just move the hat to another location, perhaps Michael Eisner’s front lawn. “Jedi mind trick voice” trust in your Imagineers Luke, let go Luke.

  • **Jedi mind trick voice** The hat WILL be removed!

  • Sorry, everyone, but I love the hat! And, I miss the wand on Spaceship Earth, too!

  • Agreed. The Hat is Studios’ version of the EPCOT Wand. It has to go. Park management, please listen to your guests and LOSE THE HAT.

    Oh wait, there’s a store inside. Guess that’ll never happen.

  • As much as we love the Chinese Theatre facade, We could not have been more delighted and pleased with the addition of the magical giant SORCERER’S APPRENTICE hat. It always brings a smile because it looks like an INCANTATION CHALLENGE that will require Yen Sid to step-in and help Mickey return to normal size. Thank You for another delicious reminder of our favorite picturesque place! Take good care of your talented shutter-finger so you can bring us more of the same.

  • Neat enough snapshot, but you might consider trying to reign in all of the blown highlights from the neon lights. Really wish I were there, though!

  • Great phto!

  • Last night while listening to a podcast I learned that there might be very specific legal reasons why there’s a giant hat blocking the Chinese Theater replica. Interesting story!

  • Great picture! Is there any way to get a larger version for use as desktop wallpaper?

  • Came here to say what the others above me already did. =)

  • Fantastic Picture Mr. Vaughan! Thanks for sharing! I agree with Peter. Think of how much more awesome this picture would look if we could see the Chinese Theater replica at the end of the street!

  • Great photo! Too bad about the giant hat blocking the view, though.

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