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Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

During visits to Walt Disney World as a child, I remember belting out “Yo Ho, (A Pirate’s Life for Me)” over and over — and how each song became a family sing-along and laugh-fest. It’s a fond memory at Disney Parks that’s probably very different than yours…or is it? We’d like to know. Today, we’re at Epcot asking, “What is your favorite Disney memory?”

Now, it’s your turn. Let us know about your favorite Disney memory in the comments.


  • When i was 15 my grandparents bring me the Disney trip. My favourite memory was being at Magic watching Tinkerbell lighting the Fireworks show at night. Unforgetable!

  • My favourite Disney memory is from our first visit to Disney World last year our first morning started with Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s. It was a great introduction to the great holiday and but we weren’t too sure how the two eight year olds would be about seeing Mickey and Minnie. It made our morning that they were so excited when they saw Goofy, Mickey, Donald, Minnie and finally Pluto all peep through the kitchen window first then come out to see them and give big hugs breakfast was all forgotten about.

    The next best memory for me was watching the train appear at the station ready for opening that same morning at Magic Kingdom then being able to go into the Kingdom I was so overcome I burst into tears as we were finally there after so long planning. Can’t wait to go again may be some years but sure I will cry again when I get there!!

  • My two top favorite memories include one from my childhood and one from my adult life. I will never forget coming out of City Hall on Main Street and being hoisted onto my Daddy’s shoulders to see the parade pass by. Just as I got situated, Snow White waived at me and blew me a kiss. That will be forever embedded into my memory.

    My other memory was getting married at Walt Disney World last June – it was the one time in my life I did truly feel like a princess and it was incredibly magical – beyond words.

  • My favorite Disney memory was from just last summer when we took our children (ages 10, 13, 15 & 17) to Disney World for the first time. The look on their faces and the total excitement in their voices when we walked into the Magic Kingdom was absolutely priceless. It was something I had dreamed about when my husband and I were there on our honeymoon 21 years ago. It was a long time coming, but we finally were able to make that dream come true!!

  • My favorite memory is when my parents surprised my family with our first Annual Passes to Disneyland.

  • We lived in Wisconsin and my late Father use to participate yearly in the Disney Classic Golf tournament. I was well into my 40’s when he invited several of my family members to join him one year after my Mother passed away. I will never forget watching him play with all the Pros on the Disney courses,and the excitement of my 10 year old daughter as she danced with the Disney characters at the children’s dance and pizza party. It was truly “magical”.

  • there are so many memorable moments, but my all-time favorite was watching my little 2-year-old granddaughter see Winnie the Pooh for the first time. She spotted him from a distance and started running toward him, and as she got closer he got bigger; all of a sudden she looked at him towering over her, yelled “hi Winnie Pooh”, and then ran as fast as she could away from him!

  • I have so many wonderful memories of WDW as a child, but I will share one today as a parent because there is something extra special watching your children enjoying the same Magic you once did.

    Location: The Toy Soldier, UK Pavillion at Epcot.

    My 7 year old daughter, a devoted lover of Winnie the Pooh since infancy, walks to the back of the store where, in a character meet-and-greet area, is the Silly Ole Bear himself. No one else is around. She has Pooh all to herself.

    Almost magically, some music begins to play and Pooh and my daughter begin to dance together. Around they go, twirling and gliding across the floor, as though Pooh had been waiting just for her all along. I filmed this precious moment, my star-struck beaming and breathless daughter with her beloved friend.

    Today, you could offer me a million dollars for that video and I would say “no”. Some things are priceless. That moment for me, as a father, was one of them.

  • We have twin boys who are now 15 (still beg to go to Disney). When they were 3, we took them to Disney for the first time and when we walked in, they saw Chip and Dale,looked up at me and at the same time said, “Daddy, they are real!” How can you forget that!!!!!

  • If I had to pick just one memory, it was staying at WDW’s Polynesian Resort in 2007. We told my sister and dad that we were staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort instead. My mom and I knew we’d be staying at the Polynesian and each time we talked about planning our days at Disney, we did it with the Caribbean Beach in mind. We drove to Disney that year, and we didn’t tell them where we really were staying until we had passed the entry arches. At least my dad, who was driving, didn’t swerve off the road when we told him! To top it off, we all got a surprise when the artist Wyland made an appearance there during our stay and we watched him paint!

    Honestly, I could write a novel about all my Disney memories through the years.

  • i’d have to say i have millions of favorite memories, such as feeding friendly squirrels in frontier land, high fiving the queen of hearts in spectro magic, or being made into a lost boy (small orange horse!) by my hero, peter pan, or the fireworks that make me cry so hard with hope, and the belief that my dreams will come true, and all i have to do is wish! but there are two specific memories that will forever be cherished in my heart. at the new celebrate a dream come true parade, through my tears of joy, i peered across the other side of main street to see an old woman in a wheelchair with a breathing mask, and she was waving her hands in the air with a huge smile on her face, tears streaming down! it was beautiful to see her so moved by the magic of disney world. i knew that i was someday meant to work there, so i could take part in this movement! my other favorite memory would be my recent, 18th christmas, my parents bought me a share in paper disney stocks, so that i could always have my own part of disney! i have never in all my life recieved a better gift, or known of a more beautiful place, where people become like children and believe and love and laugh with their entire heart! the most amazing thing about disney world, is that it all started with one man’s dream to make people into wishers, and believers, and because of that it is the most amazing place in the entire world 🙂

  • It was my son’s first trip to WDW, he was 3, and I wanted to make sure everything was magical for his visit. We spent our last day at the Magic Kingdom for one more Dumbo ride and one more hug from Mickey. We decided to ride the train around the park and get off at Toontown. No one else was around, just Dylan, me, Nana, and Papa anxiously waiting until 9am when Toontown opened. To our surprise Alice and the Mad Hatter came walking towards us. What a great photo opportunity! Then the best part… they asked Dylan if he would like to wake up Mickey. Of course! They handed him the golden key and together marched up to the front door of Mickey’s house. Oh my goodness. My family was escorted into the house by Alice, the Mad Hatter, and best of all Mickey Mouse. For thirty minutes Dylan walked hand in hand with Mickey as a cast member took official pictures. What an awesome experience, that was the best day.

  • I’ve been to Disney many times and have many wonderful memories.
    One that me and my sister always talk about and fondly remember is having Pineapple Dole Whip back in the 80’s at the Magic Kingdom. It’s always been a favorite, but we had been so impressed with Disney’s attention to detail at the time and we got so excited. Of course back then the Pineapple Dole Whip was a wonderful bold pineapple flavor and yellow in color (instead of the current creamier milder flavored green color). The spoons were pink, but turned purple when in the cold dole whip. We loved the spoons and found a spot near by to enjoy our treats. To our total delight the gardens near the dole whip stand had beautiful pink and purple flowers in the exact colors of the spoons. We just knew that Disney planed it that way. The color changing spoons and matching flowers remained for a few months before being replaced. I kept a few of those magical spoons in my keepsakes. 🙂 Such a minor detail to the awsomeness of all that is Disney.

  • Jim from Illinois. Even though I have been visiting the wonderful parks in Florida since 1972 and have taken 36 seperate trips there since, my best memory came in Nov 2008 when my wife, my two daughters and myself were chosen “Family of the Day” at EPCOT. We rode to Test Track in one of the Test Track cars and were first ones on that morning. We wer given a behind the scenes look at Mission Space(including the VIP lounge) We receved a handful of fastpasses for use anywhere in EPCOT.And to top it off we had VIP reserved seating for the Illuminations show. OH I nearly forgot. We had our picture taken with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto allin one picture. Later we found out that Tink flew in for the picture also.
    That was a day to remember but hopefully we’ll top it someday!

  • I will never forget the look on my son’s face when we can out from under the train station onto Main Street and he saw Cinderella’s Castle. His jaw dropped and I watched him slowly move his head from street level to the spires.

  • My favorite memories are of my trips in my early 20’s with just my little sister when she was 7 years old. She let me act like a kid, and be responsible at the same time. We started a tradition back then, at the end of every night before we leave the park we stop at the end of Main Street, turn and look at the Castle and say “Thanks Walt!”. Which she has continued with her own children now.

  • One day at the Movies resort after a long day of sightseeing, my 7 year old daughter and I came back to our room. When we entered her balloon was in the window and her one stuffed animal was sitting in the curtain which had been tied in a knot to hold it. On the bed were her 3 stuffies she always slept with holding a remote and the TV was pointed to them and they were watching TV. Her Valentine’s Day frog had been a bad frog. It was sitting in the sink area holding toilet paper that was unrolled from the bathroom. To me that was a very nice touch to what was already a very wonderful visit. Many thanks to the cleaning staff for doing that!!!!!

  • My favorite memory was from our first trip to Disney and Magic Kingdom. My daughter was four and of course loved the princesses. We didn’t know about the show at the front of the castle so when this show started, we happen to be at the back of the castle. We stopped at a bench and watched from the back. No one else was around. When Cinderella and Prince Charming were walking back to the castle, they saw us and waved. It was magic. She felt like a true princess too then and she still remembers that.

  • Well, I have so many different disney memories, but my favorite disney memory would probably have to be my first time riding space mountian when we went for my 10th birthday with my cousins. I remember being so excited and when I came off I was practically yelling “Can we ride it again!!” They’ve recently refurbished it, but it still the best ride at WDW!!
    I have one more favorite memory though, but this one is kind of funny. When I was about 4, me, and my family were walking through Frontierland (me and my cousin were in a stoller). We were passing by The Country Bear Jamboree where some Country Bear character mascotts used to roam around. As we were passing a bear my Dad though it would be funny to push me straight into the bear (just as a joke) and of course me being scared, then, of character mascotts, I screamed so loud that the bear looked at me and jump back. Then my Dad pulled me back and I stopped, then he swung me back around to the bear and a screamed. He continued a couple more times and then stopped. I look back now and I can’t help but laugh and think “Man, we should of got that on video, it could have been AFV (America’s Funniest Home Videos)comedy gold!”

  • There have been so many! I think my favourite was probably when I got to watch Wishes on Main Street USA with my girlfriend on her first trip.

  • I proposed to my wife in front of Cinderella’s Castle. I got down on one knee, pulled out the ring and popped the question. She said yes, and a bunch of our fellow guests walking by applauded!

  • Watching my sons perform as part of Magic Music Days. It was a thrill to hear them announced by a voice that I’d heard my entire life.

  • As a visitor of Disney Parks for many years, rather than one favorite memory, mine is more a vivid memory. My husband and I were at Disney World on 9-11-01. We were there to celebrate our anniversary.

    We had one full day of our vacation left and wanted to make it a day full of all the things we wanted to see one last time before heading home. We planned to begin our day at the Animal Park. As we approached the train, we were told it was closed. We tried to board another ride and were told the same thing. (we have been going to Disney since we were kids in the 50’s) never had we heard them make an announcement on the park loud speakers system before. So it was quite a shock when they came on and directed everyone to please begin proceeding to the exits, the park was closing. It was actually a very odd experience. No music for the loud speakers, only announcements.

    On our way out the main gate we stopped at a gift shop just to see if there was anything we wanted last minute for our grandchildren. We inquired with one of the clerks as to how unusual it was for the park to be closing. She tried to keep smiling, however you could tell something was bothering her. She said, ” we are not supposed to say anything, but a plane just hit the World Trade Center, in NY.” Naturally, like most people, we thought at first, it was just a small plain. But wondered why they would be closing the parks for something so minor in that happened in NY?

    Since we had taken the bus system from the Grand Floridian, we exited the park and headed for the bus queue. As we waited in line for the buses, people exiting the park began to assemble in line with us. Never before have I been in a mob panic situation, but as we stood there waiting for the buses, people began to get messages on their phones and radios as to the gravity of the true situation. And panic began to set in as the rumors spread that Disney was one of the targets.

    What few cast members were on had to control the crowds did a terrific job of maintaining control of the situation. However, once the buses came we were packed like sardines in an attempt to clear the area as quickly as possible.

    The next few days were a blurr. We had been scheduled to leave for home in California the next day 9-12. However, now there were no air flights, we checked for trains, none were available. Even bus’ and rental cars were unavailable. There were a few of us who were stuck, with no way to leave for home. We spent an extra 4 days at the Grand Floridian trying to get back to California. The most “memorable” part of the whole situation is that, Disney picked up the tab for our rooms and meals until the airlines were once again running limited schedules and we could return home.

    9-11 was a difficult time for every American, we were in a daze that something so terrible could occur. We found out that many of the cast members we encountered had friends or family directly involved in the events of those horrible events. However, we commend them each and everyone for the way they continued to treat us as welcome guests and made every effort to put our concerns and comforts first.

    Where else but Disney does the Magic never stop. Thank you to everyone whom we may have come in contact with those few days after, your dedication to guests and their happiness will always be fondly remembered.

  • I don’t remember all of it but i remember enough. When I was four my family won a trip to Disney World in a “Dunkaroo” Box. I was only four when my sister opened the package and we had won. We were going to be going to Walt Disney World and be celebrating my 5th birthday there. I think that’s pretty amazing!

  • My favorite memory is a recent one of Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee soft open! My oldest daughter (19 years old) performed on the showboat that day and it was her little sister’s (5 years old) first time to Magic Kingdom. It was amazing to see your child perform in a Disney production and also see the excitement of her little sister watching the magic!

  • Watching my daughter run toward the castle on her first visit to Disneyland has to be near the top.

  • I remember my first visit to Disney World in 1977, I was seven years old. It was magic. We stayed at the Contempory and the monorail totally impressed me! At the Magic Kingdom, I ran to Tigger and pulled his tail! He turned around and started to tickle me! I laughed and laughed. It will be a memory I’ll never forget!

  • My favorite Disney World memory is going there with my girlfriend, who is now my wife, for her first time. I could not stop watching her and her reaction as we came out of the tunnel and made the turn down Main Street to see the main attraction, Cinderella Castle.

  • My favorite Disney memory would have to be when I was 15 years old, my best friend and I were on the Astro Orbiter while the fireworks were being displayed over the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Florida. It was such a great view, and something just came over me and I knew I would be a disney fan my entire life, constantly coming back to the parks and watching the movies. Oh, the magic!

  • My favorite memory would have to be the first time my husband and I took our two small children. My parents took all of us for their 50th anniversary. Anyway, our sons were 3 and 5 years old and our last day there, Pluto picked us to ride in the trolley down Main Street, USA with him. Well, actually, a person picked us to ride with Pluto. He just licked the boys’ heads and hugged them on the ride. The smiles on their faces were priceless. We’ve been making magical Disney World memories ever since.

  • I have been to Disney so many times in my life, it is so hard to choose from all of the amazing experiences! But, my newest and number one memory of Disney World happened in October of 2009. I was there with my boyfriend and another couple for the Food and Wine Festival in Epcot. When we made it to the UK area (I am a huge fan of England, been 3 times and love it!), my then boyfriend proposed to me in one of the red phone booths!!! It made an already magical place 10 times more magical. 🙂 We are definitely planning on taking a Disney cruise and spending about a week in the park for our honeymoon next year!

  • My favorite Disney memory is driving up through the gates and then seeing Cinderella’s castle for the first time the weekend Disney opened in Orlando in 1971(?) was that the year? Wow!

  • On my first visit to DL (many, many years before DCA, or even Toontown!) my family & I arrived to the front gates during a massive rainstorm. To a 6 year old, this was a disaster. All the excitement and torture of having to wait until the day we went to DISNEYLAND, & to get there & have the day RUINED by a torrential downpour was almost unbearable. We dodged in and out of the storefronts on Main Street in an attempt to avoid the weather. This being our first visit to a Disney Park, we had no idea what to expect from the attractions, the layout of the property or even where to start. During a brief break in the rain, we decided to make the best of it, and sprinted into an area called “Adventureland”. At this point, the rain became so heavy, even our souvenier poncho’s were no match. Just off to our left, was a covered waiting area. Having no idea or even caring what the attraction was we entered & sat down. My Dad, who, by the way, was not entirely in favor of this vacation to start with, and is by nature, a grouch, wondered aloud, “what is all this, why are we looking at a bunch of fake flowers, & where’s the stage?” By the end of the show even he had encountered the ‘magic’ of Walt’s imagination. To top it all off, when the doors opened, we stepped out into the warm sunlight, & had a fabulous vacation. To this day, the Enchanted Tiki Room is my favorite attraction, and one of my fondest childhood memories.

  • Celebrating making it through our first year of college with my two best friends last May. It rained every second of the two days we were there- and we have never had more fun running around in our Disney World ponchos, dancing in the rain at Magic Kingdom in front of the castle, and hardly waiting in line for any of the amazing rides because of the “tropical disturbance.” We also got to meet Prince Caspian, our favorite 🙂

  • My favorite memory is our youngest son taking his first steps on Tom Sawyer Island back in 1975, now each time we visit we try and return to that spot to relive the joy of that day.

  • My Favorite Disny moment goes back along time ago, My parents took me when I was 2 and half back in 1973. I don’t remeber much about the trip but we have photo’s of me in front of the castle holding a ballon with my mom.

    My Other second Disney moment is having experienced it 3 more times with my husband and my 2 boys. We went in 2006, 2008, 2009.
    I enjoyed experiecing thru my kid’s eyes. Meeting all the characters especially Mickey and Minnie and going into there home it’s amazing. You feel like a total kid again. We hope to return soon.

  • Like other people have said, there are so many to chose from.
    Maybe my favorite is not so much a memory as a happy feeling that comes up in a number of happy places around the property, like the Wilderness Lodge lobby, coming out of “the tunnel” at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, the fountain by Innoventions…
    Then there are some special dining experiences; our first dinner at Artist’s Point, V&A, and the wine room California Grill.

  • My favorite moment was our 1stt trip as a family, My son who was 2 got so upset when chip left our dinner table at garden grill, and he kicked over our table. Also he isnt a morning person, he woke up with a smile every morning ready to go. My 4 yr old wanting to ride, splash mountain 20+ times and getting soo upset that it was broke down, that he cryed forever and the cast memeber gave us 12 mk fast passes, he wanted to use them on splash mountain the next day, and we did!

  • I have also had many Disney memories, both from Disneyland and Walt Disney World, from over the years. Here are just a few of them:

    1. My earliest Disney memory took place at Disneyland, in about 1959. I was about 4 and my mother had put my long, auburn hair in a ponytail. When we went to the now gone Indian Village, one of the Indians grabbed my ponytail! He said he was collecting SCALPS and that he wanted mine, since he didn’t have MY color yet! It terrified me, to say the least and I was happy he didn’t make good on his threat!

    2. Another was the first time I went on the now gone kids’ version of the Autopia. My parents took movies of our day in the park and I can still remember driving that car. I felt so grown-up!

    3. Grad Nite, the night of my graduation, was another magical memory. I got to go to Disneyland and spend time riding the rides and celebrating, with one of guys from my class that I really liked! I still have my Grad Nite photo and I brought him a copy of it, when I saw him at one of our class reunions.

    4. On one of my grown-up trips to Disneyland with my husband, it was during the time they had the parade where they picked park guests to join in the festivities. A while before the parade, we ran into some friends from home unexpectantly, who were there for their daughter’s birthday. She said they were going to see if they could get picked for the parade and asked if we’d like to join them. We did, so we went to the meet the cast members, were picked and had a great time celebrating her birthday, while we danced in the parade. It was our first time ever doing something like that!

    5. Another great memory was our first time going to Club 33! My cousin used to have a membership and was able to make a reservation for us. We’d heard about it forever and it was exciting to finally be inside, have a nice dinner and see all the things in the Club. We took photos to commemorate the visit.

    6. As far as Walt Disney World memories go, my favorites are from our most recent visit to the World, 12-1 til 12-12-09. We were celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary and my hubby surprised me by purchasing the package with the Bride Ears Headband, Groom Ears Top Hat, Mickey-etched champagne glasses, a bottle of Magicale (my favorite!) and some goodies to eat. It was all set-up in our Boardwalk hotel room when we came in! They gave us “Happy Anniversary” buttons and we enjoyed playing in the parks, proudly wearing our Bridal ears and getting “Happy Anniversary” wishes, from cast members and guests.

    7. During our visit, when we were staying at the Grand Floridian (the hotel was so booked, we could only get rooms there for 1/2 of our trip), we went over to the Polynesian resort, to watch the Electrical Water Pageant and the Wishes fireworks from the Magic Kingdom. A cast member had told us a really good place to watch them from, so we went there and had a great time.

    8. On our last day to the parks, we got to the Animal Kingdom before rope drop. As I was sitting in my scooter by the turnstile, waiting to go in, a cast member noticed our ears and buttons. She wished us a Happy Anniversary and asked if we’d like to help them “open the park” that day. We said sure, so they took us to Guest Services, got our info, handed us some instruments to shake as part of the opening ceremony and a Photo Pass photographer took photos of us inside and then outside before the ceremony. We did our part and they gave us 2 FastPasses, to an attraction of our choice (Expedition Everest of course!) and a voucher to receive the Photo Pass photo of our choice for FREE! We had fun helping out and it made a great end to our park experiences for that trip!

  • My favorite memory at Walt Disney World was watching the fireworks in front of the Castle

  • I want to work there! in a radio program with all the disney music in spanish! I love Disney!

  • Incredible! the first time that My daughter went to Magic Kingdom? she went dressed like Minnie Mouse and when she saw her real? she opened her eyes so big! That big is my heart now and that`s why i work for…to go and go and go to Disneyworld!
    Thank you! Because the dream comes true! My husband take us to Disney every year! so… see tou real soon!
    I`m Karina… I love Disney!

  • There are soo many memories that I have that it would take hours to share them. One of my favorites was when I took a trip with my best friend in 2008. This was the first trip he and I had taken together and without any “adult” supervision (He being 17 me being 21.) It was a wonderful time racing around the park together without a care in the world acting like 5 yr olds and having lunch at Crystal Palace with Eeyore and Friends was a blast.
    After being so many times (8 times in about a yr and a half) I am able to walk around the parks and just take in all that is Disney and see the joy in other peoples facing! Disney World is a place where “dreams really do come true!”

  • I have been a fan of Disney since birth (lived 20 minutes from Disneyland when a child). My favorite character is Eeyore(I have a tattoo of him).My favorite Disney moment was my first trip to Disney in September 2007. I remember being in England at the World Showcase in EPCOT where I first saw Eeyore. I felt like I was 5 years old. I remember meeting the whole Winnie the Pooh gang, but not caring about any of them except Eeyore. In our Photo Pass pictures it shows how much I loved meeting Eeyore. Later that night when we went to Downtown Disney to the Winnie the Pooh store, my eyes welled up with tears at the sight of all of the Eeyore merchandise and wanting to take everything home with me. We just recently went back in November 2009 and I am counting down the days until we can plan another trip to Disney.

  • My favorite Disney moment was when we had four generations there for a grand gathering – the youngest, my granddaughter Bella at age 1, and the oldest, my dad Don at age 71!

  • My favorite memory was celebrating a birthday at the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom. I though it was so much fun, I just wish all of his children and grandchildren could have been there.

  • Watching my daughter march down Main Street with her high school marching band right ahead of Mickey himself. How proud her dad and I were. We are now getting ready to take her daughters on their first Disney vacation in March and we can’t wait!!

  • Everytime we visit we have wonderful memories but 2 that spring to mind are, first, back in 2000 at EPCOT when the Tapestry of Nations parade was being held, we were standing by the bridge between China and ‘Africa’ and just about every dancer and puppet – the disc man man, the marionette, wiggle girl and so on, came over that bridge and made a beeline for my kids, bowing the puppets to them or drawing them out into the parade to dance. My daughter was 8 at the time & tiny for her age and it simply made me cry to see her theer with these huge puppets, totally relaxed and having fun. We still talk about it now, and it still makes me cry. Second, another EPCOT moment, this was in the Year of a Million Dreams, it was in the high 90s and myself and my daughter were feeling very hot and frazzled having just walked round the lagoon and decided we would go for an ice cream but first had to visit the ATM, walking past the ice cream store by the fountains, a lovely young man comes down the steps and with a smile offers us a free hot fudge sundae which we gratefully accepted. It was a lovely and unexpected surprise, we had been wishing for ice cream and now we had it, it felt like we’d been a part of the million wishes too =)

  • I have a lifetime of Disney memories, but as a 20-year-old girl who enjoys nothing more than hanging with the characters I have had some priceless experiences in the past few years. There is one memory, however, that will always stand out above the rest!

    My mom and I went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party for the first time two Halloweens ago. We didn’t know about it until we arrived at the park, so we were pretty unprepared.. However, with some last minute shopping we were able to remedy that. We both had our faces painted to complete the look; I had chosen to imitate my favorite two-legged clumsy canine (Yes, Goofy!). We had a blast at the Party, but as time ticked by I was starting to believe I wasn’t going to get to meet Goofy; we couldn’t find him anywhere! We continued to search in-between riding rides and watching the parade. Things were beginning to look not-so-hopeful, though, so after the fireworks I reluctantly agreed that it was okay to head home without seeing my dear Goof. As fate would have it, right by the exit was a line for none other than the man himself! I was so relieved and thrilled to meet him, but as it turned out an even bigger surprise was waiting for me afterward. Goofy and I said our goodbyes and my mom and I walked toward the train station. My mom led me up the stairs to the top of the station, smiling like she knew something I didn’t, and so I finally asked her what was going on. “You’re going to be waving goodbye to everyone in the park tonight… with Goofy,” she told me. I think I dropped thirteen years in that moment and literally jumped up and down I was so excited. So until the park closed I got to dance and make hundreds of people smile, standing next to Goofy. That was one of the most magical nights of my life, and I’ll never forget walking down the stairs of that station hand in hand with my favorite character in the whole world. Ah-hyuk, gawrsh!

  • In 2007 I took my then 3 year old daughter on our first trip to Disney. I will never forget waking up the first morning in our room at the Polynesian and watching her run to the window, throw open the curtains and exclaim, “There’s the castle!” She couldn’t wait to get inside the park to meet all of the princesses.

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