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Main Street Electrical Parade Returns to Walt Disney World Resort this Summer

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

UPDATE – May 11: Beginning June 6, the Main Street Electrical Parade will begin at 9 p.m. and the Summer Nightastic! Fireworks Spectacular will begin at 10 p.m. at the Walt Disney World Resort.

UPDATE – March 2: Summer Nightastic! at Walt Disney World begins a limited engagement at Walt Disney World on June 6. The celebration will continue through August 14.

Big news…we’re thrilled to announce that one of the most beloved attractions in Disney history, the Main Street Electrical Parade, is returning to Magic Kingdom Park this summer – and it’ll be better than ever. The classic parade will feature new LED lights and new audio technology when it begins its limited engagement at Walt Disney World in early June 2010.
Main Street Electrical Parade
Tinker Bell will lead the parade waving from the basket of a magical balloon aboard a new float. The parade’s return is part of Summer Nightastic! — an amazing lineup of new and enhanced entertainment planned this summer at Walt Disney World theme parks. For example, there will be new lighting effects and a new addition to Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Also, Magic Kingdom will treat guests to a special summer fireworks spectacular.
Main Street Electrical Parade
There’s plenty more planned and we’ll have more details in upcoming weeks but we wanted to tell you what we knew first on The Disney Parks Blog. Check back here for more.


  • I am so excited. The last time I saw this was when I was a teenager and working at DW. I can NOT wait to show my daughter this parade. We’re only gonna be in the World for 2 days (friend that works in DW is getting us in one day and the other day we’re taking advantage of the Give A Day, Get A Day program) and the MK is one of the two parks we’re hitting. I will do ANYTHING to see this again! Can’t wait!

  • Thank you for bringing back an old favorite! Just in time to celebrate my daughter’s birthday on June 8th!

  • Are there any plans for the Electrical Parade to run again in California Adventure before it heads off to Magic Kingdom? Thank you for your help!

  • When will the Disney Parks website update their calendar to reflect the update regarding Summer Nightastic to include the times of the Electric Parade…will the Wishes fireworks show still be performed?? Will Spectromagic still show??

  • Excited about the Electrical Parade. Brings back memories of my son’s 1st visit to Disney. He’s 16 now and has returned 8 times.
    Upcoming trip 5/30 – 6/5, Memorial Day weekend. Sure hope Disney starts Summer Nights early. We live in Illinois and only get down once a year so we would so love to see it again.

  • Thank you for the official date… I want very much to be there on Main Street the first night this is run….and since Ill be at WDW tomorrow 🙂 🙂 Ill be sure to book a room for June 6th! 🙂

  • Sorry to see Spectro is gone; the Magic Kingdom won’t seem the same without it, we’ll probably hit the rides istead of watch the new parade, also miss the TTA’S old soundtrack,

  • Summer Nightastic! wraps in August, but I’m not sure the Electrical Parade does….

  • I’m so excited! Can’t wait to see it in July!!

  • The update says it will run until August 14. We just booked our trip to begin on Aug 15. Is it known at this time if Spectromagic will return in the middle of August? I kind of hope so as it is a favorite of my husband’s and the trip is a celebration trip for him. (He’d never been to WDW until I took him 14 years ago. He insisted during that trip that we see Spectromagic every night!)

  • Well I was hoping to be able to see and share this with my brother. We had planned to compete in the Expedition Everest Challenge but he is now going off to Afghanistan for a year I sure hope you still have the main street electrical parade going next summer when he will be home.

  • I guess we’ll miss the new parade and the changes to the Tower of Terror. We’ll be there in April, almost 2 months before the changes. What’s in place now? Is it still the “Dreams Come True” Parade?

  • Will there be a time period prior to June 6th that no nighttime parade will be running? In other words, will we still be able to see Spectromagic if we are there May 29 – June 4? Yes, we will just miss the new stuff, but I’m still hoping to at least see Spectromagic. Thanks.

  • Perfect! We’ll be there in mid-June, just in time to see it!

  • Thanks for updating us with the official date, DisneyParks Blog! Now, could you get your friends over at to update their park calendars? They’re still claiming SpectroMagic and Wishes are showing all through the summer. 🙂

  • OK. I just called to book Cinderella’s Royal Table on the last day of this parade (see how I cope) and it will be awesome, except that when I told them I wanted to make some plans over this parade, they told me a) The electric parade goes around the beaches in the water (no, it isn’t) and that b) Spectromagic was the same as the Main Street Electrical Parade. I told them I’d be happy if I got the reservation, thank you, but the Disney Blog is a step ahead of the game for info. Glad it is here! Twitter Mommies (and Daddies, and friends) rule.

  • I booked August 14th so now I’m going to miss it! Are you kidding me?

  • I am SOOOOOOOO excited, We will be vacationing there May 29th thru June 8th!!!!! We have traveled there every year for the last 7 years and we have yet to see this 😉 I can’t wait for this new experience!

  • We will be there that week. Celebrating my son’s birthday. I am so excited to get to experience this with my own kids. One of my most favortie memories of a child at Disney.

  • WOWWWWWW!!! I´ll have to back there and see that! Amazing! I´m in Brazil. I miss so much, but I stayed there in last january. Almost one year for my next hollydays.

  • We are so excited that the parade is back. I use to work at Disneyland and worked the parade.. Cant wait for my two little girls to see this parade.. It will start the day before we arrive Yeah!!!

  • Noooo im devestated, I will be going to Disney August 16th after the Star Wars Celebration V, I am really wishing it gets extended

  • Yeah!!!!! It will be at the MK the day before we arrive!! It will be nice to see the parade again (in it’s new form of course) and new fireworks too – WooHoo and Thanks!

  • I am going to WDW with my husband and 2 kids in September. Hope this is still going on when we get there =)
    Oh does anyone know when WDW will start decorating for the Halloween season??
    We are hoping to catch that while we are there also….

  • Hi.
    I write you from Spain. I wooud like to know if Spectromagic will return from August 23 to September 4, 2010.
    In Disneyland PAris we have enjoyed often The main street electrical parade, but we have only seen Spectromagic once in 1996.
    Could you help me please?

  • I’m bummed. Will be visiting the park on 9/16-9/18 after the DVC Members Cruise. Was really hoping to catch this show again – it is a favorite from my childhood. One of the things I’ll always remember from my first visit to WDW in 1983!

  • I was there for the last night of the main street electrical parade and the first night fo spectro magic. have videos of both can’t wait to see it live again

  • It’s still “Baroque Hoedown”, just a different version. I liked the original better, but the new one isn’t bad or anything.

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