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Princess Tiana Window at Magic Kingdom Park

Princess Tiana Window at Magic Kingdom Park
Hello! My name is Dara Trujillo and I’m the manager for Merchandise Communications here at the Walt Disney World Resort. It’s my job to make sure you’re informed of the latest and greatest merchandise happenings here at our Resort.

Today, I’m excited to show you something really unique. Recently, we unveiled our official Princess Tiana window in the Magic Kingdom Park at our Emporium retail location on Main Street, U.S.A. It’s already a guest favorite. So, to get the “inside scoop,” I sat down with the designer and creator of the window, Ron James.

“I am constantly looking for new innovative ways to showcase our merchandise to our guests,” Ron said. “A few years ago, in celebration of Disneyland’s Golden 50th Anniversary, we creatively took our Belle doll, dressed in her traditional gold gown, and created a show stopping window fit for any Disney Princess. Since then we have replicated Cinderella and Aurora. The newest Princess to don the Main Street window is Princess Tiana.”

Look for this window to support our newest Princess throughout 2010.

Fun Facts: The dress took over 60 man hours to reproduce and 4 hours to install all 3 windows; more than 80 dolls were used to create the dress, and the dress itself is covered in more than 400 rhinestones.


  • gorgeous! i love the window displays on main street! I’m a passholder and i often go to the parks and i just walk thru the shops looking at the displays! I am constantly in awe of the window decorators! So, congrats Dana and Rob, the windows are lovely. ( I especially love the Christmas displays!)

  • Love it! Can’t wait to see this. My three-year-old LOVES Princess Tiana!

  • This is absolutely amazing! One of my most favortie things to do while on vacation to the world is look at all the beautiful window displays. I often wonder how much time and effort goes into making them so thanks for sharing the fun facts!

  • I was there a few years ago and they had done the windows like this for Cinderella, Belle and Aurora. I thought they were so well done that I took the time to photograph and then scrapbook them. I am going to Disney World again in August and hope to add this one to my collection of princess window photos. i am a big fan of the awesome work put into some of the windows there.

  • Wow! That’s a really great display and the dress is beautiful. It’s too bad the movie wasn’t as great as I had hoped. 🙁

  • What a beauty! We saw the porcelain Tiana doll in our Disney store that can be bought with the DVD/Blu-ray, and she was stunning.

  • The dress is beautiful – but I have to tell you how disappointed our 5 year old was that there were NO Tiana dolls to be found in any stores at Magic Kingdom last weekend – Sat Jan 30th.

    She cried the whole way back to the car that she didn’t get a Tiana doll to add to her Princess collection.

    We are heading to Animal Kingdom next month – any chance your merchandise will be replenished and stores there will carry her?

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