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Your Favorite Memory of ‘Captain EO’ is…

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

Captain EO Returns to Disneyland

There’s a lot of excitement around the return of “Captain EO” to Disneyland park tomorrow. To find out why guests are so eager to see it, we went into the Park and asked them, “What is your favorite memory of Captain EO?”

For those who may not be as familiar with the attraction, here’s the story: Captain EO, played by Michael Jackson, is on a quest to deliver a gift to the Supreme Leader, played by Anjelica Huston. Joining him is a ragtag group of aliens: Fuzzball; the two-headed Idee and Odee; the robotic security guard Major Domo (and Minor Domo); and a lovable, elephantine purple alien named Hooter.

Before they reach the Supreme Leader, Captain EO and his crew are taken hostage. Only by delivering his gift of song to the evil Supreme Leader can they win her over, save themselves and, quite literally, change the world.

For some, the music is what evokes so many positive memories, including two numbers written expressly for Captain EO that have become Michael Jackson classics: “We Are Here to Change the World” and “Another Part of Me.”

Now it’s your turn. What is your favorite memory of “Captain EO”?


  • I say ditto “Ken from CA”!!! My sentiments exactly!! Of course,
    the message and the music is what Michael was all about!
    I remember standing in line for hours on end to see Captain EO when it originally debuted!! It was worth the wait then and its worth the wait now!! I was there for the return on Feb 23, 2010 and it was incredible to see the expression on the faces of the little kids and teens seeing it for the very first time!! For however long Captain EO remains at Disneyland I plan to see it as much as possible!! LONG LIVE CAPTAIN EO!!! Thanks Disney!!!!!!!

  • Please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeas bring Captain EO back to WDW FLA! My parents got to see it and loved it years ago when it was there, I was not able to travel at that time, and once I was able to get there….it was gone! I really think everyone would love to see it back!

  • PLEASE bring Captain EO Back to Epcot!!! Having it in Florida will allow more guests to experience it. Plus Honey I Shrunk the Kids show/ride is boring and lacks attendence anyways.

  • PLEASE bring Captain EO back to Epcot!!!!!

  • First weekend it came out.. I think I was 7 or so. My buddy and I waited 5 hours in line to see it. I still have the original Captain EO t-shirt at home somewhere in my parents basement.

  • My favorite memory was when the auditorium would fill up with fog and the audience would be up out of their seats dancing to Michael’s music..we werent suppossed to but ya know everyone did! 🙂

  • I’ve been to America a couple times with my two younger siblings and older brother, and I loved this attraction! Living in England limits these things! I’m glad the Disney company brought it back. I now see what Professor Kirke in The Chronicles of Narnia meant when he kept saying “My, what do they teach in schools these days?”

  • My best memory would be of seeing it in 1987 at Epcot! Please bring it back to FL so more people can see Captain EO once again. Michael loved Disney and spent time at Disneyworld! Honey I Shrunk the Kids is boring and should be replaced with Capt EO! We need EO in Florida also!!

  • The only memory I have of Captain EO is watching it on youtube….bring Captain EO back to Epcot so East Coast fans get a chance to see it too!!!

  • I was around 9 years old when I went to Disney World with my aunt. I remember waiting outside the gates early in the morning for the park to open. As soon as we walked through the gates, she asked me what the first thing I wanted to do was. I saw Epcot Center and I said, “I wanna go see Captain EO!!!” So that’s exactly what we did. I was more excited at that point to see Michael than Mickey! (I saw Mickey later, so it all worked out!)

    The 3D experience was something that stood out. I remember clearly how Fuzzball flew out right in front of me and I tried to grab him! I loved the whole thing. I didn’t think much then about the message, but there is a wonderful message that we should all take from it and continue spreading it.

    Captain EO was amazing when I was 9 and it’ll be amazing again when I take the trip to see it again soon.

    Thank you Disney for bringing this adventure back!

  • I’ve seen the show hundreds of times including being lucky enough to be invited to the “PREVIEW” night with all the celebrities. I remember best watching the movie over the years with my daughter Holly. She was able to spot some mistakes of the dancers when they weren’t in synch together in their routines! See if you can find some!!!

  • I can’t wait to come see it. I love hooter the little flying guy. Sooo cute!

  • HELLO! it was 4D does no one remember the lasers and fog coming out of the screen and the simulated explosions around the room. that was the best part. It was the first of its kind. the marriage of 3D and 4D elements and an awesome sound system. Now if they can make a rainbow t-shirt that actually works lol.

  • wish i was there today. almost called in sick so i could be first in line. but i am sure someone has been there since yesterday to get the best seat. only 2 more weeks till i am back!!!!! cant wait!!!!!

  • By luck I’ll be in LA in May and I’m make a special trip to spend a day or two at Disneyland just because of the re-opening of Captain EO. Last time for me was at EPCOT in the mid 80’s

  • there’s always someone who wante to put negative stuff for the heck of it. captain eo was awesome. not a lot of great 3d movies in comparison. great soundtrack. from an objective artistic point of view

  • Hearing that it was closed!


    My daughter was born the same year Captain EO debuted. I believe my daughter’s first memory was seeing it when she was 4. She is now 24 years old. Her brother, 18 yrs., doesn’t remember it at all. While he saw it, he was 2 when it closed.

    Is it even being considered for a WDW comeback??????

  • my favorite memory would be seeing it with my family in 96, i believe, and watching my baby brother reach out to try to touch fuzzball. no 3D experience has ever come close or felt as real as captain EO since, and i hope that when i take my son to disneyland in the next few years that he will get to experience it, too.

  • I liked how it ended with “Another Part of Me” from Bad

  • Hooter is not purple! He is green-greyisch….

  • Great memories of this from our early family trips to Epcot in the late 80s and early 90s. The most clear memory is from the end of the movie, of the ‘evil’ queen once she has been restored to her good self. Like a Greek godess, with sun shining through the clouds etc. It was like a painting.

    Really pleased for all of you Disneyland folks, but I’ll chime in and say ‘bring it back to Epcot!’.

  • I am very excited to see Captain EO return to Disneyland. I sure do miss seeing it. The first time that I saw it, I was excited. Angelica Huston’s claws freaked me out. I’m planning on going to Disneyland the first week of April. I hope it’s still showing. Thank you Disneyland for bringing Captain EO back as a tribute to, and honoring the memory of, the late Michael Jackson.

  • I love the part right after Fuzz Ball ties the whips from the Whip Warriors together, making it easy for MJ to zap them with his musical energy.

    After the Warriors become White Robots, the slap bass kicks in and Micheal throws and kicks bolts of power toward the dudes stuck in the columns.

    It is priceless when the guys who have been stuck in the columns for what might be centuries, come out looking like bad MC Hammer Dancers, popping and locking. One guys had a cross between a mullet and a flock of seagulls floppy pointed bangs.

    If that isn’t Disney Magic, then I don’t know what is!

  • Used to be one of my all time favorite things at the park. And I’m so happy that it’s coming back even for a limited time. I would always see it whenever I’d go to the park. And I will do so again now that it’s back. Thanks to my annual pass. Now just bring back the PeopleMover then I’ll be all set.

  • I only have sight out of one eye, so the 3D effects never worked for me. Because of this, the music became very special to me. I LOVED “Just Another Part Of Me” and was “thrilled” when Michael put it on his “Bad” CD. I remember the great sound system in the theater REALLY pumpin’ out that music! I would stay in the theater until the last notes faded out every time. (I also loved the famous L.A. break dancers that were part of the evil leaders henchmen)

  • Captain EO brings back so many memories. To get to the park, we would park in the Disneyland parking lot, either under the power lines, or near the monorail beam somewhere. Sometimes we would be dropped off at the drop off location which was approximately where DCA’s Golden Gate Bridge is now. Annual passholders were few back then, so visiting during the week would ensure a near-empty park and many, many viewings of EO. It also meant many trips on the People Mover, Submarine Voyage, or America Sings. If we had the time, and we usually did, we would walk over to the former Bear Country to see the newest attraction under construction, Splash Mountain! If it was a summer Saturday, a late night viewing of Captain EO was easily accomplished as Disneyland was open to 1am. And if you were near Fantasyland, you could get there by hopping on the Skyway for a peaceful trip to Tomorrowland. If you were really lucky, the Main Street Electrical Parade would pass underneath you as you approached the Matterhorn.

    Captain EO was a special movie for a special time. I’m glad to see it return!

  • Favorite moment? The day this attraction closed.

  • I love the Angel Smile of Captain most!!
    I and my friends are planning to go to see Captain from Tokyo Japan at the end of June.
    I am arranging the travel to Anaheim. Will Captain still be there at the time?
    It is very big concern of us.

  • That is so cool.
    I haven’t seen it since, well, basically it’s last day at the park, so don’t remember much of it. Wasn’t there a flying red monkey? I seem to recall that I had a stuffed toy of one and I think it was from that film.

  • I remember watching the show with my older sister then we’d ride space mountain and sing ” Another Part of Me” ALL DAY!! It is truly one of the best Disneyland memories I have. Now I am only 20 and so greatful I got to experience Captain EO before it was too late the first time

  • the music was awesome. loved how music transend all most memorable is the whip dancing

  • My favorite memory of Captain EO is the awesome presence of Michael Jackson through his music, his voice, and his dancing in an interactive 3D video performance. It made me feel like Michael was there with the audience expressing his passion for uniting the world with goodness. Bringing this attraction back to Disneyland is probably one of the smartest decisions Disney has made in years.

  • I loved the dancing. I was a big fan of Michael jackson back then and loved his style. He would be hand to hand fighting someone and then he would break out dancing with this huge group of people following behind. Very funny. Loved the little fur ball that seemed to come out at you. I thought the whole thing was very contemporary and hip for it’s time.

  • Mary from Santa Barbara, CA
    My family and I will be there in March and I cant wait to see it…I remember as a young teenager seeing it at Disneyland and I am so happy that they have brought it back Captain EO’!!!

  • The memory that sticks out most is going through the rest of the day with the songs in my head! What made it bad was I didn’t know the exact words, so it used to drive my dad crazy!

  • Has Disney decided how long it will stay at Disneyland?

  • I remember being very scared of the 3D effects. Like when Hooter threw things, and of course, the Supreme Leader’s frighting claws. But the show had great music, and I loved Fuzzball.

    I’m looking forward to seeing it again. Especially since I’m older and won’t be afraid of the 3D effects anymore.

  • In the early eighties I was at Disneyland, watching a musical group at the Tommorrowland Terrace. I looked over and saw Michael Jackson in the crowd watching the show too! It was only for a few moments, then people started recognizing him and he was whisked away. I had heard how much Michael loved Disneyland and was thrilled to be able to see him there.

    A few short years later, Captain EO came out and I was just as excited to see Michael in this movie. Along with the exciting new 4D special effects, I loved the message of looking for the beauty inside each other. And of course the bigger message of “We Are Here To Change The World”.

    I’m anxious to get back to Disneyland and take my thirteen year old son to see it!

  • I liked Fuzz Ball, when he flew out to you from the screen and I liked Angelica Houston’s transformation. The music made her look sooo much better! (8)

  • I was scared of the claws to, i would take my 3D glasses off as a kid when that part came. I loved the little furry guy and would always try to grab him, and the Elephant guy. The songs were great, dancing great! Everything about it was awesome.

  • I remember going every year to disneyland when I was little and my family would take me to see captain eo everytime.It amazed me everytime and always made me want fuzzball(I would still love to have fuzzball 🙂 ) Michael Jackson was amazing and talented in so many ways and I’m so happy disneyland decided to bring it back after losing michael way to soon 🙁 I’m going tomorrow to see it and take my boyfriend who has never seen it I’m so excited thank you disneyland

  • It was always our first attraction to visit in Epcot. (PLEASE BRING IT BACK TO FLORIDA).I saw Captain EO with my Grandmother, my Mother, My Dad, my Kids, my European relatives, and my friends, so I have wonderful memories of the people I love that arent here anymore, but are now dancing in heaven.
    Of course, the magic of Michael Jackson performing. But the best was, once everyone was leaving the theater, we all were smiling, singing, and wanting to see it again, and again, and again!
    I Love Captain EO….come back to Florida! PLEASE

  • I remember being scared of some of the characters originally. I guess that’s what happens when you’re 8 and watch this. Now I’m really excited to watch it again!

  • I remember going as a kid and seeing it and I loved it. Now I’m going in oct for halloween and I hope its still there… I’m takin my little girl to go see it!! I’m thrilled its back!!

  • My favorite memory is the evil lady’s crazy claws that seemed to reach right into your face in 3-D! Scared the crud out of me! Can’t wait to see it again and especially watch it with my 8 year old son! Thank you so much for bringing it back!

  • i just love the message of Captain EO…i fear many new kids will not understand the meaning of kindness aand just make fun of it. Seems that many don’t teach being kind to people that are different anymore just to be nasty. i can’t wait to see it tomorrow

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