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‘Give a Day, Get a Disney Day’ Reaches Goal – 1M Inspired to Volunteer

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

UPDATE: Hats off to each of the one million volunteers!

Thank you to all who have participated. The last day to use the free Disney Theme Park tickets distributed in this program was December 15, 2010.

Although you can no longer use a free Disney Theme Park ticket received in connection with this program, you can still continue to give back to your community by signing up for volunteer opportunities through HandsOn Network.

If you have additional questions please contact customer service.

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Give a Day, Get a Disney Day
We’re celebrating at Disney Parks today…the “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day” program has officially reached its goal. That’s right, one million of you have been inspired to give back to your communities through volunteer service in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada since Disney Parks launched this first-of-its-kind program on January 1.

During the last 10 weeks, a million people have volunteered or committed to volunteer in their communities. And to celebrate these efforts, Disney Parks has offered each volunteer who completed an eligible project a free one-day admission to one theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort.

Although the “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day” program has ended and guests may no longer register and sign up for projects to earn a free Disney theme park ticket, the need for volunteers is ongoing. You can still continue the good work by volunteering through HandsOn Network at


  • Our local news announced an opportunity here in Charleston to help build a community park. They had the Disney logo and everything on the screen. It gave the website of the local organization to go and register. Will this still count toward the Give a Day Get a Day promotion?

  • i was just wondering on how i would apply for volunteering at anything, because i know you have to go threw habitat but iam not completely sure on how to exactually how to.

  • I’m proud to be “one in a million”! Great job, Disney! I’m staying with my organization – it’s so fun, and the people at Quilts for Valor are really, really nice. Plus, I’m learning to sew, too!

    The sad thing? Of eight opportunities I requested info from, only one got back to me. I’m glad it was QoV though!

  • Myself and sevral of my family members had attened oritentations for different programs, but were told to register on the site once a specific event (and date) had been assigned to us. So, now do we miss out on the passes?

  • How do I go about donating my earned ticket, to a children’s organization?

  • What if you registered, but haven’t signed up for a job yet?

  • Please,Please,Please I just missed the register with disney all the way to get our tickets.We are suppose to do earth day in Bloomington Indiana at a park. I had 4 adults and 3 children,we have already book a vacation with bookit .com to come to flordia and my grandaughter so waits to come to disney.With the encomey the it is this year we are just lucky to get to be able to afford a vacation we can’t afford tickets to disney,so,so,so sad.If anybody doesn’t want their tickets please let me know. thankyou

  • I am glad I was able to become one of the million volunteers! I look forward to volunteering at my local college charity event coming up in a few days!

  • I signed up January 2nd and there were already some opportunities booked up. I signed up for one, then kept looking and found another one to do for fun. Since then, I have signed up for 5 more volunteer projects. I have always sat there in the comfort of my home thinking I should do more for others, but never did. Because of this program I have finally been motivated, and plan to continue to volunteer with different organizations in my home town. Thanks Disney for getting me off that couch!!

  • I had no idea that the program had a “expiration” and would end after a goal was met. I tried to sign up, but the organization in the small town I live in was not prepared to manage the volunteers who responded, and told us all to call back later. Looks like I missed my opportunity. I would like to see this program come back some day, for a longer time. If cost is a factor to Disney, I like the suggestion someone made about downgrading the “reward.” A fast pass, a t-shirt or even a collectable pin would be fine with me instead of admission.

  • Alot of people seem to be complaining they weren’t able to get a voucher! I think what’s really sad is all the organizations whose dates weren’t even logged on as yet (due to the 60 day limit). They will be missing out on all those voluntears! I received my voucher about a month ago, as I picked an activity that happened earlier in the year. We were still checking for something my daughter and I could do together, one event we had signed up for and had to cancel due to my daughters work and school schedule. This organization was still listed as of last week. I’m thinking I’m going to contact them again and see if they still need the help – I would gladly go if so. For those of you that have volunteered – please do so again – that is the only way some of these places can still keep going. For those of you that did not meet the GAD deadline, please find something and help someone out. I think the GAD promotion was a wonderful idea on Disney’s part – let’s show Walt they did do a good thing!

  • I am happy the program was a success but I am frustrated. I signed up in Jan. and volunteered on 3/6. When I asked about my voucher, I was told that there was an issue with my account due to an email error. I tried to contact several folks w/o any luck. Now the site is down and I have no way to try to collect my voucher. I wish there was something I could do!

  • I have my ticket already (Yeah!! such a fun time volunteering)but my husband is scheduled to do his next week but has not finished the registration process on the network. Will he still be able to finish or did he lose out? Any chance of them extending the program?


  • My husband and I volunteered for Project Linus and used our vouchers Feb. 22 at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. We had a wonderful day, especially when people noted our VoluntEAR buttons. Thank you Disney!

  • We might not be able to get vouchers over here in UK however my 10year old son has helped the local Care Home to set up a gardening club for the elderly. His school has now set up a project and the little gardening club goes over its nice having 10 year old and 90 years old communicating its lovely

  • As Outreach coordinator for the Northern California Feline Rescue I volunteer for I saw this as a great tool for getting the word out. Wow,never thought the response would be as great as it was. We have had 900 sign ups and very few no-shows! I was overwhelmed the first day when was bombarded with hundreds of inquiries!! We have had people participate from as far away as Arizona and San Diego just to name a couple. This program has brought us several new permanent volunteers which is a wonderful thingas kitten season looms ahead. Our kitties have new beds and toys and our kitties lucky enough to be going to new forever homes are going home with some wonderful new toys! But the most important thing is that this has brought families tgether and shown children the importance of doing something to benefit others. We will continue a relationship with the Hands On Network. Thank you Disney for your efforts to inspire a million people!!! Good Job!!!!

  • This was an amazing opportunity and I was able to participate in my Give a Day on Monday. My question is, I received my e-mail response from Hands On stating that they were contacting Disney regarding my participation. Thomas, am I still guaranteed a voucher? I know it seems repetitive but a lot of people on the Facebook blog comments stated that they did their day but were never contacted by Disney. I am just double checking because my family had already planned my son’s first trip to DLR this September…

  • Our Family was lucky enough to participate in this program with a local organization and it was wonderful. We normally volunteer every year for Habitat for Humanity but I was suprised that our local chapter was not part of Hands On Network so we had to find another place to volunteer. We will still continue to work with Habitat but it is great to see so many new volunteers. Hopefully this trend will continue and people will see and experience how wonderful it is to volunteer.

  • I’m so glad Disney offered this promotion. Although we visited the parks recently, we did not use a GADGADD voucher. We are proud to support Disney. This promotion had a great impact on volunteering in our community and will have a lasting impact on rasing awareness of the importance for everyone to give their time to help make dreams come true all over this land. I believe Walt would be proud of this, and it is an extension of his volunteer charity work while he was with us.

  • I got the confirmation from the organization I chose to volunteer for. When I clicked on the link, I was sent to a website that says it is over…can I not finish the registration???


  • My Husband and I were already member of the Hands on Network so, it was so nice that we were able to sign up and get a voucher for volunteering, something we were doing already. Thanks Disney for getting more people to volunteer in their communities! Hopefully people will have had such a good time doing it they will continue to volunteer throughout the year.

  • I’m so excited to hear that 1 million people volunteerd. I am pround to say I am 1 of those. I still havn’t used my ticket but will soon I hope. I am looking forward to volunterring again soon. Way to go disney!!!!

  • My family and I had a great time working together to make blankets for a local organization! We loved it so much, I have decided to involve my Brownie Girl Scout troop with the blanket organization and we will continue to support this organization through out the coming years. Thank you Disney for showing me the importance of helping out our community.

  • My husband, daughter and I were all lucky to have be part of this opportunity, volunteering together!!! It was a great day at our local blood bank! Wish the program was a bit longer, but happy to see so many people participate so very quickly! ♥♥♥ Thanks Disney!!! We will be volunteering here again in the short future!

  • Thank you Disney for this program and for introducing us all to the HandsOn Network. We celebrated our son’s 6th birthday this year by volunteering with the Surfrider Foundation to clean up one of our local beaches. Around 50 of our family and friends who attended were able to sign up and received their vouchers. It was wonderful to have all our loved ones involved and made volunteering so memorable and fun. And although we ourseleves are already annual passholders and received our vouchers, we have signed up and will volunteer again this coming April to help the Orange County Food Bank. We definitely caught the volunteering bug and will check HandsOn Network’s website regularly for future volunteer opportunities.

  • I have signed up, my volunteer date is not until April 25th. When I try to go on the web site to check and see if I’m still signed up it will not let me. I was just wondering if my group was still signed up? And will we still be able to get our day at the park?

  • I run a non-profit that was registered with the Give a Day program. We had nearly 300 people who “showed interest” in the program. Out of 300, 9 actually followed through. Sadly, since the program ended so soon, too many people don’t see other benefits of volunteering and so we’re still left with spaces to fill on adoption and event days.

  • I am actually in the middle of registering for this volunteer opportunity. I am waiting for the confirmation to send to be finalized. Will I still be able to receive my free day?

  • My husband and I got to be in a parade at Disneyland for volunteering! That was like the highlight of our trip!

  • A friend and I did this and went to Disneyland two weeks ago. We both got buttons that said we volunteered and cast members and guest asked what we did and said that it’s good to hear that people still go out and help out. It’s a good feeling 😀

  • That is fantastic! We had 7 volunteers in our family and we all had so much fun doing our volunteer work! Even though we are already involved in our community, it really has opened our eyes to how much more we can each do! Doing this enabled us to take our kids to Disney World for the first time last week – just in time to celebrate mine and one of our daughters birthdays. Such a special time!

    A big thank you to Disney for offering this opportunity and an even bigger thank you to the 1 million volunteers for giving their time!

  • Loved this promotion! Got us to go and volunteer, especially great for the kids to get started… and it won’t be the last time. Just needed a nudge I guess…;-)
    I’m sure this will keep quite a few people in the program to volunteer again! Two thumbs up Disney!

  • If I’ve registered and contacted an organization, but haven’t scheduled a time, can I still get a voucher?

  • I appreciated Disney giving my son an opportunity to volunteer too. If we have annual passes though, is there another option? My husband thought it was a fast pass of sorts.

  • I am VERY proud to say that me and my older sister and nephew was among the million of volunteers that donated to the District 1 schools in our community. We donated children’s books and teachers supplies to those who can’t afford em. It was amazing! Best feeling ever!

  • We volunteered and got our vouchers, it was very inspiring and showed that there are many opportunities in our community to volunteer. I think it’s a great way to sign up to volunteer too, I hope that stays around!

  • What about those who signed up but never completed??? I know for my even there was like 20 people who signed up but only 7 actually showed up. Those people just occupied a space. Maybe review peoples commitment dates and if they have expired offer those spaces up for grabs I am sure there are a few.

  • I hope that Disney extends the promotion and continues to set an example for other companies to offer food or clothing for those that don’t have a job to obtain life essential products.

    It is a great way to advertise and help everybody in the community.

  • That’s awesome! I had signed up last week & was waiting for the reply back from the organization, so does that mean I’m out?

  • Our family did our service with 2 other families and all the kids and it was so much fun. We do a lot of volunteering with our church and this gave us an opportunity to help someone else. My kids have already been back to the Assisted Living center that we went to and we plan on going back. What a great and inspiring program. I think that Disney was very generous in their offer of 1 million tickets. Thanks Disney!

  • Wow, so those of us who kept trying to catch a break and get one in our area missed out? Everything I clicked on was already taken, but I kept checking back for new ones. I assumed we had all year to get this, but I was obviously wrong, and sad I missed this chance, but glad that so many did get their opportunity to volunteer.

  • If you have already signed up, but have not done your hands on project will you still get a ticket?

    • Hi Tammy…sure, you’ll still get your Disney Park voucher once service has been completed and verified.

  • My husband and I were lucky to be among the million volunteers. We had so much fun! The experience opened our eyes to the possibilities of helping our community in other ways. Thank you, Disney, for inspiring us!

    • Great to know, Vicki. Thanks for sharing.

  • I am so happy the program was so successful; but it should continue for the year, perhaps at least giving fast pass rewards to guests who volunteer. Most people who volunteer, do it because they love it anyway…everyone deserves a little pat on the back for a random act of kindness.

  • Kind of disappointing that the promotion is over just after two months. Yay for all the volunteers, but it would have been nice for this to be a year long promotion, or at least 6 months.

  • Sad to see the program end so quickly but happy at the same time that so many people jumped on board. I hope it inspires people to continue volunteering beyond the one day.
    I’ve enjoyed these programs you have had the last couple years. I hope they keep up.

  • Congratulations to all involved with an obviously very succesful promotion!!

    Thomas, can you confirm for us that those who signed up already and have a volunteer opportuniy scheduled for the next few weeks will receive their vouchers?

    • Yes…as long as you have already committed to a specific program, you’ll receive a voucher.

  • This is great news! I’m surprised it happened so quickly but happy that 1 MIL people volunteered (or promised to). Good job, Everyone!

  • So the question on my mind is, “Now what?” Will Disney Parks go back to the Celebrate Today campaign for the remainder of 2010?

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