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Disney•Pixar Animation Brings ‘World of Color’ to Life

Our team took a trip recently to the Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, California, just outside of San Francisco. They spoke with animators about Pixar’s role in the upcoming “World of Color” show. Creative Director Roger Gould and animators David Smith and Brett Coderre gave examples of how they’re bringing Disney•Pixar characters to life in “World of Color,” the highly anticipated nighttime water show debuting at Disney’s California Adventure park this year. In today’s video, we take you behind the scenes for an exclusive look that you will see only on the Disney Parks Blog. Enjoy!


  • Disney never ceases to amaze me. This looks like it is going to be great!! Hope to see it soon.,

  • I can’t wait to see it. Just looking at the testing looks awesome!

  • While I love the Pixar movies it really seems that Disney has been using too much Pixar in the parks. After looking at this video I hope that this doesn’t become 50% Pixar clips in the show. I am really really looking forward to World of Color. The testing looks fantastic. I’m sure I’ll see World of Color plenty of times but just hope the theme spans ALL Disney aspects and not just the last 10 years of popularity. 🙂

  • Any chance World of Color will be up and running by April 1st? We’re going to Disneyland / California Adventure for our 5th anniversary and would LOVE to see this!

  • One thing that Disney knows how to do is plus it. They wont leave anything out i’m sure. Out of all the new things going up at DCA. This is what I am most excited about. Can’t wait.

  • What about Monsters Inc?

  • Wow, thanks for posting this! I was wondering when you guys were gonna put another update. It feels like it’s been a while since the last one. The show looks like it will be absolutely breathtaking. I can’t wait. When is the release date?

  • Wow, this looks amazing!

  • It looks so cool! 🙂

  • Those projections look so clear. And the fountains look amazing.

  • I’m still not convinced. It looks better than Fantasmic in some ways but there is more to it than film and water I hope. Like having the dragon and water vessels in Fantasmic.
    The Water Screens still aren’t delivering a very good quality image…especially fast images. [which seems to defeat the purpose of the animator’s efforts]

    I guess once you go to Tokyo Disney Resort you have a higher standard. You see what can be built if the park has money to bring what the imagineers create to life.

    And I’m STILL unhappy about the lack of stadium seating even though there is a purpose built viewing area being built.

  • I would love to see this at epcot

  • or….. replace the tombstones in front of spaceship earth with a wonderful new fountain with the led lighting and bring back the acrylic pillars with the epcot logo.

  • Louise and Mark.

    Louise: TDR is a nice resort and has nice shows but you havent seen half of the show. They are talking about Pixars part in the show. There will be lasers, fog, fire, and water of course. If you have been watching construction on the viewing area. They are placing fountains and special effects in there to make it interactive 🙂

    Mark: I would not count on this show being built at Epcot or Magic Kingdom. This is a special show that we will have. You guys are getting a FL expansion. Plus MSEP for 2 years.

  • Louise: This will be the biggest show Disney has done in entertainment. Steve Davison said it is the biggest show of his career.

    The brilliant thing about World of Color is the art form, how water is brought to life in ways we hadn’t seen it before. If you can’t appreciate Disney stories and amazing special effects and music then maybe this show isn’t for you. That being said, this show will revolutionize nighttime shows at Disney.

    If you’re not impressed from the 30-second clips we have been shown – my recommendation is, wait for the finished product.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!More!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Brandon –
    “There will be lasers, fog, fire, and water of course.”
    Braviseamo combines a dragon, lasers, fire, water, fog and fountains. This is NOT unique.

    Yazmin –

    Braviseamo is a spectacular that has never been seen in the US…so while this may “revolutionise” in terms of what has been seen in the US…it isn’t a complete revolution.

    I don’t doubt this will be good. But I think that people are going to be disappointed with all the hype they are adding to it.

    And as for “his will be the biggest show Disney has done in entertainment.”
    Perhaps the biggest nighttime…maybe
    But in NO WAY the biggest show. The size of Mediterranean Harbour in DisneySea is larger than this water body, and Legend of Mythica is a HUGE show on water that can never be replicated here in size and scope.

    I understand people being excited about this but unless you have been to ALL the Disney Parks you have a limited perspective of what Disney has done in the past. Just because YOU haven’t seen anything like this before doesn’t mean it doesn’t already exist.

  • Louise, isn’t it funny how when you see Tokyo Disneyland’s 160 performer day time parade and 175 performer Electrical Parade Dreamlights to Disneyland’s entertainment offerings you just start to expect more?

  • “If you’re not impressed from the 30-second clips we have been shown – my recommendation is, wait for the finished product.”

    I agree. All we have seen in this and other videos is just bits and glimpses of test footage. The final show-when everything comes together is what guests are really meant to see.

    And I think that stadium seating would completely ruin the look of the area. That is the beauty of Disneyland’s Fantasmic and World of Color; by day, these areas looks “normal” and fit well with their surroundings. Completely hiding the fact that by night there will be a huge spectacular.
    During the day, the Fantasmic area looks like normal New Orleans Square/Frontierland. And when the viewing area for World of Color is finished, during the day it will be a garden area called Paradise Park.

    Also everyone, Do not worry. There will be lots of classic Disney characters in this show. I saw Steve Davison’s presentation at the D23 Expo, so I know for a fact that there will be plenty of classic Disney.

  • Adam:

    This show WILL use characters, films, music, etc. that are more than 10 years old (such as Bambi, Fantasia, Alice in Wonderland, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame and even the Silly Symphony short The Old Mill), in addition to the ones that came our way within the past 10 years.

    There WILL be a balance between the Pixar films and the traditional Disney animated classics in this show, thus spanning ALL aspects of Disney.

  • Louise – Braviseamo is a great show, but it’s not the best show there is. It’s very repetitive – the love story of water and fire.. that goes on and on. Even the local Tokyo folks aren’t big fans of the show, and are excited about the new Fantasmic heading their way. Braviseamo was a great show but wasn’t very popular with guests.

    And yes, it has been confirmed by Steve Davison himself that this is the biggest show Disney entertainment has done so far. And yes, this will revolutionize water shows because nowhere else on earth have all these special effects been combined in one show.

    My advice – go check out the D23 Expo presentation on Youtube. Search for Steve Davison @ D23 World of Color and find out everything that is being put into this show. Thanks.

  • Its worth nothing that Tokyo DisneySea was originally planned to receive World Of Color as well, but it apparently would have been too much of an expense re-constructing their Mediterranean Harbor for the equipment needed for such a complex water show. Now Tokyo DisneySea will be getting a new version of Fantasmic instead.

    We all know that Tokyo DisneySea has phenomenal entertainment, but World of Color is shaping up to be phenomenal as well. And guests will surely be impressed by it.

    The final product will definitely be something worth seeing, and it will really help out California Adventure. 🙂

  • Wow. Just look at those water fountains illuminated with colorful lights! Cant wait to see that. On the other side, and I know it would have been simply outstanding, to have the show on 3D water screens. Instead of having only the screens at the end, they could have putted some others near the audience. This would give a great effect.

  • Thanks for sharing with us Valarie! As always, Disney’s behind-the-scenes looks are enlightening. I certainly hope to visit Disneyland someday after World of Color is running.


  • Oh-mmm-gee! This looks incredible! I can’t wait till opening day, ‘er, opening night! Pixar you have yet to cease to amaze me. (Also, congratulations Pixar on your two Academy Awards for “Up”!)

  • I’m going to have to venture out from Florida and try Disneyland!

  • and when is it going to premier???????

  • Yes, anybody have a premier date!?!

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