Official Reopening Date Set for ‘Captain EO’ Featuring Michael Jackson

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Since we first announced the return of “Captain EO” on the Disney Parks Blog, there has been an incredible response from fans, and we’ve received many enthusiastic emails and phone calls asking exactly when the classic “Captain EO” attraction featuring Michael Jackson will reopen.

Today, we are excited to give you an update on the Captain’s return!

On Tuesday, February 23, as a tribute to the magic, music and messages of “Captain EO,” the 3-D musical adventure is returning to the Tomorrowland theater in which it debuted. While it’s not possible to replicate some special effects elements from the original presentation, it will boast a new 70mm print of the film, and it will sound better than ever thanks to acoustic enhancements made to the theater since the film last played there in 1997.
1986 photo of 'Captain EO' characters at Disneyland park.

1986 photo of “Captain EO” characters at Disneyland park.

Check back on the Disney Parks Blog next week for more updates. We’ll also share a special “Captain EO” announcement on Twitter early next week. To be the first to hear it, follow us on Twitter: @Disneyland.




  • What exactly does” unable to replicate some of the special effects” mean? is it not going to be in 3D? say it ain’t so! looking forward to it much better than Honey I Shrunk The Audience..Thank You for bringing it back!

  • Awesome Heather, thanks for the update!!! Will their be any merchandise? I’m dying to have a Captain E.O. shirt! 🙂

  • Will there be any merchandise or a special reopening ceremony?

  • I was wondering if there will be any merchandise also? I’d like to get a poster!

  • You’re just another part of me! YEEEEESSSSSSSS! This is the best news I’ve heard in FOREVER! I am SO there! I hope it’s here to stay!

  • Will there be a fastpass for the show or was that feature removed?

  • I CANT WAIT TO SEE CAPTIAN E0 i missed this in the 80s Cant wait to see the whole video!!! RIP MJ!!!! Cant wait to hear the new fixd sound too!

  • I hope Captain EO will be around for a long while. I would love to see it but we won’t be able to make it back to the park until at least fall. I’ll be crossing my fingers!

  • Yes I would like to say I love that video and I watch it all the time. I never knew that it even exitsted. Like so many of his videos. I love it and I think all kids will enjoy it, especially the message that he is sending to the planet and the fact that people are beautiful not just on the the outside, but from what they have on the inside.

  • Thank you for the update! I’ve been waiting in anticipation for the return of Captain EO ever since you first blogged about its return! Just out of curiosity, what sorts of special effects were not able to be replicated? I’m hoping it’s nothing major so that I can experience it the way it was “back in the day”!

  • Not to dampen the excitement which I share in, what aspects/effects of the presentation will be missing, modified or limited?

  • Will you be attending, Heather? Any retired Imagineers or Disney celebrities attending on opening day of the attraction?

  • From us fellow Fans on the East Coast, we hope you bring it back to EPCOT, because it is obvious this will do well in California, and in Florida an even larger and diverse audience can once again experience it, and new generations can see the artistry and talent of Michael Jackson and the film itself.

  • Is there an attraction in Tomorrowland that will be closing in order for Captain EO to play?

  • I loved this attraction when I was a kid and I am so excited to know there’s an official opening date set! No better time to buy my yearly pass than now!

    P.S. Please, please, please think about merchandise! I’d give a limb for a plush Fuzzball! My mom’s not here to tell me I can’t have it!

  • Any chance of some Captain EO merchandise?

  • Well, not to seem like a troll, but for the record, I liked “Honey, I shrunk the audience” much better… just MHO….

  • How long is it gonna be open for, cause it says limited time but a time frame was not given? I just wanna make sure i will be able to see it before they yank it away again.

  • This is so exciting! Thanks for the update.

    Will Captain EO be coming back to EPCOT in Disney World, as well? I really hope so and I know many others feel the same!

  • Me and my mom are so excited! She loved captain Eo and i grew up with it!! We’ll be there for my Bday in Sept. Can’t wait!

  • Very exciting and I can’t wait. And I will be there after work!!!!!!!!

  • bummer…I was just there and it wasn’t open yet. very sad there were hardly any characters in the parks to get pics with. 🙁

  • Merchandise? Please?

  • Thank you so much for this update Heather!
    For a while I was wondering if the opening got delayed to March.

    It will be really cool to experience this attraction again.

    • You’re welcome. I’m really excited, too!

  • Any chance of plush toys from the movie? I would love the little flying guy.

  • OMG! OMG! OMG! I’ve been wishing and waiting and hoping for this for a LONG time! I’ll be there re-opening day!

  • Its amazing how quickly plans are made! Yesterday I called Disneyland Resort asking if there was an official return date, and they said they hadn’t projected one yet. And today there is an opening date! I’m excited.

  • AWESOME! I was at the park last weekend and disappointed that it was not open, but will be there again next weekend and so very EXCITED that I’ll be able to see it. Thanks Disney for bringing Captain EO back!!

  • Thank you Heather for this update. I’m really looking forward to “Captain EO”‘s return to Tomorrowland at DLR! Isn’t it a plan to have it showcase for at least one calendar year?

  • @Debbie- it’s replacing Honey, I Shrunk the Audience. Cute show, sad to see it leave, but definitely excited for the return of this. Hope to be there soon.

  • Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How long will Captain EO be playing????

  • Great news to finally have the date. I’ll drive down next weekend, probably on Thursday.

  • So…what is Capt. EO replacing if anything?

  • How Long is it going to be playing?

    • The exact duration has not yet been determined.

  • Any news of “soft openings” or early previews?!

  • That’s my B-day…that would be a great birthday! 😉

  • DVD/Blu-ray release to go along with this????

  • We’re heading out next weekend and this will be a nice surprise. Get to show my kids an ‘old school’ Disney attraction. Well, late ’80s isn’t really ‘old school’ but my kids think it is.

  • Looking forward to seeing it again after all this time. Hope that there are plans for a return to WDW also.

  • Will there be merch too? I sure hope so…

  • so excited! how long will it be running for?

  • Please bring the park characters back! I want a photo!

  • very excited to see this again! I can remember seeing it with my mom & dad when I was a little girl, & those precious childhood memories are why I continue to be a pass holder. Glad to see the return of Captain E.O & all the other characters 🙂

  • I’m so excited! I’m definitely going to Disneyland next week, hopefully opening day!

  • Great to hear! I’ll be there next weekend!

  • This is very exciting, especially for many of us who grew up with Captain EO, but it of course begs the question… any word on whether or not this may be returning to Walt Disney World? 🙂

    • Right now, the plan is to bring Captain EO to Disneyland park.

  • Can’t wait!

  • Very exciting news. Any chance we’ll see these walk-around EO characters again? that would be fantastic!

    • Sorry, but there are currently no plans for the “Captain EO” characters to appear in the Park.

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