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Main Street Electrical Parade Returns to Walt Disney World Resort this Summer

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

UPDATE – May 11: Beginning June 6, the Main Street Electrical Parade will begin at 9 p.m. and the Summer Nightastic! Fireworks Spectacular will begin at 10 p.m. at the Walt Disney World Resort.

UPDATE – March 2: Summer Nightastic! at Walt Disney World begins a limited engagement at Walt Disney World on June 6. The celebration will continue through August 14.

Big news…we’re thrilled to announce that one of the most beloved attractions in Disney history, the Main Street Electrical Parade, is returning to Magic Kingdom Park this summer – and it’ll be better than ever. The classic parade will feature new LED lights and new audio technology when it begins its limited engagement at Walt Disney World in early June 2010.
Main Street Electrical Parade
Tinker Bell will lead the parade waving from the basket of a magical balloon aboard a new float. The parade’s return is part of Summer Nightastic! — an amazing lineup of new and enhanced entertainment planned this summer at Walt Disney World theme parks. For example, there will be new lighting effects and a new addition to Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Also, Magic Kingdom will treat guests to a special summer fireworks spectacular.
Main Street Electrical Parade
There’s plenty more planned and we’ll have more details in upcoming weeks but we wanted to tell you what we knew first on The Disney Parks Blog. Check back here for more.


  • will it still be set to the music of ‘baroque hoedown’? please say YES! can’t wait to see it again!

  • What is the difference between the Electric Parade and Spectromagic?

  • why can i not find the dates anywhere for the return of the electrical light parade? please do not tell me that i have to wait for the crowds of summer

  • PLEASE HELP ME; Is this version of the Main Street Electrical Parade REALLY changing the music?????? We had no plans to come this summer and really isn’t not in the budget, but The Main Street Electrical Parade is the most amazing thing to me and brings back SO many wonderful memories. BUT, if they changed the music, it would be so disappointing. The original music MADE that parade and, honestly, if it’s changed, it won’t be the same and we likely won’t make the trip there. I NEED to know because if it’s staying the same, we’d HAVE TO COME! I’d be SO HAPPY to have my 4 yr old experience what I did when I was 4!

  • I’m sad to hear that we’ll be losing the Electrical Parade again. I was really looking forward to having both this and World of Color. Oh well. :/

    Are there any planned dates for the parade to show one last time in California Adventure, though Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

  • Can you call it something other than the Electrical Parade? It needs something magical like Spectromagic was.

  • Has anyone heard the first date MELP will be starting yet? I can’t wait to see it.

  • How long will ELP run for Summer Nightastic? Will it still be there through September? Please say yes!

  • I’m guessing Dumbo’s Circus will not return with the parade moving to Magic Kingdom

  • I think it is a bit harsh to says something “belongs” at one park over another park. I grew up at WDW watching this parade and it became such an intergral part of my childhood. I am sure people have this same feeling from DL as well. Anyway, I hope it starts Memorial weekend as this is when we have planned to come and I have always wanted my children to experience this parade! I have never been a fan of Spectromagic.

  • We absolutely love the Main Street Electrical Parade. We have been fortunate enough to see it in both at DLR and WDW in years past and would love to see it again.

    We even used some of the music from the parade at our wedding in WDW.

    We hope you bring it back next summer to when we visit WDW again!

  • This is bad news for us who go to Disneyland and would still like to see it this summer.Disney made a TERRIBLE decision. Hopefully it will come back to California.

  • I am so excited to see this parade again I grew up just miles away from Disneyland I loved this parade growing up. I can’t wait to see it now as an adult and share seeing it with my brother when we are there for the Expedition Everest Challenge in June. He never got to see it at least not when he was old enough to remember it.

  • We are thrilled that the Electric Light Parade is coming back to the Magic Kingdom!!! It was always our favorite parade!!!!!! Thanks WDW !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leon– Don’t worry. Its still the same tune. (The Baroque Hoedown)
    Its just an “upgraded” new recording version of the tune. Personally, I think that it still sounds the same and fine.

    Pamela–MSEP stands for Main Street Electrical Parade. 🙂
    While the parade was running at California Adventure for several years, it was known only as Disney’s Electrical Parade.

  • People keep refering to the fireworks show as MSEP?

    I thought this was an all new show? or is it MSEP? or an updated MSEP?

    and what the heck doe MSEP stand for? 🙂

  • We need details!!! Dates, times etc…us crazy Disney Planners want to know yesterday 😉

  • Oh, no……it’s not the same soundtrack? That was just so great, we and our grown children have such fond memories of it. I’m sure the floats will be great, but it just won’t be the same without the same soundtrack!

  • I Love It!!! I loved this parade as a kid…I’m 33 now and have been to Disney 60+ times and my kids who are 6&8 have been to Disney World more than 20+ times…they have been going since they’ve been a year old and every year since we go at least 1-2 times,sometimes even 3….and we don’t even live here,we’re from Chicago….kids love the parades and can’t wait for them to see this one……we love Disney so much, we can’t get enough!!! That’s how I was brought up and so are my kids…I don’t know who enjoys it more,me the kids, or the Grandparents!!!!

  • WOO HOO!!! My all time favorite parade is returning home to the Magic Kingdom!!!!!!! I still remember seeing this as a teenager in the 1980s… the iconic train engine float, and everything! I also love the new updated version of the music that was introduced at the DLR!!!!!

    SALUTES to those who made this happen! Now with the MSEP returning the 1st part of my WDW Dream is complete, only one is left: Please Bring the DLR version of the Tiki Room to the WDW Tropical Serenade and my Dream will be complete! Besides Jose and his flock are the greatest!!! :)))))

  • I hope this parade is still running in October!!

  • Yes. That is one of the things I miss most in Walt Disney World!

  • Can’t wait to see the parade. My family and I are coming to Disneyworld in mid June. This will be our very first family vacation. I am so excited. I have seen the parade before, this will be the first time for my husband and three kids.


  • I can’t wait!!! I’ll be there June 4-12 and hopefully it’ll be there so we can see it.

  • I agree with Adam, the MSEP belongs at Disneyland.

  • Thats awesome ! I have some great memories of standing on mainstreet watching the parade go past with my children, it will be so nice to see it again.

  • How exciting in the parade front. I am really attached to Wishes though, so I hope that’s coming back when I’m there this September. Please, please, please keep Wishes!

  • Yay! We’ll be there June 4th-11th! Hopefully the parade will be up and running then. LOVE the MSEP! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen it at WDW. When did the last run end?

  • wish it was starting the end of april, first of may! hopefully it will last longer than the summer and i can catch it next year!

  • We are regular Disney World visitors. My 6 ear old daughter has been to WDW four times and on DCL twice. Neither my husband nor my daughter have ever been to Disney Land. I grew up in California and have fond memories of the Electrical Parade in Disney Land. Spectro just never lived up to the Electrical Parade for me. We are planning a 15 day trip to California this June/July and are spending 4 nights at Disney Land. One of the main things I wanted to share with my husband and daughter was the Electrical Parade and now it’s going to WDW? Seriously? The first time I plan to go to DL over WDW and the one thing I want to see at DL gets moved to WDW. It seems like a cruel joke. I’m looking for the hidden cameras.

  • My family and I can’t wait…this was my favorite parade to watch when I was little…I’m so excited!!! I was hoping that they would bring back this parade..it’s the best one out there!!!

  • If any decision makers are listening, please, please, PLEASE put it back in Disneyland this summer, not DCA.

  • How “limited” will this engagement be? We are planning a trip the end of June, just want to make sure that it will still be there then.

    Looking forward to our trip!!!

  • What a wonderful surprise. My youngest daughter celebrated her fifth birthday in the Magic Kingdom watching the light parade, and now we will all get to experience it again at her Disney wedding this summer.

  • Please have all the new additions operating by June 7!!! It would be great if my neice and nephew could experience the Electrical Parade when we are all there. Hmmm, will the dessert party be back too? I think we would all like that as well!

  • Fabulous. I remember seeing it for the first time at the Magic Kingdom in 1980. It was the main reason my sister & I clamored to take home The Official Album of Disneyland/Walt Disney World: we listened to “Baroque Hoedown” over and over and over again…that was the beginning of my decades-long mania for collecting Disney theme park audio 🙂

  • This is great news~My son (4) has been watching youtube videos of the parade and keeps asking to go to disney. It would have been disappointing to bring him and then no parade. At age 2 we brought him to downtown disney and he loved it but now we can begin to plan our trip~though really have to await the official date so we don’t miss this parade.

  • looking forward to see it again.
    this is really something special!

  • Thomas – Will Disney’s California Adventure’s parade be moving to Walt Disney World or is there another version of the parade for Florida? I am assuming that World of Color will take its place as the main nighttime entertainment line up… But after World of Color’s opening summer will there be a chance of the Electrical Parade returning to California or another nighttime parade? And kind of off topic, but I heard a version of Fantasmic! is being created for Toyko Disneyland. Is this true, and if so will it feature any of the aspects of World of Color?

  • Very interesting news.

    I guess California Adventure won’t be needing the parade for a while since World of Color will be debuting soon.

    I personally never minded when they made changes (Tinker Bell float, the upgraded soundtrack) because I realize that its important to keep things fresh. Plus, they also brought back the Pinocchio and Diamond Mine floats, the upgraded music sounded fine to me, and I’m sure that it also sounded fine to many others. 🙂

    Since this is only supposed to be for a limited engagement, does this mean that the parade will someday return to the Disneyland Resort?

  • I’m so excited, I can’t wait for MSEP and Magic Music & Mayhem!
    Thankyou Disney, I have visited you so many times and will never stop!

  • Can’t wait – Spectromagic just doesn’t cut it!

  • It is interesting Evan. I heard the rumor last year that the Electrical parade from DCA was moving back to Disneyland for the summer 2010, while construction is going on at DCA. I really doubt they will try to run World of Color and Electrical Parade, both this summer. But the last time I talked to a CM he said the Celebrate parade was staying at Disneyland for this year. But then sometimes employees are the last to know about changes. I really doubt they are shipping floats across the country……didn’t WDW have their own version? But yes the pictures shown above were taken at DLR. The mountain in the back of the second picture sure does look like Grizzly Peak at DCA.

  • I don’t understand, WDW already has Spectromagic, what will DLR have now, nothing…

    Just not fair, I was looking forward to seeing the DEP in DCA this summer when I go after graduation

    Epic Fail on Disney’s part for this

  • Great news. Kudos to TDO for putting this together. Maybe this is the turnaround for which we’ve all been waiting?!

  • This is GREAT news. Love this parade SOOOO much better than the one it is replacing.

  • So, I’m still confused. Is this coming back to DLR after its “limited engagement”?

  • This makes me so happy!!!! I first saw the Main Street Electrical Parade in 1973 in Disneyland. I have seen it many times over the years in Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disneys California Adventure. I do love Spectromagic, but nothing is more magical to me then the Main Street Electrical Parade. Every time I see it is like the first time. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING IT BACK TO DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So will it no longer be in California in the summer? We’ve gone to WDW the past 4 summers, and this year it’s DL. My husband was looking forward to the Electrical parade, I’d hate for him to miss it, as we aren’t returning to WDW until 2011 or 2012…

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