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Main Street Electrical Parade Returns to Walt Disney World Resort this Summer

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

UPDATE – May 11: Beginning June 6, the Main Street Electrical Parade will begin at 9 p.m. and the Summer Nightastic! Fireworks Spectacular will begin at 10 p.m. at the Walt Disney World Resort.

UPDATE – March 2: Summer Nightastic! at Walt Disney World begins a limited engagement at Walt Disney World on June 6. The celebration will continue through August 14.

Big news…we’re thrilled to announce that one of the most beloved attractions in Disney history, the Main Street Electrical Parade, is returning to Magic Kingdom Park this summer – and it’ll be better than ever. The classic parade will feature new LED lights and new audio technology when it begins its limited engagement at Walt Disney World in early June 2010.
Main Street Electrical Parade
Tinker Bell will lead the parade waving from the basket of a magical balloon aboard a new float. The parade’s return is part of Summer Nightastic! — an amazing lineup of new and enhanced entertainment planned this summer at Walt Disney World theme parks. For example, there will be new lighting effects and a new addition to Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Also, Magic Kingdom will treat guests to a special summer fireworks spectacular.
Main Street Electrical Parade
There’s plenty more planned and we’ll have more details in upcoming weeks but we wanted to tell you what we knew first on The Disney Parks Blog. Check back here for more.


  • Awesome. I’m excited about the parade, fireworks and the Tower of Terror effects.

  • Cant wait. I love the Main Street Electrical Parade


    Kudos to the management that brings this to WDW. It’s needed.

  • SO EXCITED! I wasn’t around for the Electrical Parade the first time around, but I’ve heard enough about it to be absolutely overjoyed to see it return! Think I might need to make a special trip this summer!

  • Will the Main Street Electrical Parade replace SpectroMagic?

  • Woo hoo!!!! Can’t wait!!!!

  • Can’t wait! Have never seen this parade and will be visiting WDW in July! Also, can’t wait to see the new effects to the Tower of Terror! Disney, YOU ROCK!

  • Love this parade! Spectacular! Definitely a must see! Can’t wait to see whats new.

  • Are the floats being shipped out from California? (Since the photos are from Disney’s California Adventure)

  • We are coming back is September 2011 (It takes that long to save up enought money to come from New Zealand. Will this still be going then???

  • Oooh! That is fantastic news!!!
    I can’t wait to hear more!!!

    I love Spectromagic and Wishes dearly, but have never gotten a chance to see the Main Street Electrical Parade, so this will be a first for us! I hope it sticks around for a bit of the fall as well since we have a longer vacation planned in property for the end of September.

  • We are coming to WDW for the 1st time in September….Hope this is still going on then….HOW EXCITING!!!

  • Hoping and praying that it will still be there in October!

  • Is there a date for the main street electrical parade start ?

    • Most likely the first week in June. We’ll post a specific date ASAP.

  • Great news for my June trip! THANK YOU!

  • This is very disappointing. The Main Street Electrical Parade belongs at Disneyland. Then again with the addition of Tinker Bell and the absolutely dreadful new soundtrack (the original soundtrack, beyond using analog synthesizers had a warmth that is no longer there. Further, there are far too many Disney songs woven into the new soundtrack, creating a cacophony whereas the original soundtrack blended seamlessly with the Baroque Hoedown backing track) the parade no longer feels like the original Electrical Parade. Maybe it’s a good thing that it is going to Florida. That way I won’t accidentally watch it and be depressed.

  • I’m sooooo excited! (This is my favorite memory of Disney World as a child!) I wonder how long is the ‘limited engagement’? Our next family trip will be in summer of 2011 and I would LOVE for my kids to see this parade!

  • Oh my, this is the best news ever! I loved it as a kid in Paris and never got to see it in Florida. It’s a shame I won’t be going this year because I couldn’t get into the ICP.

  • i hope so i was hoping a little earlier since my honeymoon is may 24 to june 2.

    Wil lspectro go right until the msep starts or will it end earlier?

  • Going in Sept. This is such a bonus !

  • We love Spectromagic and Wishes, but are thrilled with this announcement! Now we are even more excited for our upcoming trip in July!

  • I love the parade. I have a trip planned for March so we will obviously miss it and maybe one in October…Am I going to have to plan a weekend trip to see that parade??? LOL…hopefully it will stick around a little while. 🙂 Wishful thinking…

  • I have got to say that this is the sort of magic that I expect from Disney and am totally psyched to see is returning! I have never wanted to be among the hoards of hot sweaty people in the Disney parks in the summertime before, but Magic, Music, and Mayhem fireworks is enough to make me run down for a little pixie dust! I am excited to see the Main Street Light Parade has been updated will be returning to the Magic Kingdom. It will be nice to have a little nostalgia brought back for us long time Disney fans. And as a Tower of Terror thrill junkie, I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to the new drops and effects.

    Thank you Team Disney Orlando for giving me faith that Disney hasn’t lost it’s magical touch. I had started to worry in recent years, but this announcement has given me hope again that Walt’s vision for the entertainment in the parks has not been lost.

  • Finally it’s coming back! I went when they had it in NYC in the mid 90’s, as well as the last time it came back to Magic Kingdom I think it was in the late 90s…and although we just came back from a visit there, I’m going to have to get down there to see it before it goes away again. Our next visit wasn’t going to be until 2012…we’ll have to go for at least a day this summer.

    Please, please bring it back for good. Spectro Magic has never been able to replace the Electric Light Parade in my heart.

    Thank you!!!!

  • I’m so excited to see this coming back. The last week it ran in 2001 I got to march in the parade with my high school band. It was tons of fun, i hope to make it this summer to see it again!

  • Yay! Hope it runs through October when we will be there!

  • I’m thrilled to see it returning. We were lucky enough to see it on our honeymoon 10 years ago. We’re coming again in September, so I hope my children will be able to see it. When is it scheduled to end it’s run there?

  • I can’t believe it’s coming in early June since I’ll be there in early May. Hopefully, the limited engagement goes through October for our next trip!

  • so far first week of june to sometime in august

  • So excited, hope it is still running in October when we go!

  • I can’t wait to see the new additions! The Electric Light Parade is a family favorite and I look forward to sharing it with our newest generation of Disney fans, the grandchildren!

  • Fantastic ..I loved this parade … now all we need is Tapestry of Nations to return to Epcot!!

  • This is GREAT news! I’m however kind of sad that it’s only a limited time. I’m not a fan of Wishes nor SpectroMagic, so having these new options is great, but I dread the return of both of them after Summer Nightastic!. Let’s hope something else comes along…

    Is there anything special for Summer Nightastic! at EPCOT or Animal Kingdom? 🙂

  • What’s happening to SpectroMagic?? I love both parades, but would like to know if this is our last chance to see Spectro?? Hopefully not — IMO, Spectro is the better of the two . . .

  • I am so excited about this announcement! I have always loved the Electric Light Parade. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the first week in June, as our trip is planned for that time.

  • How long is the “Limited Engagement”? Will it still be there in mid-September? That’s when we go each year for our anniversary! We’d love to see a new parade!

  • Tinkerbell looks beautiful!

  • “New audio technology” means they’re going to be replacing the classic soundtrack with the abysmal DreamLights version. They pulled the same thing on us at DCA. The music was the best part of the parade. 🙁

  • I’m really excited to see the Main Street Electrical Parade back at the World. You mentioned, however, that this will be a “limited engagement”. Will SpectroMagic be returning after this? I really hope so because it’s my favorite parade ever!!

  • This was my favorite parade at Disney as a child! I can’t wait to share it this summer with my nieces. I like Spectromagic but I LOVE the Main Street Electrical Parade. Classic Disney and a HUGE value add to our upcoming summer vacation. Thanks!

  • Will it only be certain days? We plan to do the Magic Kingdom on June 26th 2010

  • Does that mean no Electrical Parade at Disneyland this summer?? It wasn’t running last year during our spring break so we purposely set our trip for the summer so we could see it…….heavy sigh!

  • ^ @Laurie: I hope DCA doesn’t lose the Electrical Parade this summer, but since it’s supposed to start its run on March 19th at DCA, that gives them very little time to send it out to Walt Disney World and have it ready by June (shipping, making changes where necessary such as changing the drum to read “Main Street Electrical Parade” again, rehearsing, etc.). Obviously I can’t speak for Disney, but it could very well the original Magic Kingdom parade.

    Though if DCA’s parade is being shipped to Florida for the summer, I can see why: it’d be better to get some use out of the parade somehow, as DCA might have too much construction going on to support a whole parade.

    Just my theory.

  • Hmm what a confusion of thoughts…it was such a classic at DL. And, so dearly missed as one. Why did it even have to change? Cant we have the classic at both parks?

  • So can not wait to see the new parade and fireworks. We were in Disney World in 2007 and saw Spectromagic and Wishes almost every night. It will be wonderful to see something new this time!

  • I’m going in July. I hope it’s running when I am down there

  • Very excited about seeing the Electrical Parade when we visit on August, but was so looking forward to seeing “Wishes” again. The last time we were at WDW was 6 years ago, when my now husband proposed while watching “Wishes!” I wanted to video tape it this year so I can always have it. Will they be bringing “Wishes” back after summer?

  • @Evan……I have to wonder why they would open it at DCA & then ship it….really doesn’t make a lot of sense. The other thing I can totally understand is between the World of Color opening & the Pixar Play Parade running in DCA….where does that leave the Electrical Parade in the big picture??
    I would love to see the parade back on Main Street.

    Just very disappointed that I won’t get to see it…..again.

  • Ok…so…theres a LOT of confusion out there. Is it Magic, Music Mayhem or something completely new? Theres a lot of differing opinions and “facts” out there about it. Anyone have any insight, at all?

  • I am sooooooo excited! Hopefully it will be around when I am there in mid- June!

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