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Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

During visits to Walt Disney World as a child, I remember belting out “Yo Ho, (A Pirate’s Life for Me)” over and over — and how each song became a family sing-along and laugh-fest. It’s a fond memory at Disney Parks that’s probably very different than yours…or is it? We’d like to know. Today, we’re at Epcot asking, “What is your favorite Disney memory?”

Now, it’s your turn. Let us know about your favorite Disney memory in the comments.


  • My favorite Disney World memory would have to be back in 1995. My father is active duty and was stationed in Haiti for three months (late October to early January). This was the first Christmas with him away. The day before Thanksgiving we got to talk to him using a tele-conference and he told me and my two sisters that we were going to be spending Christmas at Walt Disney World. It was just a fantastic feeling of waking up on Christmas Day and being at Disney World. We also got to enjoy the show Jolly Holidays, however, my younger sister and I don’t remember that as well, but my mother, grandmother and older sister try to spur our memories about it.

  • I have been going to Walt Disney World since I was 2 years old. I have gone more times than one can possibly count. I have played in the parks, worked in the parks, and each and every time I visit, I have an experience that I will NEVER forget. It wasn’t until this past Thanksgiving that I definitley experienced my most favorite memory to top all others. My life long dream came true Thanksgiving morning as my boyfriend and I entered Magic Kingdom park. At around 10:00 a.m., we walked up the bridge to Cinderella Castle and experienced a moment to last a lifetime. As we peered over the railing and into the moat around the castle, my boyfriend, Carl, embraced me in a giant hug and expressed how much he loved me. Then, after a short speech, in front of so many people admiring the castle, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!! I’d have to say that that memory is the one that tops ANY memory I’ve ever had in the 25 years I have been visiting Walt Disney World!!!

  • My favorite Disney moment was last year when our family took our 14th trip to see the mouse.(We try to make it down every year). My daughter Angela had scheduling problems and could not make it..So the entire family including our 2 grandchildren make our way to Orlando.We were all going to be there exept for Angela,,. We had to pick up our other daughter Crystal @ the St Petersburg Fla, airport,,2 days after we arrived..At first there wasC crystal and her son Gabe,,THEN out popped Angela!!! We were all so happy!! To this day I get teary eyed just thinking about it!! Oh HAPPY day!!

  • I have 3 Disney Memories. First was going to Grad Night at Disneyland 3 weeks after Space Mountain opened. They let us in early and my friends and I ran to Space Mountain. We were the 2nd group on the ride. By the time we got off, the line was all the way out to Main Street!

    In 1994 My cousin and her almost 3 year old daughter joined me at WDW. We took Danielle to the Character Breakfast at the Contemporary Resort. She was frightened by all the characters. As we left the restaurant, Pluto walked around the corner and Danielle screamed at the top of her lungs (in fear). Pluto jumped and ran around the corner. The rest of the vacation, Danielle kept saying “I scared Pluto”. Fast forward exactly 10 years later to Danielle’s Bat Mitzvah. So what did I give her as a gift? Stuffed Pluto! She loved it, of course!

    Lastly, probably my best memory is this past October when I spent my 50th birthday at Disneyland with my best friend Ellie, and dear friends Ken and Duane. I could not top that!

  • We were at Disney on my son’s ninth birthday. The day before his birthday we tried to ride in the front of the Monorail but we weren’t the first ones there. He was very upset and said “Dreams don’t come true here”. The next day on his birthday we went to Chef Mickey’s for breakfast, on our way we had to ride the Monorail. It was very early in the morning and no one else was there waiting to ride. We got to be the Co-pilots in the Monorail, he got tears in his eyes and said “Mom I was wrong Dreams Do Come True”. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

  • Too many!
    But if I had to say one of them, it would be when my youngest son was 3, and we were in line for a character greeting/photo in MK. As soon as it was his turn, he ran to Mickey with such excitement, and gave him a heartfelt embrace. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place. That was magical.

    The next time would be when my oldest son was 5 and he was the last to leave a Turtle Talk show, and Crush came back and spoke with him. He was so blown away by that!

  • I’ll never forget the feeling that came over me when I saw the reaction on my wife’s face when we went to Disneyland for the firts time a few years ago. We both acted like kids again. At age 50+ that’s something! Later we went to Downtown Disney to eat at Brennans Jazz kitchen. The food and service were the best we’ve experienced. After dessert we were surprised with the fantastic fireworks show from the balcony of the restaurant. Thank you to everyone for an unforgettable day.

  • In 2004 we took our two teenage daughters to Disneyland in December just before Christmas. It was our first vacation as a family and, as it turns out, it would be our last – just the four of us. About a year later our oldest married and now has two children.

    For that trip we took the girls out of school for four days and stayed at the Grand Californian. It was our Christmas gift to each other. We had so much fun! It felt like we could just walk on the rides; like they were waiting just for us.

    But the highlight of the whole trip was actually the second night. The fireworks, “Believe in Holiday Magic,” had been cancelled the night before, so we were really anxious to see them. When the program started, we all got a little emotional. But at the end when “White Christmas” played and the snow started to fall, we all began sobbing. We are a close family and I think we kind of knew this was to be our only major vacation alone together.

    We’ve had many fun trips with other people since, but nothing compares to that moment. We were able to go (again, with others along) twice more in December the following years, but not since.

    Hopefully this is the year and we can share Disneyland – the most magical place on Earth – with our two sweet grandchildren and wonderful son-in-law. We’ve all had a rough couple of years and need a get-away together. We need a little magic!

  • My favorite memory is from 1986, I was in first grade. My parents suprised me after school and said we were driving to Disneyland. (a long drive from Southern Idaho). It rained our entire trip, but you wouldn’t have known it to see my face. It was raining so hard in Disneyland that all the rides were shut down, except one. “Its A Small World After All”. I rode it over and over and over. To this day it is one of the happiest memories of my childhood. And its still my favorite ride. 🙂

  • Hey, Disney – I have so many memories about seeing you that i can’t pick my only favorite!

    My favorite memory is going solo on the parks for the rest of the day. Muetti left me alone to explore the rest of Disney’s Hollywood Studios and waited in her car, so I set off to ride untouched rides. I met two Disney Characters and claimed my PhotoPass alone and I took advantage on the single-rider queue of Rock ‘n” Roller Coaster! It was sweet and positively different!!!

  • My favorite Disney memory was when I was three and I was in my Alice in Wonderland dress and during the Electrical Parade Alice (while on top of her mushroom) looked right at me and said, “you have a dress on just like mine!” Even though I was so young it is something I will never forget. This is one of many memories I have of Disney and why I became a DVC member and vacation at the “World” every year. It is truly the most magical place on Earth!

  • My favorite moment was a few years back. We were passing the Star Wars ride late at night while Fantasmic was on during an extra magic night and my son, who had just turned 4 wanted to ride the ride. I told him he was too little and as a typical 4 year old is want to do, began the “WHY?” I was just about to answer him when the cast member came up to me and said he might be able to help him out. We were escorted up a special line and were passed off to another cast member who asked my kids a bunch of questions about Jedi’s. They allowed us to ride a version that did not move and my son was beside himself because R2-D2 is his favorite character. To make the moment even better, when the ride was over both my son and daughter were given Honorary Jedi status and Magic Moment certificates. My son said it was the best moment of his life.

  • From the moment we exit from the freeway on Disney Dr, the drive to the parking structure,the ride on the tram to Downtown Disney,the journey to the gate ,each and every moment are all memorable…because for all of us ( children and grandchildren )Disneyland is the place to make memorys…and now memories are being made for my grandchildren.Thanks for the memories!

  • You mean I actually have to think of just 1? I have 4 and all from Disneyland. #1: my first visit at 9 years old was absolutely magical. #2: Marching band trip and performing. I can’t walk down Main Street without being transported back to that moment. #3 Grad Nite was fabulous – up all night and in Disney, that was great. And last but not least my latest visit (just this past January 2010) for a “no husbands allowed trip” and I get to visit as a Cast Member. I work at a Disney Store and love it! Disneyland is my fave, but do really enjoy WDW area as well.

  • Valentine’s Day, maybe 1974, seeing Bobbie Sherman and the Spinners at Tomorrowland Terrace in the pouring rain. I was 10, was with my mother and sister, and even remember what i was wearing. They were great to perform in the driving rain and said if we could sit there and watch them, they would perform….

  • My favorite Disney memory was when I went to Walt Disney World to celebrate my sweet sixteen and one of the Disney employees screamed/sang Happy Birthday to me. Never will I forget that. He was holding a light saber. I was jealous.

  • my favorite memory was when I went on the Jungle Cruise ride and my daughter Rachel was the captain. Seeing her do her speil on the ride and have all the guests laughing at her jokes brought tears to my eyes

  • My favourite memory is spending my 36th birthday at Disneyland and having the Happy Unbirthday Song sung to me by the Mad Hatter!

  • I have soo many favorite memories but if I had to chose there would be three of them.
    First one is when my family went down one time before Christmas, it was the evening. We walked thru the city in Universal Studios. It was 70 degrees or there about when suddenly snow (fake) fell from the sky it truly was a magical moment for all of us.
    Second is 4 or 5 years later, our oldest son and his wife and their son was with my husband and myself. Our grand son was a year old, his parents wanted to do something special for him. So he got his first haircut at Disney World. He was more interested in the graffti on the floor than getting his hair cut.
    The last memory is last year my husband and I went to Disney World to celebrate our 60th birthdays. Everyone was soo nice but that is nothing new about that but it was how they went out of their way for us. They made us feel so special and were willing to go out of their way to get or do anything for us.
    I am looking forward to our next trip to Disney World.

  • One of my favorite memories is from a couple of years ago, I went to Disney World with my parents (who are now in their 60’s and still love Disney). One of the days we were in Magic Kingdom, it was threatening rain. We decided to go on Big Thunder Mountain. It had been drizzling while we were inside. By the time it was our turn to get on the train, it pulled out of the station and it was a turrential downpour! Like a waterfall of water (no exaggeration)! My parents and I were hollaring and laughing so hard. What could you do? We were sopping wet by the time we got back into the station and couldn’t stop laughing. Needless to say, the operators stopped the ride after us until the rain subsided. The sun came out 15 minutes later and we dried throughout the day. I still smile whenever I think of it

  • My favorite memory is watching the electrical light parade in Disneyland for my first time. I must have been 4 years old, sitting on my dads shoulders watching all the beautiful colors, lights and music travel down Main Street USA underneath the stars. I hope one day to be able to have a memory like that with my own children

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