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Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

During visits to Walt Disney World as a child, I remember belting out “Yo Ho, (A Pirate’s Life for Me)” over and over — and how each song became a family sing-along and laugh-fest. It’s a fond memory at Disney Parks that’s probably very different than yours…or is it? We’d like to know. Today, we’re at Epcot asking, “What is your favorite Disney memory?”

Now, it’s your turn. Let us know about your favorite Disney memory in the comments.


  • My favorite Disney memory is experiencing Disney through my daughters eyes.

  • My favorite Disney memory was leading my high school marching band down Main Street in the Spectromagic Parade. Seeing the looks on children’s faces when they saw the band and the other attractions was awesome.

  • 1998, we have it on tape, I was interacting with one of the “statues” at the french pavilion. I guess they don’t do that anymore. That was one of the highlights of my trips to WDW. Will make more when I return on my honeymoon. BTW, I am 54 years young.

  • My favourite Disney memory is being on Astro Orbiter and the Magic Kingdom fireworks going off. It was a brilliant experience

  • My favorite Disney Memory was meeting Danny Holtz, an early Disney animator (Snow White era) and having him draw and autograph a Mickey for me.

  • My favourite memory is watching my 5yr and 8yr old boys pass out at 8pm at night with the light on, because they had such a wonderful day in the parks and were exhausted!!!!

  • My Favorite was taking my niece she was 8 and she had her name on her hat and one of the boys sweeping stop and said hello Macey! She was like how did he know me? she has the biggest grin, she said must be the brother of a girl I go to school with, then we told her she had her name on her hat…. Also Halloween Party on my honeymoon and pin trading….

  • My favorite moment was, receiving that “You’re hired” letter with the little Mickey Mouse drawing. Studio Merchandise Host College Program 1989. (That is also the reason that place will always be Disney MGM Studios to me).

  • Winning the 2007 Year of a Million Dreams grand prize of a free DVC membership for 47 years for our family to enjoy

  • Watching my kids who were pretty long in the tooth and much too cool for their own good giggle, grin and hug the stuffing out of Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet at the Crystal Palace at our first ever character meal. It was like watching them drop years right in front of my eyes.

  • There are too many great Disney memories to count! When I was a child, my parents would take my sister and I to a Disney World park every year at Thanksgiving. I remember our very first trip to EPCOT. I made sure that we visited each and every country and got a picture with cast members who were native to the particular countries. That was also the trip that my sister’s 1980’s lime green visor gave her the nickname “Jolly Green Giant” from the cast member on the Living with the Land Boat Tour. My husband and I went to Disney World on our Honeymoon where my most special memory is being surprised with flowers and a glass slipper while watching the Magic Kingdom’s Wishes fireworks over dinner at Narcoossee’s.

  • First: Dancing with my friends to Off Kilter in Canada at Epcot during a high school trip.
    Second: Returning with my husband last year as an adult. We rode Toy Story Midway Mania with my grandparents and laughed so hard it hurt.

  • My favorite Disney memory by far, was when my wife and I returned to our room to find a signed photo of Mickey and Minnie congratulating us on our recent nuptials.

  • My favorite Disney memory is riding Dumbo over and over as a 5 year old, with my father.

  • When I met Marry Poppins on our first trip, 25 years ago. I was 5. Only memory I have of that trip. I’ve had some pretty good moments since then, but I think when you’re that little and really believe that the person you’re talking to is Marry Poppins, it brings a whole different level to the magic.
    Being proposed to in DW didn’t suck either 😉

  • Camping at Fort Wilderness with my parents. Experiencing the new parks on the years they opened and seeing them from anew again through my childrens eyes. So many sights, sounds and smells trigger such great memories it’s what keeps me coming back year after year.

  • We went in early June this year… it was very hot and crowded and at one point I was making my way through the crowds as fast as I could to get from Fantasyland to Big Thunder Mountain in time to make a fastpass window… I was carrying my 5 year old son and nearly dragging my 8 year old daughter by the hand to go as fast as we could… all the while looking around at all of the people and trying to bear the hot Florida sun… and my 8 year old just randomly looked up at me and said, “Thanks for bringing us to Disney World, Dad.” It made me realize that even though I was not at that moment having the most magical of times, as far as she was concerned, we were in Disney and that made her happy. Just something little but I will always remember it.

  • My favorite disney memory is the first time we took our kids to disney in April 2006. We ate at the Crystal Palace because my daughter Felicity loves Pooh. She was so excited because Pooh picked her to lead a parade around the restaurant! I had tears of joy as I watched her march around with Pooh!

  • My very shy 4 yr old letting go of my hand and running arms open wide straight into the arms of Winnie the Pooh arms priceless he is now 21 yrs old 6ft tall and still Disney crazy and has even worked for them the past two summers.
    also watching my youngest son watching the parade eyes open wide in total awe, and following behind afterwards

  • Me and my best friend of 6 years celebrate “OUR” day every February 19th. This was started the day I surprised him with a day to Disney with just me and Him for the first time! We were with other people but I got them to stay at the hotel! It was one of the best days of my life! We got a Mickey Tattoo that says “In my friend I find my True Self” to commemorate our friendship and that Day along with our everlasting love for Walt Disney and his creations.

    My other favorite Disney memory would have to be the Day I rode The Tower of Terror and the Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster in one day. This is my Favorite because I have a Fear of Roller coasters,The Dark and Elevators, But I got the courage to do it and it was AWESOME! They are 2 of my Top Disney Rides to this day 🙂

  • seeing the fireworks for the first time as a kid and not realizing that this was going to be my career in the future…Sooo wish I could work with the pyro at wdw!

  • i went to Disney for my 8th grade graduation with my mom, we had so much fun, my mom went on space mountain and had breakfast with the carecters. it was amazing i love everything Disney and my mom has since passed but that was an amazingly fun trip with her I will always cherish!

  • My favorite moment at Disney was last year for my sons 4th birthday. We spent a whole week at the Caribbean Beach Resort in the Pirate room. The look in his eyes when we got to the room was priceless. It has been 6 months and he still talks about it.

  • I have three that are similar, and involve my kids:

    1) In 2000 after a perfect day at Epcot, we watched/wondered/participated in the original Tapestry of Nations parade. My kids, at the time 4 (my son) and 1 (my daughter), sat in a double stroller mesmerized – as I did as well. My video shows the puppet characters swooping about, reaching down to the crowds and my kids reached back with eager hands to communicate with the (to them) magical creations. I treasure that memory, video and music.

    2) In 2004 we had some time to kill before Spectromagic so my son and I (then 7) returned to the Haunted Mansion and relaxed enjoying each others’ company in Tomorrowland on the Transit Authority. It was a warm, clear, beautiful October evening with a brilliant sunset. Just a perfect, perfect time of togetherness between myself and my son.

    3) Last year in 2009 my daughter (9) decided to brave Space Mountain with her old man. This time a cool but beautiful evening in March, we took advantage of my wife’s birthday FastPasses to double up and rode it twice. Spending time with her on that ride, seeing her expressions in the queue and in the ride itself, feeling her hair fly in my face as she rode in front on the rocket 🙂 And knowing she trusted her dad that the big bad roller coaster was going to be safe and fun was precious.

    Disney is for kids, and for folks remembering when they were kids. Those are my favorite memories!

  • September 13, 2007: my now husband proposed to me during the Wishes fireworks.

    October 18-25, 2009: We returned to Disney World for our honeymoon.

  • I have many favorite Disney memories! But, one of my most favorite memories is seeing the look on my three year old daughter’s face the very first time she saw Cinderella’s castle. I have a picture of it and I will cherish it forever!

  • I have tons and tons of Disney memories, but one that stands out the most is one that happened this past Summer of 2009.

    I had the opportunity to live in Orlando for the early spring and summer seasons in 2009 and during that time I became an annual passholder. I think I must have visited the Magic Kingdom (my favorite park) over 60 times in the 3 months I was in Orlando. My favorite attraction at the parks is The Haunted Mansion, which, by my personal records, I have logged over 250 rides – something that I’m very proud of!

    One evening, my wife and I decided to stop at the park and see if we could spot any hidden Mickey’s in the attractions. We were having a blast exploring the park in-depth and as her and I were exiting The Haunted Mansion attraction we approached a Disney cast member named Rick, who we quizzed about the hidden Mickey’s in the Mansion. We were talking for several minutes, and we were conveying our love of the Mansion to him, and he asked us if we had ever had a private stretching room encounter. I had never had this opportunity, we told him this, he then whisked us through a private entrance and informed another cast member to hold the line. We experienced the stretching room sequence, just the three of us! Then, to our surprise, we were treated to a private ride thru! I was so amazed!

    This experience reenforced to me that Walt Disney World is the “Happiest Place on Earth”. It truly is a magical place for people 1 – 100 years old. I am 24 years old and I still get a warm and fuzzy feeling every time I walk through those gates and pass under the train station at The Magic Kingdom!

  • My favorite Disney memory happened last March. I planned on going solo to Magic Kingdom on our last night of vacation to take some photos of the fireworks while the rest of the family took in a movie poolside at the resort. Unfortunately, two of the three family members got sick and were unable to go, leaving my little brother with nothing to do. (He was nine, I was 29.)

    Much to my chagrin, I decided to nix the photography and sit by the pool to watch Robin Hood with my brother. I’m not going to lie, I was less than thrilled to be sitting by the hotel pool watching a movie as “The World” passed me by. However, after the movie, a couple of chocolate chip cookies, and a trip to the arcade, the evening had turned in to one of those magical nights that only Disney can provide.

    After thirteen trips to Walt Disney World, I had long forgotten about the little things that make for magical memories. I’m glad my little brother was there to (literally) pull my head out of the clouds. That night is a night that I won’t ever forget!

  • I am very fortunate to have many wonderful memories and I cannot select just one, because each experience brought such joy to my life. They first Disney memory is in 1973, when I saw the Magic Kingdom for the first time with my Mom and loving great uncle. Then in 1980, my family actually stayed in the Contemporary Resort! This was a big deal for us! It was the best thing as a child to be able to visit the park throughout the day and night. Gosh, it’s 30+ years later and we still laugh about how my brother wore his Davie Crocket hat and carried around his fake rifle (the entire trip). Also now as an adult, I appreciate the level of joy my parents had on this vacation. My father has now passed away is this is one of my memories as a child with him that I will never forget. Now living in Orlando, I’ve had the pleasure of rediscovering Disney with friends and family with events such as the Food & Wine Fest, golf, watching my niece for the first time going through it’s a small world. Thank you!

  • My favorite Disney memory is when my boyfriend and I went for our first anniversary, and everywhere we went we heard a cheerful “happy anniversary!”.

  • I am 48 and have been to WDW many, many times but 4 special memories come to mind:

    1972: I was 11, my brother was 10 and we went with our family to this magical new place that captured our hearts. I’ll never forget it!

    1992: Staying at Port Orleans and at WDW for a conference, my friend fixed me up with a man who in April will have been my husband for 15 years! Taking him through EPCOT for his first time at WDW is another special memory!

    1996: First trip with our then 1 year old daughter! She loved the Pooh characters at Crystal Palace!

    1999: First trip with our then 2 year old son! We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge (just opened and I still have the blanket we were given to commemorate the opening!) and are returning there in 2010!

    In reality, every trip to Disney has many special memories and we look forward to the new ones ahead!

  • One of my favorite Disney memories is when we were in Magic Kingdom one night after the parade and fireworks. Everyone was trying to leave the park but we were having a blast on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. We would go on the ride then run around and get right back on. We must have gone on it 20 times! The kids had a blast and we will never forget that night.

  • I have 2 from probably over 20 years ago-

    My mom would get on our house’s other phone line and call in the months before our trip (I think I was 3 or 4) and use a squeeky voice and pretend she was Minnie looking forward to meeting me. I love it. When we got to the Magic Kingdom and came across Minnie (before there were assigned meet and greet lines. When you could just walk on up!) and I ran up and pushed in front of the other kids to tell Minnie I was finally here. After a minute my mom pulled me away so other kids could take photos and I pushed them away telling all of them I talked to Minnie on the phone and she really had been looking forward to seeing me.

    Same trip but later at a character breakfast, we have on video me nibbling on a mini box of Fruit Loops waiting for our table and Mickey came by. He bent down to hug me and I asked if he wanted some cereal and proceeded to cram fistfuls of cereal into the big mouth! My parents pulled me away and poor Mickey had to go get cleaned up!

  • It is interesting that this question was posted. I was looking at pictures of my children and my children were watching video’s of themselves at the parks. I think the most memorable is watching through their eyes during our trip and watching them watch themselves enjoying themselves. I have 3 kids, 18 year old son, 14 year old daughter and 8 year old daughter and to watch my 8 year old watch herself being taken care of by her brother and sisters during the trips are totally awesome. Having all the memories….watching from a distance my kids truly enjoying themselves and going on rides “together” is worth a thousand words….Thank god for DISNEY all around and letting us enjoy the most magical memories ever. I think I may just come back as a DISNEY RIDE just so that I can watch all the kids for the first time.

  • On our family’s first trip to Disneyland my daughter was 2 and it was a rainy day in January. We headed into the Animation Studio and she was in awe (like most people are) watching and listening to some of the BEST clips in Disney Film and Music. (Since it was raining the characters were all coming in to visit) We played with Pluto – tickled him and made his foot shake. At one point Woody even picked up Bella and took her over to the Princesses who were by a large book back-drop in the area that is now Turtle Talk with Crush. Looking back at those pictures still makes me remember why I fell in love with the park on my first visit. We watched the clips and asked what the movies were that we did not know and we went home to purchase those right away. How did we miss some of those films and not seem them earlier?? I sure hope this wonderful spot where many guests can see singing along with Aladdin and Ariel will remain a magical spot in the new CA Adventure. Let’s just add to the movie clips and NOT TAKE AWAY THIS MAGIC!!! My daughter was upset when I told her that I heard it would be changing. She will cry before. She spends hours in the Animation Studio. Drawing, letting Ursela steal her voice, and watching all of the clips until we make it “all the way around the horn.” -Christy (once new to Disneyland now D23 member)

  • My favorite Disney memory happened in June of 2001. My husband had been planning a luxury cruise for us for our honeymoon. Two months before we were married, I saw a commercial for Disney Parks. I looked at him and instantly he knew…there would be no cruise, but a trip to Disney for us! We are both enormous Disney fanatics so it was perfect. We flew to Florida on a red eye Monday night after our wedding and the first place I had to go on Tuesday morning was the MAGIC KINGDOM. I had not been to Walt Disney World in 15 years and it was the best family vacation I ever had. It brought back many wonderful memories of that vacation and of my dad, who had passed away since. I walked through the main gates, look directly at Cinderella’s castle, and teared up out of joy. My husband looked at me and said, this is perfect; I don’t know why I ever thought a cruise would be for us. We’ll go on our cruise, but this time it will be a Disney Cruise and our two little girls will come with us!

  • Watching my son march in the Pirate League Parade in Adventureland after he was transformed into pirate “Jason Cannonshot”. I have never seen him so happy as he walked with the other pirates his age yelling “yo ho yo ho”. It’s a memory I will never forget.

  • My husband and I made our first trip to WDW in Oct. 2007 for a belated 30th anniversary trip and my 52nd birthday. I had wanted to go for years but my husband didn’t think Disney appealed to him. The first thing I wanted to do when we arrived was to ride the monorail so we went to the Contemporary. As we stood there waiting, a little girl wearing her princess dress was peering through the windows and suddenly she sang out, “I see the castle! I see the castle.” I looked over at my husband and he had tears in his eyes to match my own. It was then that I knew “he got it.” While the rest of our vacation was wonderful, this remains the sweetest memory. It was a great start to a terrific trip.

  • OH! One more..SUCH a good one!

    A few years back my now husband and I were with my family in EPCOT. My dad fell asleep on the ground waiting for the fireworks and when they finally started, we were standing under a big tree. One particular boom of the fireworks startled what we soon discovered were about a dozen big white geese IN the tree above us and they all at the same time pooped on us! Just my husband and I. Our shirts and heads were covered in smelly bird poop and I went to grab some napkins from a food stand but he grabbed my hand and threw his arm around me and we watched the finale of the fireworks covered in bird poo. It was one of the sweetest moments I remember of the two of us how no matter how gross we were he wanted to share those fireworks with me.

    Of course right after, my family was doubled over in laughter and we had a very awkward Maelstrom ride smelling like goose poop!

  • Post fireworks, after a long day, first time ever in the Magic Kingdom, in 1977. I was 9, my sister was 6. Our parents had bought us each hand puppets – probably at the Emprorium – and the four of us were just hanging out together – my sister and I playing with our puppets – on the benches in the deserted upper floor of the train station as the crowds exited the park below us. It’s a mental snapshot (and there’s a real snapshot that exists as well, luckily!) and a feeling I have of incredible happiness and togetherness that I will always cherish.

  • When my sons were small, we took them to Magic Kingdom. The highlight, by far, for my youngest was going on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. He talked about it for months and was so excited to ride it again when we went back the next year.

    You can imagine his disappointment to find Mr. Toad gone, with a sign announcing “Coming Soon – The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.”

    He got over it after a while, until I jokingly showed him an enormous stuffed Pooh in one of the stores. He stared at me incredulously. “Dad!” he said. “Don’t you remember what he did?”

  • My favorite memory was when our daughters treated us with a trip to Disney and we stayed on site. Every other trip we stayed off site.All the parks are great and we really enjoyed our other trips,but staying right on Disney was a treat I will soon not forget!

  • Mine starts at Disneyland as little girl. My family and I took a guided tour and at the end of the tour I looked up at my mom and proclaimed “when I grow up I’m going to be a Disney Tour Guide.” Years later, when I was 19 I became a Walt Disney World Tour Guide in the Magic Kingdom. The park was 6 years old at the time. My dream had come true. Later I married an Imagineer and my kids grew up “Disney.” My husband is no longer with Disney but, we love the parks and visit whenever we can.

  • My favorite memory was in 2007 because our graduating class had 1050 students we didn’t have an official senior trip… so me and my best friend went to Disney after we graduated and our whole goal the entire time was to ride as many rides as possible and see as many characters as possible! we saw so many but a few really stuck out in my mind… One was Sully when we took the picture with him he rested his big huge head on mine he was so cute! Another one was Pluto, we walked up to him and he hugged us so tight! we were both wearing hats and out hats flew off of our heads… they got that picture then the second picture with him he covered our faces with his paw… he was so funny! We also did a character dining and there we had Dale at our table a lot, we were in a corner so he would walk past our table and turn around and start messing with my friend without her knowing… like playing with her hair and just being weird and making me laugh and she didn’t know why… PRICELESS!

  • Getting to eat at Club 33 at least twice a year, with my grandparents & parents!! Soooo special!!

  • My husband and I spent our honeymoon in Walt Disney World. We drove from Memphis to Kissimmee in one day and by the time we got there it was dark. I wanted so badly to get a glance of Walt Disney World! I was so excited about getting to spend the next two weeks at Disney with my husband that I just had to see something before we checked in to our condo and went to bed, but we really didn’t have any time…and then in the distance I saw something flicker…It was one of the fireworks shows from one of the parks! This was to be the beginning of the best two weeks of my life! My husband and I were so excited to be there! Just the feeling of complete happiness overwhelmed us the entire time we were in Walt Disney World. We felt like kids again! Thank you Walt Disney!

  • The first time I remember being old enough to enjoy Disneyland was when I went with my Grandpa. I was 12. So many happy memories. I still remember coming out from underneath the tunnel out in front of the fire station. The music was playing, the sweet scents were coming from the bakery, my favorite characters seemed to just appear from out of nowhere. As I held my grandpa’s hand we made our way to our favorite attractions. I think its the attractions that are no more that I enjoyed the best, the Peoplemover and the Skyway, Mr Toads. Grandpa seemed to want to go on space mountain and matterhorn over and over mostly. However, there were lots of breaks during day to enjoy frozen bananas, lots of them (because Grandma wasn’t there). Although each year im making year making new and happy memories, that day was probably most memorable. And in 2007 was my first visit to WDW and now im hooked with all new memories and a whole new world experience.

  • I have so many fond memories of Disney World. One of my favorites was seeing my dad picked to be part of a Golden Girls scene at a show at MGM (now Hollywood Studios) many many years ago. I have a special place in my heart for Disney World and I can’t wait to return!

  • I brought my grandson and granddaughter to WDW in 2008 – he was 5, she was 2 1/2. Everywhere we went on the day we arrived, even on the Coronado Springs property, all the cast members addressed her as Princess. “Come in, Princess”, “Have a good day, Princess”. When we went to the Magic Kingdom the day after arriving, we went into Fantasyfaire to look around. The male cast member ushered us in, saying, “Come on in, Princess” to my granddaughter. She looked at him for a moment, then looked at me and said, “Grandma – he knows my name!” I will never forget her expression or the laugh we all had. A great memory for us all.

  • My favorite memory would have to be the very first day I went to the Magic Kingdom, it was with my girlfriend JIll. Just walking around with no clue of where we were going or what we would find, AMAZING!! There are so many things to love, but thats what sticks out the most.

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