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‘Disney Premier Passport’ Unveiled

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Disney Premier Passport
Breaking news…we just announced during Disney’s annual shareholders meeting that a new premium annual pass for admission to the parks at both Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort will be offered beginning Thursday. It’s called “Disney Premier Passport” and it’ll feature the same benefits you get with the “premium” annual passes for Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts for $700, plus applicable- sales tax.

So, what’s in it for you? At Walt Disney World:

And at Disneyland Resort:

  • Unlimited admission to both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure Parks for a period of one year, including the ability to visit multiple parks on the same day.
  • Parking at any pay-on-entry parking lot
  • Subscription to Backstage Pass.
  • Complimentary subscription to Disney’s Family Fun Magazine (one per household)

If you’re already holding a Premium Annual Pass for both Resorts, you’ll automatically be issued a “Disney Premier Passport” – with an expiration date based on the later of the two annual passes. You may also upgrade your annual or seasonal pass for one resort to a “Disney Premier Passport” for an additional fee.

The Passport will be available for sale at the Disneyland Resort box office and Walt Disney World Guest Relations windows beginning tomorrow. So, sound interesting? Let us know what you think.


  • Any idea on which Passport reader system will be used?

    WDW uses the cheaper paper passports with no photo. It also requires the use of the biometric finger scanner.

    DLR uses the nicer plastic photo-ID with bar-code. The passports are scanned at the parking structure, main gate, and at all the point of sales register to apply discounts.

    Just curious if a “unified” system is going to be put in place.

    • Hi Roger…We are maintaining the controls used at both WDW and DLR – no change to the current process. Biometric information is gathered when guests use the pass for the first time at WDW and at DLR, guests have their photo taken at the AP Processing Center.

  • Another that will gladly get it, IF it gets a DVC discount!!

  • I know you said no DVC discount.. what about resident discount. I also agree with some of the others the price is a little steep when you will probably only visit the other park once.

    Since we are Florida residents we go 5 or 6 times a year for 3 to 4 day getaways.

    How about a longevity discount, we have had passes for WDW for 6 years.

  • This wonderful, as my daughter & I are about to move to Fl, in the Lakeland area & we both absolutely love WDW!!!!

  • Ok, will this also get us other deals that passholders normally get, such as the discounts on hotels, etc?

    • Yes, Chris. The same discounts as existing passholders.

  • This is such an awesome idea! Even though I only go to WDW, I would love to get one of the Premium Passes just so I have it! It would look great next to my charter D23 membership card!

  • I love the idea of this, now if I just had the time to go back and forth, life would be heaven.

  • Sounds like a grand idea. My sister and I are premium AP holders at Disneyland would we be able to subtract the difference and upgrade to the premier pass. We want to go to WDW this June so this would be a great plan.

  • Wonderful!! It’s cheaper than two park annual passport of tokyo disney!
    I need annual pass for all over the disney parks.

  • Wow, those passes cost too much. DVC members should have a discount on everything. We have bought a piece of “The Magic”. We have a real estate interest in Disney Vacation Club property. Went to WD over XMAS, a restaurant gave “pass” holders a discount but not DVC Members and we can’t understand that. We love Disney and our DVC Membership, we just think DVC folks should get a break too.

  • This would be worthwhile if it also included an instant FastPass for all FP-enabled rides. (HINT)

  • Here’s my question; Does the Pass become active from the date of purchase and then one year after, or does it become active the first time it’s used for a trip and then expire one year after?

    • Great question, John. The Passport is active when it is purchased, not when it’s first used. Expiration date is 1 year from purchase date.

  • I currently have a Dusneyland Premium pass which expire 12/26/10. I’m going to WDW in June. If I upgrade to a Premier Pass then, will I only need to pay $271 ($700 cost of premium – $429 cost of my DL premium passport)? And, will the expiration date for my new annual pass be June 2011?

    I also have a DL premium ticket voucher which I haven’t redeemed yet. Can I take that to WDW as well and trade that in and get a Premier Pass for the same upgrade price – $271?

    • Chuck, you’ll pay $271 plus applicable tax. Expiration date will be 12/26/10 – with the same expiration date on the original pass. And WDW does not accept DLR vouchers. Also, you can apply the voucher value toward a Premier Passport at DLR Box Office and pay the difference.

  • It is very splendid news.

    I am a Japanese, I live in Japan. I do it. Can even a Japanese purchase it?

  • What is the upgrade price if you have the regular (not premium) pass for WDW only?

    • Hi Tracy…if you’re holding a WDW Tourist AP (priced at $489) the price difference is $211. If you’re holding a WDW Florida Resident AP (priced at $369) the price difference is $331.

  • I wish this sounded like a good deal, but when you factor in 2 adults and 2 children, you realize that most families could never afford it. I live in Florida and already have a hard time buying the Premium Passes here @ 400+ dollars a pop. If I were to ever go to Disney Land, which I do want someday, it would only be once a year or so.
    It would make a whole lot more sense to just have the Disney World Premium pass throw in the access to the Disney Land resorts, but not change the price. It wouldn’t be used a lot, but would add perceived value. You might just get more people to buy the Premium pass at the lower price point with the extra “value”. Almost everyone I know thinks I am crazy for paying what I paid for the normal Premium pass. They believe its overpriced and just buy the Seasonal or Annual passes.

    Disclaimer: This comment written by a true Disney fan for over 29+ years and a stockholder.(Also a guy who misses when Disney wasn’t so crowded)

  • Thank you – this is a tremendous deal, and something that we, as dual-coast AP holders for many years, have been wishing for for a long time! We’re looking forward to receiving our new passes in the mail!

  • Great idea! Often I’ve held both annual passes and wished I could have just one. Now my dream has come true.

    • Glad to hear…thanks, Scott.

  • Very excited about this pass! Will the Premier Passport offer hotel discounts in Disneyland, similar to the frequent hotel discounts offered to WDW passholders?

  • My fiancee (or rather wife) will be on our honeymoon very soon and purchased an 8 day Your Way ticket. Would we be able to use that purchase towards credit towards a Premium Pass?

    • Yes, you can apply the value of the 8-Day MYW ticket toward the purchase of a Premier Passport. The upgrade has to be done at WDW (DLR can not apply a credit for WDW MYW tickets).

  • Thomas it seems most feedback I have seen cite the need to Disney to look into a DVC discount. I think that the idea is a good one, but DVC owners can find a better deal the way it is.

    My question is I currently have a WDW AP (not Premium, just regular)that expires the first week of April. Can you explain how the process will work for those who do have AP at only ONE park and want to renew or possibly upgrade to the Premier Passport? Thanks

    • Yes…we see that, thanks. So, you can upgrade your pass at any time to the Premier Passport. You’ll pay the difference in the retail price of your existing pass and the price of the Premier Passport (priced at $700).

  • You’ve answered this question in various forms, and I’ve tried to apply the responses to a specific situation . . . but just to confirm – I have a WDW “regular” AP that expires in December, and a DL Deluxe AP that expires in September. As I understand it, I will automatically receive the new Premier Passport, and it will expire in December?

    • Yes, that’s correct. Your new Premier Passport will expire in December.

  • Hey There,

    How are your systems able to see if we are Passholders at both Resorts? Are lists created then cross checked to see if there are matching names and addresses?

    Thanks for keeping up the great communications. I really appreciate the blogs from the Company and from the variety of sources.

    • Sure thing, Eric. We were able to systematically check the list of passholders at WDW & DLR against one another to determine who had passes at both resorts.

  • Nice! This IS a deal for us Californians. We’re planning on our WDW honeymoon this year, and this will save us a little more over 100.00 each!

  • I love the idea, I’m just having a hard time with why there isn’t a DVC discount. I own DVC points at both costs, and receive discounts for both parks annual passes. While the price of the combined is a 200 dollar savings, which blows away the amount we would pay with a DVC savings, I’m now questioning my purchase with DVC.

  • This is awesome news, something I’ve been hoping for for quite some time. I too am a DVC member and appreciate the discount, but guys this is much better if you visit both parks! I’m not saying discount wouldn’t be nice, but DLR Premium AP with Discount is $409, WDW Premium (for the sake of argument renewal price) incl tax $483.51. Total $892.51, already $192.51 saved. I personally have DLR Premium and WDW Standard and I’m still saving over $75 from DVC pricing, and I’m getting ‘Water Park Fun & More’ which I didn’t have before. I think it’s a great deal.

    I do have one question. I live in the UK but have all my APs registered to a mailbox address in Florida (So I can get all the mailings sent out as they don’t go internationally). Until I am able to get to my mailbox to pick up the Premier Pass which I understand you guys are mailing out from today, will I still be able to use my existing passed at both resorts?

    Also am I correct in assuming if when it comes to renewal if I do it at DLR I will pay no sales tax???

    • Yes, you can use your existing passes until they either expire or you turn them in to activate your Premier Passport. You’ll still need to pay applicable Florida tax on the Premier passport, even if you purchase in California.

  • I currently have a Disneyland Deluxe AP that expires next week and a Disnney World AP that is good until next February. Will I be receiving the Premier Pass? When will it expire in my case? Thanks!

    • Yes, you will be receiving a Premier Passport in the mail. Your expiration date will be in February next year (later of the 2 passes).


  • This is great! Thanks Disney! I live in the middle of the country and have been a passholder at both Disneyland and Disney World for many years. As far as I can see, the $700 price is less than I currently pay for my 2 separate passes even taking into account the current DVC discount.

  • I am currently a Disneyland Premium Annual Passholder. I have a WDW 1-Day Park Ticket that I did not use during my vacation at WDW last month. Can I go to Disneyland and upgrade my DLR Premium Annual Pass to the Premiere Pass AND use the value of my WDW 1-Day ticket to be applied to the upgrade? Then I’d just be paying the leftover difference?…. So it’d be $700 – $439 (DLR Premium Annual Pass) – $79.00 (WDW 1-Day Park Ticket) = $182 (the amount leftover that I will have to pay out).

    Can it be done? Thank you for your reply.

    • OK…you can upgrade to the Premier Passport at DLR. However, you can not apply the value of the 1-day MYW ticket from WDW to the price of the Premier Passport. If you do the upgrade while at WDW, then the WDW 1-Day MYW ticket can be applied toward the price of the Premier Passport.

  • I’m a bit confused. If you currently have annual passes at both parks, the expiration on your new combined pass will be the latter of the two dates. However, if you currently have an annual pass at only one park (say WDW) and upgrade to the premium passport, the expiration date will be the same as the original pass. Shouldn’t it change over to one year from the date of the upgrade? Otherwise, there is no incentive to convert until your current annual pass is nearing expiration.

    • No problem, Melinda. The expiration date remains the same as the original pass. The “complimentary upgrade” to the Premier Passport (with the extended expiration date) was done only for the launch.

  • This is AWESOME, and I will be getting this pass in the next couple of weeks. I do have a question. I have the Premium Disneyland Annual Pass right now. But I pay for it with Monthly payments. When I go to upgrade my pass do I just pay the difference between this pass and the New Pass and continue to pay my monthly payments for the Disneyland Pass. OR do I need to both pay off my current pass and pay the difference of the new pass at the ticket Both?

    • Hi Homan…glad to hear. So, you’ll pay the difference between your current Pass and the new Premier Passport. Also, you will continue to pay the monthly payments for the Disneyland Pass.

  • As we DVC members won’t be able to take advantage of AP room discounts, nor will we receive a DVC discount on the pass, what will you be able to offer us to ensure that we are getting the same value of benefit as non-DVC members?

  • We have a unique situation that I am sure a few other passholders are facing. We all have WDW passes that expire on March 9, 2011. We just early renewed our son’s DL annual pass (he pass was going to expire on March 21, 2010).

    Obviously if we had known this was going to transpire, we wouldn’t have renewed his pass and enjoyed the benefit of the new Premier Pass with an expiration date of March 9, 2011.

    What is Disney doing to make these passholders whole given that their previous passes haven’t technically expired? Seems that those passholders in this gap should be allowed some sort of concession (refunded any renewal payments made) given the timing of the announcement and the fact that the previous pass has not expired as of the date of this announcement.

    Can you help clarify this for the few of us passholders that it affects?

    We also vote for a DVC discount.

    • Hi Katherine, we’ll need some additional information to answer this. Does everyone in the family have passes for both resort that were valid on 3/10/10 or is it just your son? What are the expiration dates on the DLR passes? Also, what type of passes do you own at WDW and DLR?

  • I have a Disneyland Premium Pass which expires in June 11, 2010. I’m heading over to Disneyland next week and heading over to Walt Disney World at the end of this month and I am interested in upgrading to the premier pass.

    When I read comment #63, you pay the difference in the premier pass ($700) to my premium pass ($389) = to $311. And the pass expires on June 11, 2010.

    I was wondering how much will I have to pay to renew my pass when it gets to June?

    • The cost to renew a Premier Passport is $700 (no renewal discount). Current renewal price for DL Premium passport is $419. (Current retail price of a Premium Passport at DLR is $439)

  • We have a Premium Disneyland passport (expires on 07-16-10) and have a trip planned for April to Walt Disney World with Magic Your Way tickets including the Water Parks. We would like to take advantage of the Premiere passport for both parks as we are hoping to go back to Florida again in September. Would both the MYW tickets and our Disneyland passport apply to the Premiere passport when we go back to Florida in April? Sure hope so…thanks!

    • Hi Margo…Yes, you can apply the value of your WDW MYW tickets toward the upgrade to the Premier Passport. The price to upgrade to the Premier Passport would be $700 less the retail price of your Disneyland passports and the value of the MYW ticket. This upgrade must be done at WDW as DLR does not accept MYW tickets for the upgrade.

  • Hello, I was wondering if I can add my 7 day park hopper tickets I bought for my upcoming trip to WDW to my current Disneyland Premium Passport as an upgrade to get the Disney Premier Passport?

    • You can apply the value of the WDW 7-day MYW ticket to the price of the Premier Passport if you complete the upgrade while at WDW. The WDW 7-day MYW pass cannot be applied toward the value of the Premier Passports if the upgrade is completed at DLR.

  • Great for people in those two states who are able to go more than once. For the rest of us, too expensive.

  • I currently have a Deluxe Disneyland Annual Pass and was going to purchase a Disney World Annual Pass. My Disneyland annual pass expires in October but I would need the Premier Pass through next January. Should I purchase a Disney World annual pass? Or how should I go about this?

    • If you upgrade now to the Premier passport, the expiration date will be October 2010. If you’re visiting WDW in January 2011, your Premier Passport will have already expired.

  • In other words, if I have an AP for Disneyland expiring in October and an AP for WDW expiring in March 2011, does that qualify me for the Premier AP that would expire in March 2011?

    • Yes, you’ll be mailed a Premier Passport with March ’11 expiration date.

  • Thomas I need your help. My Wife and I currently have Premium passes at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, by the way thanks for making this pass. Before the anoucement was made yesterday my wife sent in our renewals for Disneyland to do the monthly payments. She called today and the Cast Member told her that we did in fact have to renew because our passes expire on 3/21 and 3/28. From all acount hat I have been reading it looks like we should not have to renew as our WDW passes do not expire until 2011. We contacted Disneyland as we do not want them to prosses the paperwork. Any help, I would love it. Thanks.

    • Sure, Alan. Glad to help. You should be upgraded automatically to the Premier Passport with the expiration date being the later of the two passes.

  • will there be a cast member discount

    • Sorry, Danny. No cast discounts.

  • I hope you can help me, I think I am a victim of bad timing.

    I currently hold a DLR Premium which expires 8/7/10

    My Florida Resident Annual Pass expired 2/17/10. I am currently still within my 30 days of renewal period, it is my understanding if I renewed today my expiration would be 5/17/2011.

    If I show up in WDW on my next trip in trip and then upgrade to the premium it would cost me $283 and then it would expire it just three months on 8/7/10. I feel as if I have been denied the opportunity to have my passes synche up, had I known about the March 1st date of having both active passes I would have renewed and then would be good to go till May of 2011, as it is I feel I just lost 8 months of tickets.

    • Hi Ralph, I’m sorry but to be eligible for the free upgrade to the Premier Passport, you would have to have passes at both resorts as of 3/10/10.

  • Thanks for your reply Thomas. Just one more question then I think I’m done. As you said that you’ll need to pay FL sales tax on the Premier Passport, I’m just wondering out of interest what the final price will be? Will you pay 6.5% on the whole $700, or just on the Florida part of the pass if that makes sense? Thanks for taking the time to answer everyones questions 🙂

    • Sure, Colin. Total price of the Premier passport, including tax is $722.75. You’re paying 6.5% on the Florida portion of the pass.

  • Is there a way check to see if I was issued the new pass? I’m worried because I don’t think my accounts were linked by anything other then my name – I moved across the country and got a new pass once I got a new address. 🙁

  • Ok, I have a few more questions:

    Will we be able to apply our give a day, get a day towards the purchase of this pass? (As is allowed with other passes)

    If I live in California and buy the pass in California, do we still have to pay Florida sales tax? I don’t see why we would have to do so legally though, but I could see that those that live in Florida may be obligated to do so no matter what.

    At Disneyland we are offered renewal discounts, if we renew before our passes expire, will the discount also apply towards the premier pass?

  • We just got DL Premium passes that are on the monthly payment plan. We plan to go to WDW in July and would like to upgrade to the new pass. How does this work with the payment plan? Will we need to pay the total of the DL passes before upgrading to the new pass? Thank you for your reponse.

    • Hi Jannee…you’ll pay the difference in the price ($700 – price of current pass) and you will continue to pay the monthly payments.

  • We have the Premium WDW AP that expires in May and a So Cal AP for DLR that expires in November. If I read your responses correctly we will get the Premier AP, expiration November, in the mail without paying the difference between the So Cal AP and the Premium DLR AP. Yes?

  • I was planning to renew my WDW AP the day it was set to expire 4-8-10. It’s expiration date is set to be 7-8-11 (15 months). Can I turn around and upgrade that to the new Premium Disney Pass with the 7-8-11 expiration? My Disneyland AP expired last December.

    • Yes…after you renew your pass (new expiration of 7/8/11) you can upgrade to a Premier Passport and pay the difference in price. The expiration date will be the same date on the original pass (7/8/11).

  • Thanks for all the great information. I have a DL AP that is due to expire in April 2010. I am going to WDW in March 2010. If I buy a WDW AP before April, will I qualify for the two park Premier Passport? Thanks again for this exciting information.

    • Thanks, Peter. To qualify for the free upgrade, you would have to have active passes at both WDW and DLR as of 3/10/10.

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