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Answers to Questions You Asked the Disneyland Resort Ambassadors

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

A couple of weeks ago we introduced the Disneyland Resort Ambassadors on the Disney Parks Blog, and we asked followers of @DisneyParks and fans of the Disneyland Facebook page if they had any questions for Quinn and Danielle. Here are some of your questions and the answers from the Ambassadors:

Jennifer Rottman Meredith:
What is your favorite ride?

Quinn: This is always a tricky question to try to answer. There are so many favorites. I think my not-to-be missed attraction of choice is the Haunted Mansion and, now, Captain EO. They both bring back such strong and wonderful memories.

Danielle: This is a great question because I know that my answer has evolved over the years and will continue to as the Resort continues to grow. However, currently I just can’t get enough of Toy Story Mania! I love that I can experience it with any friend or family member, no matter what age or ability, and we have a great time together.

Cindy Rodas:
Who is your favorite Disney Character?

Quinn: How do you pick just one character as a favorite? They all have such wonderful and different personalities. If I had to choose just one, I’m going with my pal Mickey Mouse. His childlike wonder and enthusiasm for everything is such a treat to enjoy.

Danielle: I am definitely a Mickey Mouse gal! I think Mickey has such a great attitude towards life in general. He rolls with the punches, has a great sense of humor, and always seems to make lemonade from lemons. If you looked through my belongings you would find quite a few Mickey Mouse watches, t-shirts, and other items … He’s just so classic.

Paty ‘n’ Ray Nava:
I have a question: “How do I become an Ambassador of the Disneyland Resort?

Quinn: Becoming a Disneyland Resort Ambassador is a multi-month process. After meeting the eligibility requirements, it’s time to study and prepare for the interview process. There are actually three interviews that potential Ambassadors may take part in. Each interview will narrow the candidate pool down until there are four or five finalists. When the final-round candidates are announced, a week of fun activities will follow and, ultimately, the announcement ceremony in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle with our family and friends in attendance.

Megan Prine:
Which stop along the GDGDD tour has been your favorite? (I had the opportunity to meet Quinn at the Seattle event.)

Quinn: Hi Megan! What a treat to hear from you. Each stop of the Give a Day. Get a Disney Day. The Tour! has been memorable in its own way. During my visits to Arizona and Salt Lake City, I was able to include family members in the volunteering activities and the views of the Wasatch Mountains were tremendous in Utah. Seattle was a beautiful stop as well, and working at the food bank was such a rewarding experience.

Danielle: I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of this tour in San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, and Las Vegas and while I had a great time in all the cities and helping out communities all along the way, I would have to say my favorite memories were made in San Francisco.

My parents live in the San Francisco bay area and they were able to come out and help with the school beautification project we worked on. It was fun to watch them make friends with other volunteers and they had a great day! In fact, right after the project when we got home, they immediately went searching for more Hands On Network projects in their area. I could really see how easily community service can become a fun family project that people will continue to do long after this program is complete.

Tiffany Ryan Wahle:
Congrats. As ambassadors for Disneyland what are you most looking forward to?

Quinn: As a Resort Ambassador, we have the opportunity to speak with the media about a variety of subjects and this year we are gearing up for the opening of “World of Color.” Anyone who knows me knows that I love a water show, and this one is going to be out of this world and I can hardly wait. Another highlight, without a doubt, has been inspiring folks from all over to get out and volunteer in their own community. It’s great to have the chance to help people make a difference!

Danielle: One of the great things about the Resort is there’s always something to get excited about. I really enjoyed the new firework shows that debuted last year and can’t wait to see them again! I think that the Imagineers do such an amazing job of dreaming things up, then making them spectacular. I was blown away with Dumbo’s appearance last summer in Magical and can’t wait to see more Halloween fun hit the skies this fall.

Nicole Gilley:
Will these questions actually be answered?

Quinn: Hi Nicole. Yes, we are happy to answer and hope the information is insightful!

Danielle: Good question Nicole, and the easiest in the lot!

Martha Carolina Sanchez-Avila:
My family and I have a tradition of boarding the train and taking one trip around the park to feel the magic. After one ride we go to Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion. Do you have a tradition you like to partake in?

Quinn: What a wonderful tradition. It’s so great to hear about all of the fun things our guests do during their visits to the Resort. For me, no visit to the Resort is complete without a visit to Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. It’s amazing to have the opportunity to visit an attraction that has such a wonderful history – the first use of Audio-Animatronics figures.

Danielle: When I get the chance to play in the park with my family or friends, I take the opportunity to eat the treats that I love so much. In particular, the most amazing caramel covered apples in the world! They are so delicious and perfect, and though I have access to them year round, it’s probably better for my waistline that I reserve that treat for my visits to the parks as a guest.

Cristina Villatoro:
What’s the best secret on a ride?

Quinn: Well, there are more than a few secrets scattered about the Resort and they each have such specific meanings. I think my favorite is found in Tazan’s Treehouse. Near the end of the experience, just after you have completed the climb, you can hear a tune being played on an old-fashioned record player the “Swisskapolka.” I like this because it’s such a wonderful tribute to the former Swiss Family Treehouse attraction that stood where Tarzan’s Treehouse is today.

Tawny Horton:
How can I become a photographer for Disney?! That would be my ultimate dream!!!

Danielle: Funny you should ask. My first job here at the Resort was as a Disney’s PhotoPass photographer and I loved it! While I didn’t have much prior training as a photographer, many of the cast members who capture memories around the Resort have studied and worked in the art for a long time. In working with Disney’s PhotoPass, I learned a lot technically and I enjoyed being part of the operation of the Resort on a daily basis. To this day I can still remember some of the priceless moments that I had a chance to be a part of and capture for families from all over the world.

Of course beyond our Disney’s PhotoPass photographers, we have other people who are in charge of capturing the beauty of the Resort for different departments and media outlets. My best advice for being either a part of the PhotoPass family, or any other photographer position, is to come to Disneyland Casting and start gaining experience as a cast member!


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  • Hi. I have always wanted to be a disney imagineer. What kind of stuff will I have to do to be able to be one. It has been my dream since I was just a little kid.

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  • They answered the least important questions.

  • Hey Louise – The restaurant you are seeing with the squid is T-Rex located in Downtown Disney Marketplace in Florida. It’s a Rainforest Cafe for Dinosaurs complete with meteor shower. Tasty but loud. I am happy about there being another thing for my boys to do.

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