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Cinderella’s Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom Now Includes the Princesses at Dinner
Princesses at Dinner! The Fairytale Dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom now includes the princesses at dinner, who used to only make appearances at breakfast and lunch. The fixed-price menu is tweaked a bit, too, with a new salmon-crab cake appetizer, but the popular prime rib and roast lamb chops remain.

Congrats to Chef Scott Hunnel at Victoria & Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, a semifinalist for “Best Chef in the South” in the 2010 James Beard Foundation Awards, the nation’s most prestigious recognition program honoring professionals in the food and beverage industry. The final nominees will be announced March 22, with winners named on May 3 in New York City.

Check out the spiffed up Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom, recently reopened. Look for new menu items – and more changes over the next several months. At lunchtime, the flank steak and pork loin go away, replaced with pork loin with a sugar-cured bone-in ham served with stone-ground mustard or cranberry glaze. And at dinner, no more thai curry mussels – instead a savory clam and mussel dish with white wine, spicy andouille sausage and onions.

Fans of Pecos Bill in the Magic Kingdom, check out the new 1/3-pound Deluxe Angus Burger – a hefty meal on a bun topped with American cheese, bacon, onion rings and barbecue sauce (you won’t need the toppings bar with this one). Or order you Angus burger plain or with cheese. Comes on a multigrain roll with a side of fries.

Conch fritters are back! Beginning March 17, look for the return of those addictive fried fritters at Olivia’s Cafe at Disney’s Old Key West Resort. A new “Taste of the Keys” menu features the fritters as well as Florida favorites such as shrimp and grits. Olivia’s is the perfect get-away-from-it-all dining spot for casual eats – we love the messy Florida jerk chicken wings and the fennel-dusted grouper with black beans and rice.

New eats this fall at Downtown Disney Marketplace: Pollo Campero, an international Latin chicken restaurant will feature chef-prepared salads, sandwiches, wraps, fruits and healthy snacks, as well as vegetarian, gluten-free, sugar-free, low sodium, and organic offerings. The quick-service eatery takes over the space formerly occupied by McDonald’s.


  • Any chance the Figaro Fries will be making a return? My mother was crushed when I told her they weren’t going to be there for our August trip.

  • I love to hear food updates! Keep them coming!

  • This is going WAY back, but I miss the buffet breakfast at the top of the Contemporary. My family would only go there for breakfast. It was wonderful. What is at the top now?

  • For those wanting “character-free” dining in Epcot and the “liberation” of Akershus…everywhere but Garden Grille and Akershus IS character-free!!! Go there! WDW is for FAMILIES as well as curmudgeons who don’t want children around. As for freeing the Akershus from the Princesses, tell your server you wish to be left alone( more time for my little one to spend with her magical princess!)and enjoy your creamed herring. YEESH!

  • Hmm… if only there was a large, empty dining venue sitting completely unused and abandoned in Adventureland… All that unused capacity, in such a choice location… Hmmmmmm… 🙂

    I’m looking forward to seeing some artwork for Unnamed Italian Pizza Restaurant and the new Cantina, too!

    And I’ll add my voice to those looking for character-free venues… especially everyone who wants to “free the Akershus!” I’d make an exception, though, for the return of character breakfasts on the old Empress Lilly!

    Thanks for the updates! Now if we can just get School Bread delivered to our homes via courier…

  • Please bring back the character dining @ Liberty Tree. It was my son’s favorite restaurant (now 18 years). We would go there for dinner to celebrate his birthday. Now that the characters aren’t there, it just isn’t the same.

  • We really miss the character dining at LTT. We were so disappointed to see that they didn’t do that anymore. I’m not sure why they keep removing character dining from so many places when it is hard enough to get a reservation as it is. We were there for 10 days last year and were unable to get into Donald’s Safari Breakfast. Bring back characters at LTT! Please?

  • 67 Days and counting, I have something to celebrate with my family this year and we were looking at all the restaurants last night. I would love to meet the princesses though and Im sure my little lad and (HUSBAND) wouldnt mind either lol. Has anyone else got ideas as to some of the good ones

  • @Julie, I couldn’t agree more. Enough already with the Princesses and Tinker Bell. The whole remodel of fantasy land doesn’t impress our family at all and we totally plan to see Harry at Universal instead.

  • I agree with the others that say bring back the characters to Liberty Tree. It was one of our favorite places to eat with the characters! We still love the food but don’t go on every trip anymore since the characters are gone. A Toy Story/Pixar character dining is a GREAT idea!

  • Very excited that Cinderella’s Castle will be offering the princesses at dinner too, that will make it easier to make reservations there. The food and atmosphere are fabulous, even if you don’t have “princesses” in your party, they make YOU feel like royalty! I agree that more variety of characters could be offered in the character dining experiences, I have to admit a meal with pirates and Jack Sparrow would be fun. Although my children are getting older, we always go to see “Pooh and friends” at Crystal Palace because it’s one of MY favorites and a trip to Chef Mickey’s is always a must!!!

  • I agree on bringing characters back to LTT but instead of any of he main 4 it should be Toy Story, Monsters or even Peter Pan with Peter, Wendy, Hook as a minimum (not Tink as she can be found other with the other fairies).

    Like the menu changes but I agree, add on. Do not remove anything unless it is really not being eaten much. I loved the steak and loin at CP.

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! the character dining, esp. the Princesses! The Princesses along with Mickey are pillars of Disney! (Hence the castles!) To the people who don’t enjoy the dining with the Princesses: hmmm, don’t choose those places or just go with the flow! Look around at ALL the OTHER happy little people who adore them and let that be your dose of magic! P.S. We would love to have Characters back at Liberty Tree Tavern Also! 🙂

  • I would also love to see Character Dining with Toy Story characters!! I do have to say that my son loves the Princesses too….He fell in love with Belle while there on his first trip when he was 2 years old. We loved Cinderella’s Castle even for dinner when we just meet Cindy downstairs and then came upstairs for dinner with Fairy Godmother and the Mice. You have to go at least once!! Love it…wish I were there now!!

  • As the mother of 1 princess and 3 princes’ I would love to see more character dining options for my little men! Monsters Inc, toy story, capn jack, etc! Don’t get me wrong I love the princesses but I want my boys to love everything disney just as i do and once they are bigger (oldest is 4.5 youngest is 2 months) I am sure they won’t care for a character meal with princesses. Also, bring back the characters at Liberty Tree Tavern! Love that place but it isn’t the same without the characters! Celebrated my husband’s 28th and my daughters 5th bday there in 2009!

  • P.s. I should admit I’m the mom of two little boys who have no interest in these ladies (yet)–I am biased. 🙂

  • I would be sad if the characters returned to Liberty Tree Tavern. We love how quiet it is there!
    The change to princesses at The Royal Table will be great. It was the same thing… Needed to be changed! :0)
    Small menu additions are nice, not changes. It is such a bummer when you go somewhere knowing what you want to eat , only to find out it is no longer there!
    We love Disney! 155 days until next trip!

  • Am I the only one who is getting rather tired of the Princesses? *sigh* I miss the peacefulness and the ambience of the Akershus buffet in the Norway pavilion in Epcot; now it seems the Princess craze has really taken over WDW.

  • John, if you’re the dad, you’re probably paying for at least part of the trip, correct? Tell your family you’re eating there whether they like it or not! Better yet, go there alone and tell them to eat quick service for that meal!

  • It’s nice to have the menus changed up occasionally. We go often enought that it is nice to have the variety with a few basic staples to count on….

  • It’s great that the princesses are there for dinner, but we’d REALLY love the characters to come back to dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern!

  • As long as they have the custard donuts. Really, this makes any meal. 😉

  • oohhh that’s nice!!! Although I’m gonna miss the Fairy Godmother, Susy and Perla..

  • Love the Princesses are at Dinner – wish I had daughters so I could go :)it’s not enuf in our family for the DAD to want to eat at the castle..
    Also appreciate the new offering at Pecos Bill..
    Our biggest disapointments in dining are the lack of characters at LTT ( our former favourite and now does not show up on our dining choices) (really the lack of characters over all with so many places dropping lunch (Chef Mickey, Garden Grille)).

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