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‘Disney Premier Passport’ Unveiled

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Disney Premier Passport
Breaking news…we just announced during Disney’s annual shareholders meeting that a new premium annual pass for admission to the parks at both Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort will be offered beginning Thursday. It’s called “Disney Premier Passport” and it’ll feature the same benefits you get with the “premium” annual passes for Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts for $700, plus applicable- sales tax.

So, what’s in it for you? At Walt Disney World:

And at Disneyland Resort:

  • Unlimited admission to both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure Parks for a period of one year, including the ability to visit multiple parks on the same day.
  • Parking at any pay-on-entry parking lot
  • Subscription to Backstage Pass.
  • Complimentary subscription to Disney’s Family Fun Magazine (one per household)

If you’re already holding a Premium Annual Pass for both Resorts, you’ll automatically be issued a “Disney Premier Passport” – with an expiration date based on the later of the two annual passes. You may also upgrade your annual or seasonal pass for one resort to a “Disney Premier Passport” for an additional fee.

The Passport will be available for sale at the Disneyland Resort box office and Walt Disney World Guest Relations windows beginning tomorrow. So, sound interesting? Let us know what you think.


  • Hmmm…what if you already have an annual pass? Can you upgrade? Sweet idea.

  • Wow, I always thought this would be a great idea! Wish I could get one and make use of it! hehe

  • I may just have to get one of these for me and my son. We go to Disney 2x a year an the cost of the tickets we buy pays for one of these. Nice idea!

  • How much is it?

    • Initial cost will be $700, plus applicable sales tax.

  • Any chance of a DVC discount?

  • What is the difference between this and the Premium Annual Pass ? Is it just the golf ?

    • Hi Drew…this is a premium annual pass to both resorts – Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.

  • It’s a great idea and about time. Although I know that I wouldn’t be able to use one properly, I know several people that would. Now let’s see if they get a Globe Trotter Pass for ALL the Parks (although I know that Tokyo Disneyland would be an issue since Oriental Land Company owns it)

  • I am also interested if there will be a DVC discount.

    Now I wish I had renewed my DL ap back in Jan, so I could just upgrade that to this new one.

    Are there kid priced ones? What if we dont want the water parks and Disney quest options?

    thanks for creating this pass!

    • That’s correct – no child pricing or DVC discounts. The Premier Passport includes the same entitlements as the Premium Passes at both WDW and DLR.

  • A DVC discount really is a good idea.

  • Will there be a DVC discount for this like their are for WDW AP’s?

  • Fantastic news! I always wondered why something like this wasn’t offered.

    I’m glad to see that Disney is automatically converting us existing dual-premium-annual pass holders and providing upgrade options for the single annual pass holders too.

  • I have a premium pass at Disneyland but just a regular AP/non-Premium at Disney World. Can I just pay the difference to upgrade my Disney World pass to the Premium and then have the Premiere Pass expiration date set as the latest of of those combined passes instead of having to buy a new pass entirely?

    • Hi Robert…you’ll automatically be upgraded to the Premier Passport! The new passes are being mailed 3/11. Guests that currently hold any annual pass at both DLR and WDW (excluding Epcot After 4 and the Fl Res Dream Pass) will automatically be upgraded to the Premier Passport at no additional charge. The expiration date will be based on the later of the two annual passes.

  • Sounds wonderful! I think I will just be sticking to my Disneyland pass but I rarely ever go to Florida. Sounds great for someone who does often go to both.

  • Always wanted this to happen! It’s been a process going to both sides of the country without them being really connected in any way! GREAT JOB! Now if this had only happened two years ago when we went to both parks… oh well – it will give us something to look forward to in the future! Keep up the new ideas!!!

  • Does this pass offer food or merchandise discounts like the other APs do?

    Any chance that D23 members might get a discount?

    Also, once these passes are available, where will we be able to purchase them? At the parks, I’m sure, but what about online or at Disney Stores?

    • Great questions…yes to food and merchandise discounts but no to D23 membership discounts. Also, the Premier Passport is only available for purchase at WDW Guest Relations (at the theme parks and at Downtown Disney) and at the DLR Box Office. The Premier Passport will not be available to purchase online. However, information about the Premier Passport will be available online.

  • Finally! We bi-coastal folks have been asking for this for years. The pricing seems high, though. There should be an incentive to buy this instead of just two separate annual passes, or at least the ability to mix and match, say, a deluxe Disneyland pass with a premium DW pass. If it was closer to $600 it’d be worth it.

  • One more question… any chance of monthly payment options for this pass?

    • Sorry…passes are not be eligible for monthly payment plan.

  • Very cool news!

    For now, I will probably be sticking with with my Disneyland Resort pass until I know for a fact if I will be able to visit Florida sometime in the future.

    Still, this is amazing news, I never thought I’d see the day!

    And yes, if you already have an annual pass, you can upgrade.

  • Asked for this a long time ago… so nice to see it happen. Not sure of price yet, though.

  • Stupid question:

    Disneyland is photo based identity and Disney World is biometric – how do they resolve that?

  • Just wondering if there is any chance of a monthly payment plan option like so many other parks are doing right now. It would make the passes so much more reasonable for a lot of people.

    • Sorry, Allyson…no monthly payment option now.

  • Hoping for a DVC discount!!

  • Will there be a discount for junior visitors, I am assuming this is adult prices?

    • Hi Keith, it’s the one price for adults and juniors.

  • SWEET!!!!

    I’ve had a DL pass for 5 years now. I remember asking a CM about this last time I went and he mentioned, “That’s a terrible idea!”. $700 is a little steep though since most people who would go to both aren’t going to go THAT often. I’d be all over this if it were 50-100 less.

  • This sounds perfect for our family we have plans for Disney World in October then DisneyLand next summer. I might even find a way to add another spring break trip since we will have the tickets already.
    I am also hoping for a DVC discount.

  • A little too expensive for me….hoping they offer a DVC or military discount.

  • Just did the math…it won’t be worth it for us, unless there is a DVC discount. Otherwise, I will just stick with my WDW premium pass with the discount and buy my DL tickets for our trip.

  • Totally worth it for us. We have Premium annual passes at DLR $439 and we usually buy a 7 day hopper for our week at WDW $286 That’s a total of $725. Not to mention parking at WDW is included now as well as the water parks and DisneyQuest. Total savings for us….I might even go golfing since the green fees are included. I cant wait to upgrade.

  • People have been clamoring for this for years – I’m thrilled that Disney is listening and is making this option available. It’s pricey, but not too far out from where I would expect something like that to be. Thanks for listening and taking action!

    Now, about that Imagineering job I’ve been wanting – if you guys could get on that… 🙂

  • Looking at the pricing more, this is definitely a better deal for DW AP holders than the DL AP holders. Regardless, *Me hopes for DVC discount*

  • I currently have an Annual Pass at Disneyworld that expires in April of 2011. I’m going to Disneyland in September and would like to upgrade. Any idea when I upgrade in September if my Annual Pass would still expire in April of 2011 or would it be changed to September of 2011?

    I think it’s a great idea for some people, but not most. I will be getting this.

    • Thanks, Christopher. If you currently hold an Annual Pass you’ll be eligible to upgrade to the Premier Passport. You’ll pay the difference between the retail price of your existing pass and the Premier Passport price. Expiration date will remain the same as the initial annual pass. Also, upgrades can be done at Guest Relations at either site.

  • I’m also curious if you renewed your pass if you get credit for the renewal price when you upgrade to the Premier pass or if you get the full price of the annual pass. I’m only curious so I plan enough money on the upgrade.

  • This is Awesome!! I would love to have a dual annual pass to both parks. I am so buying this pass as soon as I can get either an D23 discount or a DVC discount! Come give us a Disney Vacation Club Discount!!

  • We have 2 trips to WDW and 1 trip to DL scheduled in the next 12 months. We buy a WDW Premium Annual Pass for $494 adult and $436 for child. We are planning on buying a 6 day pass for DL at $184 (adult/child same price). So for us, it won’t save any money at $700/each. Now…if there is a DVC discount off the $700, it could potentially save us money. And we may be able to add an extra trip to DL in the mix! I have my fingers crossed!

  • It would be great to have some kind of D23 discount on all the annual passes!
    It really is a great deal. The savings is over $300.
    Let’s hope they come up with something that would be a combination of the regular WDW annual pass + the DL delux annual. Then make it about $500 – 550. 🙂

  • I think its great! But I wish it was less expensive!

  • Love IT, but the price is a little steep. Unless they offer a DVC discount or offer some options of AP levels, I’ll have to pass.

  • It’s really strange the perspective people have on this. I can understand how people holding Anheim passes have trouble finding the value in upgrading it but for people who usually goto Florida it’s not much more.
    I think what is best is this will allow a lot of people who only have one “home park”, to see the other. Having been to both in the last year, I know how each has it’s own personalities and peculiarities.
    The reak benifit will be when someone says, let go to the other coast next trip and can upgrade thier existing pass. It may only apply to a few but I’m sure they have been looking forward to this a long time.

  • This is wonderful! A premium pass at DL ($439) and WDW ($619) make this a BARGAIN at $700. Thank you, Disney! Don’t DVC members already get a discount on lodging?

  • Can you upgrade a WDW premium pass to the Premier passport? What is the cost?

  • What about using your give a day, get a day credit towards the purchase?

    • Just received confirmation that yes, GDGDD credit can be applied to the Premier Passport.

  • Like the idea but would like to see another package, costing less that only included the theme parks as and maybe one with theme parks plus water parks. Have DL annual pass and go every couple years to WDW so all the extas like DisneyQuest, Golf and ESPN Complex have less value to me

  • Okay, now this brings me to a question too:
    I am already a WDW Annual Passholder. I am going to Disneyland in June and already bought my Disneyland Premium Annual Pass online in advance. Will I be included in this deal where current WDW and DLR AP Holders will be automatically upgraded to the Premier Annual Pass.

    Thanks in advance…

    • Yes, Katie. You’ll be included.

  • Our WDW Annual pass is up for renewal in a week. Can I renew my WDW Annual pass for the 15 months, and then bring it to Disneyland at the end of May for our trip out there, and upgrade it to a Premier Pass that will expire 15 months after my WDW Annual pass renewal date?

    • Yes…the expiration date will remain the same as your initial annual pass.

  • Is there a phone number to call for question specifically about this pass? Or can we just visit guest relations at either of the resorts starting tomorrow?

    • Guest Relations (at either resort) will be able to answer your questions. Also, general information regarding the pass is now online (www.disneyparks.com/premier).

  • Wow! That’s cool! So many scenarios! My wife and I are DVC Members from Anaheim and we go to WDW for 2 weeks a year. We tend to alternate years we purchase our WDW AP’s and get get two trip out of one annual pass. However, with this option, we actually end up saving just enough to make it worth being an EVERY year WDW Ap holder and of course our AP at Disneyland.

    Bummer tho’, our WDW AP just expired in December, and on top of that, we just renewed our DL AP on 02/23. I’m curious what is in store for us with upgrading and what that date will be. Oh, to add.. I’m a Tigger fan and fav color is Blue. Does that help? 😉

  • Tell you what…you let me try one out for a year and I’ll let you know how good it is.

  • What about those of us who just want the main parks. I’m sure there’s more than myself who really don’t need the water parks, espn, golf…… Though this is still a very good value, I would rather have a pass for just the main six parks, parking and the usual discounts… Any plans?

  • Wow this is great as we are going to WDW in December! I’m curious how to upgrade my Premium AP from Disneyland though as I currently have the monthly payment option. Would I have to pay off the DL pass to upgrade or pay the additional amount in full and continue the monthly payments as scheduled for just the DL portion??

  • I just got my annual pass from wdw can I convert it ?

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