Photo Captures a Rare Sight: Four Steam Locomotives at Disneyland Park

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Four Steam Locomotives at Disneyland Park
It’s a rare sight to see more than one Disneyland Railroad locomotive in front of the Main Street station at Disneyland park – let alone four. In case you’re wondering, these locomotives all have their own names and were introduced to the Disneyland Railroad between 1955, the year the park opened, and 1959. From left to right, you’ll see C.K. Holliday (1955), E.P. Ripley (1955), Fred Gurley (1958) and Ernest S. March (1959).

Paul Hiffmeyer, a regular contributor on the Disney Parks Blog, took this photo recently as part of a cast appreciation effort for engineers, operating engineers and conductors. Some cast members will receive this rare photo as a gift, but we thought some of the train lovers on the Disney Parks Blog might also be interested in taking a peek.


  • Very Cool, but where’s the Ward Kimball?

  • Mary from Santa Barbara, CA

    GREAT PICTURE!!! Thanks for sharing the picture to all of us Disneyland fans!!!

  • Beautiful

  • 1.) Locomotive #4 the ERNEST S. MARSH, not march.

    2.) They could add Ward Kimball to the set, but the length would stretch the photo out even further, you can’t see much as it is.

  • Wow, what an awesome photo! I would love to have seen this rare event in person! The Disneyland Railroad is one of my family’s favorites and we take at least one “Grand Circle Tour” of the park each day we have the privilege to be there.

  • Wow, my friends and I love riding the train that sometimes we just get on and ride it a few times around just enjoying all the sights and sounds of the park. Thanks for sharing such a special picture with all of us.

  • When I was there in August 2009. The railroad was the first thing I did. It was my first time at Disneyland and it was just amazing to see the park from the grandest of all theme park railroads.

  • Is there a hi res download so we can download the photo?

  • This is very cool! We did the Magic Behind the Steam Trains Tour in Florida a couple of years ago & have a great appreciation for the trains. Nice to see Walt’s love of trains is alive in the parks.

  • My Grandmother worked at the Main St. Station in 1957, she was the only Harvey Girl to work in the concession stand there. She designed the costume herself and had it made by her own seamstress. When she showed up with it on it was a hit. There was a Kodak slide made of her, one of the conductors and the train with the C.K. Holliday Engine and cars on the platform. I met with Dave Smith the Disney Historian, even Disney doesn’t have a copy of the photo, but I do! He was very interested in it. It is an incredible tribute to my Grandmother Helen and the Main St. Station.

  • How do I get a pic of this???

  • Thanks for the rare glimpse of the special event. I also found Casey’s input on her grandmother dressed as a Harvey Girl very interesting.
    I have a question about old Main Street that maybe someone might have the answer to, was there a land office, at one time, located on Main Street. I have heard that lots for Apple Valley (California) were offered through that office. This information came up in the Apple Valley Historical Committee meeting and they have been unable to find any evidence (photo or text) to back up the story.

  • Beautiful…and … off topic, but, any news on Captain EO yet?

  • That makes me want to jump om a train to take a ride!

  • Hi All! If you enjoy the trains in the park and are interested in the history of Walts Trains, and what the Disney family, former imagineers, and friends of the Historical Society have done over the years, please come visit us at carolwood!

    Michael Broggie (Son of Roger Broggie) and his wife Sharon have done a fan-diddly-tastic job of keeping the Barn and the CPHS alive and well in Los Angeles.

    Also, Walt’s backyard barn is now located at Griffith Park in Los Angeles and is open to the Public once a month. It’s truly special being able to stand in Walt’s Barn and seeing all these steam trains there at Griffith. All the info is at carolwood.

    Here’s a secret for the readers of the Disney Parks Blog; The CPHS dedicated a special room at the Wilderness Lodge at WDW. Look for it! You see special items and photos there and it’s truly special.

    Stop on by!

    Dan B
    Member: CPHS, NFFC, and many many more…. 😉

  • I would have LOVED to have been there that morning! WOW! The shot is kind of missing the Kalamazoo Handcar in the center, though. Though not a locomotive (obviously), it does date back to the earliest years of the Disneyland railroad. But still, that is quite the shot and kudos to the person who thought it up!

  • Great photo! I love steam trains and the romance of the era of steam travel, and I love Disney railroading. The grand circle tour is one of the must-do things while in the park.

    I’ve also been to Walt’s Barn in Griffith Park and it is as amazing as Dan made it out to be. There’s everything from Walt’s own trains to Ward Kimball’s Firehouse Five + Two hat!

  • 13Claudia on February 16th, 2010 at 11:38 pm
    Beautiful…and … off topic, but, any news on Captain EO yet?

    Captain EO was last seen with Buzz Lightyear saying something about going to infinity and beyond

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