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A Hidden Treasure

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Disneyland Pressed Coin Machine

We all know the clichés…

“A penny saved is a penny earned.”

“If I had a nickel for every time I heard that one…”

“Stop on a dime.”

And, of course, the ever popular “penny for your thoughts.”

So in an effort not to become a cliché, here’s a fun way that you can turn your spare change into a collectible. I’m sure that you’ve seen your fair share of pressed coin machines before at theme parks, fairs and historical landmarks. Did you know that Disneyland Resort offers more than 150 different dies that can be pressed on a penny, nickel or even a quarter? Most of the pressed coin machines you’ll find are for pennies, but it’s the thrill of the hunt that makes it that much more fun to find the others. There are currently 57 coin press machines in the Resort. Have you found them all?

Tip: Most pressed coin machines can be found on Main Street, U.S.A., but there are also a few near the exits of some attractions.

Over the years, some of the most popular pressed coins have been…

  1. Buzz Lightyear near the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters in Tomorrowland at Disneyland park
  2. Haunted Mansion in the Courtyard of Angels in New Orleans Square
  3. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas (quarters only; typically found during the holiday season, October through early January)
  4. Seasonal Nickel Set (found only during the holidays, usually on Main Street, U.S.A.)
  5. Our Disney Princesses, including Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Snow White

Fun Facts:

The art of pressing coins dates back more than 100 years. The earliest known pressed coins are from 1818 Vienna, Austria. In the late 1800s, pressed coin souvenirs were introduced into the United States at the World’s Columbian Exposition held in Chicago, Illinois.

Did you know that the image is actually etched in reverse (i.e. like a mirror image) so that the picture pressed onto the coin will appear correctly?

A complete list of locations and coin press collectibles is available at Guest Relations/City Hall in Disneyland park as well as online at ArtofDisneyParks.com under Park Treasures.

Have you pressed a coin at the Disneyland Resort? If so, do you have a favorite?


  • My daughter started collecting these coins and she even bought the book to put them in. Everytime we go to Disneyland she brings a purse full of quarters and pennies. We have never seen the one outside the Haunted Mansion. Where is that one exactly?

  • My favorite set of Disneyland elongated coins is the Seasonal Nickel set! Fun, and new ones each year.
    Disneyland pressed pennies are a wonderful souvenir and hobby. My daughter and I have collected Disneyland “pressed pennies” for more than 20 years now. Still looking forward to finding more. 🙂

  • My kids love these. Their favorites are the ones in the penny arcade on Main Street, but they love to find them all over the park. They must have over a hundred by now, lol.

  • I love collecting the pennies at Disneyland. I started during the 50th Anniversary when the magical milestones press pennies out! Today I have an entire book filled with Disney pennies and I am on my way to collecting as many as I can. One of my favorites ones is the Magical Milestone 1992 which is the Fantasmic Pressed Penny. I love it simply because Fantasmic is my all time favorite show ever.

  • My friend Jennifer and I will be there in April and she collects pressed pennies! This is great we will be in the lookout for all the machines!

  • My children love to get pressed pennies. One time, I got one just for me. I am a big fan of Disneyland’s 1967-era Tomorrowland, so I was excited to find a penny that was a tribute to the long gone Carousel of Progress. The amazing thing is that when I went to get change for a dollar in order to press the penny, my change included a quarter with a 1967 date!

  • I love finding these hidden gems….cheapest collectible in Disneyland! By the way, Michelle you are awesome!

  • I visit Disneyland every year (even though I live in Florida! – hey, I’m LOYAL!) and I love the penny machines! My favorite Disney character is Ariel, but I love Tigger too and have nearly 85 coins in my collection. From DL, I have the “Where Dreams Come True”, the 45th Anniversary and the 50th! plus a penny with Steamboat Willie and a quarter of Steamboat Willie with Mickey steering the boat and whistling, and another quarter with an old picture of Mickey and another quarter with Mickey over a Main Street sign. What I’ve done with my collection is: I purchased sport card holder pages and then on MS Word, created “boxes” that are the same size as the cards. Then in each box, I “cut-and-pasted” a picture (try Google Images) that exactly (or as close as possible) matches the image on your pressed coin. Directly under the image, I type WHAT the picture/coin is; like a title. Then I leave room at the bottom of each box for the actual coin. Then I got small double-sided photo tape (at Michael’s) and taped each coin to the bottom. All my coins are now in a binder! To make it even better,you could type in the DATE you got the coin at the very bottom (below where the coin will be placed.

  • As much as I love pressed pennies (my favorite are from the Millenium celebration), I really, REALLY miss the custom Pieces of Eight doubloon machine at the Pieces of Eight shop outside Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean! 🙁

    I always customized a doubloon coin to commemorate every visit. I’m bummed that the machine is gone…

  • I have loved collecting these for many years. But I had the MOST fun during the 50th collecting all of the special anniversary ones.

  • My favorites are the ones I made during the Happiest Homecoming. My favorite that is still available today is the Mickey drum major. I use them to sparkle up my Disneyland scrapbook pages.

  • We went to Disneyland last April. It was my first time there. I really wish we would have done some pennies. We’re going again in May and I’m so excited. It will be a big suprise to our 4.5 and 1.5 year old girls. We’re going to do as many of the presses as possible this time. Such an inexpensive and fun souvenir. I hope we’ll have many more opportunities after this year to do all the different presses.

  • I like the original MOUSE!!! Mickey!!

  • My favorite one is Ariel! I was very excited to finally find the pressed penny of Ariel. Actually it’s Prince Eric holding Ariel. This is the best one so far because my husband and I actually made it a mission to look for Ariel. And we found her! I was super excited, still am!!

  • I loved looking for every penny press that celebrated the 50th anniversary, and was pleasantly surprised with each design, but my favorite one is the one that has Walt Disney walking on the castle draw-bridge.

  • I really miss the press that used to make the personalized coins at the penny arcade on Main St.! I used to bargain with my toddler, that for every new ride he would go on during each visit, I would press out a coin with the name of the ride. We had annual passports and he had a necklace full of those cool tokens. The last time I was in the park, they said that it had been removed. =(

  • After the “Small World” ride, my three year old just had to get her collection of the Disney Princesses pressed on quarters. She loves it and has been using them as her play money with her Disney Princess cash register.

  • We press a coin each time we visit for our kids. Disneyland also sells the holders which is fabulous. My favorite press is the one as you are coming out of Splash Mountain. The coin falls through a miniature Splash Mountain on the way to being pressed.

  • We try to get to Disney every year or so and bring a roll of shiny new pennies with us. We always get the list from Guest Services and mark off machines we do. One of our favorite souvenirs. Years ago we bought a clear glass Mickey Mouse bank to hold them and when we return home from vacation we add the new set.

  • I encouraged my kids to use the penny presses when we were at Disneyland 2 years ago. They each have a small collection of pennies from Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure, and Downtown Disney. They are great little souvenirs and the kids had fun pressing the pennies!

  • OMG…I LUV the penny machines!! I’ve been collecting pennies for about 10 yrs, and I have around 200! I have at least 2 1/2 books worth of JUST DISNEYLAND!! Favorites are the Snow White 7 Seven Dwarfs pennies 🙂

  • That is so funny that this was posted. My husband and i are going down in July and since we will have a New Born with us we decided that this trip was going to be dedicated to the penny press. We go to Disneyland 2-4times a year. And after out honeymoon we decided that each trip was going to have a meaning. This one is the penny press, the next is going to be just for Hidden Mickey’s. (even though we found most of them already but the next time we will take pictures of the Mickey’s and make a scrapbook out of them).
    Thank you for this information, it will help us know that we need more than just quarters and pennies.

  • My 3 year old girls started their collection on their first visit last year. I give each of them a penny and they choose the machine they want to use. It is a great little collectible that only costs 51 cents (for the pennies). Their favorites seem to change based on the most recent movie they’ve seen, but their perennial favorites are Princess Aurora, Minnie Mouse and Stitch.

  • I’ve been collecting the pennies for years and I have somewhere around 400. My favorites are the 50th anniversary Magical Milestones collection. With some help, I managed to get the entire set, and I love how they’re 2 sided. I love the special penny folder that was made for them as well. I’m always saving my pre 1984 pennies to press them in the Disney parks!

  • Here’s a cool tip! If you know you’re gonna want to get some pressed coins, there’s a real easy way to clean up some pennys or other coins before you go to the park. Just cut off the end of a Taco Bell hot sauce packet and drop the coin in there for a couple hours. I swear when you dump it out and rinse it off it looks brand new! 😀

  • I used to have a large collection of these as a kid! I wish I could find them!

  • My wife and I have a VERY Rare “1 of 1” Quarter PRESS PLATE. That’s right… the actual plate from the quarter press machine at Disneyand! It was during a special “Divas” Event at the park, and we won the drawing for the actual DIE used to press quarters that night. So in my office, I have it framed (by Disney) and it’s a Chernabog Quarter Die. Nope, not for sale.. 😉 Pretty cool though!

  • I’ve got so many of them I got so many of the different years during the 50th anniversary celebration but my favorite has to be the ones for Pirates of the Caribbean…just because it has always been my favorite ride!

  • I love these! 😀 😀 I’ve been collecting them ever since I was in 3rd grade, and I’m 24 now. Hahah. One of my favorites is my Pegasus (from Hercules) squashed quarter, just because it’s shiny (no tarnish!) and I love Pegasus. ;D My historical favorites were always the Lion King ones from near the Jungle Cruise. Recently though I love the commemorative ones like the anniversary of the Matterhorn and Thunder Mountain! (When I was little, I used to get out my collection and our can of copper cleaner, and shine them up. What a strange little kid I was…)

    They’re great souvenirs. Love ’em!

  • I don’t know if there’s more than one, but the one at main street is cool.

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