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‘Disney Premier Passport’ Unveiled

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Disney Premier Passport
Breaking news…we just announced during Disney’s annual shareholders meeting that a new premium annual pass for admission to the parks at both Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort will be offered beginning Thursday. It’s called “Disney Premier Passport” and it’ll feature the same benefits you get with the “premium” annual passes for Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts for $700, plus applicable- sales tax.

So, what’s in it for you? At Walt Disney World:

And at Disneyland Resort:

  • Unlimited admission to both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure Parks for a period of one year, including the ability to visit multiple parks on the same day.
  • Parking at any pay-on-entry parking lot
  • Subscription to Backstage Pass.
  • Complimentary subscription to Disney’s Family Fun Magazine (one per household)

If you’re already holding a Premium Annual Pass for both Resorts, you’ll automatically be issued a “Disney Premier Passport” – with an expiration date based on the later of the two annual passes. You may also upgrade your annual or seasonal pass for one resort to a “Disney Premier Passport” for an additional fee.

The Passport will be available for sale at the Disneyland Resort box office and Walt Disney World Guest Relations windows beginning tomorrow. So, sound interesting? Let us know what you think.


  • Hi thomas, i heard that there is speculation of the monthly payment plan coming to Disneyworld because of it doing so well for Disneyland. can you please tell me if thats true or if its possible, because it would be easier for me to do it that way then just come up with all that money at once.

  • Hello,

    We went to WDW from Feb 23, 2010 to March 2, 2010 using the Magic Your Way Tickets. We plan to purchase a DLR annual pass in May 2010. We are planning on going to WDW again in December 2010. Can I apply the Magic Your Way tickets we used in Feb/Mar 2010 and the DLR we purchased in MaY 2010 towards the Premier Pass when we go to WDW in December 2010? I understand we can get this processed in WDW.


  • We really want to upgrade to Premier, but were not able to do so at Disneyland. They would not take our WDW Annual Passes as partial payment.

    Thomas do you have any ideas how we can do this upgrade?

  • I have a Disneyland Premium pass and a WDW Florida Resident annual pass. Am I eligible to receive the automatic upgrade, and if so, should I have received it by now or are the passes still be mailed out? Thanks.

  • Is Disney considering a life time pass to each of the parks? Or a life time pass tp all the parks throughout the world? I do not fly so a lifetime pass to all the parks would not be for me, but I would give consideration to the purchase of a life time pass to WDW. If so how about a discount to DVC club members?


  • We have not received our new cards either. Should we be concerned or should we give it another week or so. If we decide to contact someone, who should we contact, Disneyland GR or WDW?

  • There is still some confusion on the new dual pass. I have an Annual Park Hopper for WDW that expires in April 2010 and a Disneyland Deluxe Annual Passport that expires January 2011. Neither of these passes are the premium passes. Will I still receive the new Premier Pass? And if so when should I expect it in the mail. If Disney processed all of those tickets on March 11 it should be in my hands. I have not received one to date. Thank you for your time.

  • I haven’t received my Premier Passport in the mail, yet. I’m concerned because my Disneyland Renewal went to my parent’s address, despite my account online states my current address. My WDW annual pass has my current address. I’m thinking the Premier Passport logic would have cross-referenced name and address, so I wasn’t on Premier Pass list. Who should I contact?

  • This worked out really well for me. I was at WDW for Disney’s Princess Half Marathon and since I was planning on going back in October for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon and January for Marathon Weekend, I upgraded the pass I got with my hotel package to an Annual Pass. Three days later (on my birthday!) this new pass was announced and I got a heads up the next day from a friend who subscribes to the blog. It was totally worth paying an extra $200 to upgrade to this pass, which was less than I would have paid for DL admission and now I get waterparks and a premium discount on merchandise!!! The only bad thing for me is that, as a Canadian, I can’t get Mickey Monitor and assume I can’t get the DL publication.

  • Will the Premier pass have your picture on it? Would that answer be different depending on if you purchased it at DL or WDW? If it doesn’t have your picture on it, with DL system would you have to show your ID everytime you enter?

  • Finally! Thank you Disney for taking our feedback and making this pass. Now if only they could make a lifetime pass or an international pass =).

  • I have my new Premier Pass, but my husband didn’t get his. I checked the names on his two passes: Disneyland has him with the name he usually uses, but Disney World has him with his full legal name, which he absolutely detests. How can I go about getting this changed. Should I send a copy of his real passport and/or driver’s license, along with the back of the Disneyland pass. His picture is on that and we will be at Disneyland before we are at Disney World. I am concerned, because his Disneyland pass expires on 4/3/10.

    Thanks for any advice!

  • It’s looking and sounding like most qualified dual AP holders have gotten their Premier passes. According to everything I’ve read my son and I qualify, but we haven’t received ours yet. Is there a way to check on if they’ve been sent or if they haven’t, why?

  • If these tickets are only for sale at the parks, you are eliminating the travel agent and the commission for tickets. Will we be able to sell these soon?

  • Ok, I’ve got a strange question. We have Disneyland Resort AP’s (Deluxe) and that is for 4 of us. However, we all have tickets that we paid for non-expire at Disney World. Is there anyway to convert our non-expire into annual passes for both resorts? I hope there is a way since there would be no value in getting the Premium Pass if I am stuck with tickets for the long term at water parks, etc.

  • i have an annual pass to WDW that says it expires dec 27,2010 and my disneyland annual pass expries 10/7/2010…my premiere pass says it expires dec 27, 2010 however..when i returned from WDW this pass winter i registered my pass online and it says it expires march 27, 2010 as part of the 3 extra months…so is there a way to get this corrected??

  • I have tried to see if this was asked already but did not see it. We have 2 DL annual passes – one is a Premium (my wife’s) and the other Deluxe (mine). We also have annual passports for WDW.

    Today my wife got here Premier Passport, but I have not received one as of yet – :(. Is this due to the fact that the DL passport I hold is a Deluxe (no parking or discounts). If it is the reason what do we need to do.

    Thanks – Mike

  • My kids and I have annual passes for Disneyland and Walt Disney World. My two kids just recieved their new Disney Premier Passports in the mail. I did not receive mine. I think it may be because of a discrepancy in the last name. My Disneyland annual pass has a hyphenated last name but my Disney World annual pass does not. The rest of the information is the same for both (birthday and address). How do I fix this and receive my Disney Premier Passport?

  • This is great! Is there anyone I can call to verify if the new pass was mailed to me? I am concerned as my DLR PAP and my WDW AP may have different addresses as I have both a PO Box and street address I use. I was at DLR yesterday and they could not verify my WDW address or tell me if I was getting the new pass even though I presented my WDW pass. I do know I qualify as my fiance and I both have the same types of passes and he received his new pass yesterday. Thanks.

  • We just purchased WDW Premium AP vouchers for our up-coming visit in June from the military at NAS Pennsacola. We paid $598 each for two adult Premium passes & $528 for two childrens passes. If we wanted to upgrade to this new pass at the time our passes are activated, would we pay the difference between $700 and $598 or 528 respectivly or does this not apply since we are not CURRENT passholders? Also, do we need to upgrade at the time of activation, or anytime during our WDW visit? Thank you,

  • Got my Premier Passport in today’s mail! Yay! Wonderful!!

  • BTW we love the idea and have been just waiting for it to come!! Thank you!!

  • Our situation is a little different and we haven’t seen it covered so far. A month ago we purchased DLR Deluxe APs. On September 2 we will be coming to WDW and have been planning on purchasing once again Premium Annual Passes (DVC members). From what I have gathered here, if I buy the new Premiere Passport, and use my DLR AP toward it, I will still pay $700 minus the original cost of my DLR AP ($289) but my expiration date will be Feb. 1, 2011, which is when my DLR AP expires. But this way I am paying full price but only getting five months use. Is there another way to do this? This doesn’t seem exactly fair. Had we known this pass was coming, we would not have purchased our DLR APs when we did. Would they prorate the value of the DLR pass and give us the new Sept. 2, 2011 exp. date? We are back again at WDW in Dec.2010 Sally DVC member in NM since 2000

  • Yay! This is one of the requests I and others have been making for years when we did those surveys in the park. Next thing to work on: the premium guest pass. When the kids were younger, we would often allow them to take one friend each with them to Disney on a trip or two so that they had a built-in playmate. We would have allowed that more often and even been willing to pay a premium price if we could have shared that guest ticket among their friends. It would be a win-win situation: Disney gets more money than a standard seasonal or annual pass that can only be used in conjunction with the seasonal or annual pass that it was purchased with, they also get the additional money and souvenires that those additional people would buy, and they probably get additional trips and hotel room purchases because people are more willing to travel if they can include others in their trips.

  • Never mind my last post. I just got my Premier Passport!! It’s good until Sept. 2010.

  • I have a regular annual pass for WDW that expires in May 2010 and a Premium passport for DLR that expires in Sept. 2010. I called the WDW passholders number (407-560-7277) and they said that I should be upgraded to the Premier Passport for free and that it should be sent out on 3/15, and they told me to call the Disney Ticket Services (407-566-4895) for more info. I called the Disney Ticket Services and they said I would have to go to WDW or DLR and pay $700 plus tax and they would give me a Premier Passport that expires in Sept. 2011, but I read here and everywhere else online that i should automatically upgraded to a Premier Passport that expires in Sept. 2010 and it would be sent on 3/11. So which one in right?

  • This is wonderful news! My husband and I are snowbirds and travel south for the winter. We will be taking our grandkids to Disneyland during the summer break. And to Walt Disney World for Christmas and now we won’t have to buy a seperate pass. I know the grandkids will be very excited to hear they are going to Disneyland. Thank you so much for creating this pass.

  • My DLR P annual pass expires May 17, 2010
    WDW Jun 2, 2010
    Am I included in the mailing from Mar 11, so I’ll have the last 2.5 months of this passholder series?
    Thank you so much

  • We have Deluxe APs at Disneyland that that were just renewed in Jan 2010. We plan on visiting WDW this November and buying WDW APs then. If we paid the difference between the 2 passes our WDW portion would only be good for 2 months?

  • Hi! I’m so excited about this passport. My question is this: I have a Disneyland premium AP, and I have tickets included in my vacation package to WDW at the end of April. Can I take these WDW tickets and my Disneyland AP and upgrade to the Premier?

    • Hi Lacey…yes.

  • I’d like to see a DVC discount offered with this pass.

  • Another question:

    If I buy this passport at DL, can I take advantage of any early entry times, or am I limited to general admission times? Thank you.

    • Mickey’s Toontown Morning Madness at Disneyland is only available to Guests who purchase a package from Walt Disney Travel Company. Extra Magic Hours at Walt Disney World is only available to Guest staying at Walt Disney World owned and operated Resorts, Walt Disney World Swan, Walt Disney World Dolphin, Shades of Green, and The Hilton in the Walt Disney World Resort.

  • I have a Deluxe Disneyland AP, which as a smaller dining/merchandise discount than the Disneyland Premium AP (for most things 10% vs. 15%). When I upgrade to the Premier Passport, what Disneyland AP discount rate will it be modeled after? And, out of curiosity, what, if any, are the standard WDW discounts that come with the Premium Passport?

    • The discounts for the Premier passport are the same as the discounts for the Premium Passport at Disneyland. At WDW, you will be entitled to the same discounts as the WDW Premium Pass. A complete list of discounts, benefits, special offers and services for Walt Disney World Passholders is also available at all Disney Theme Park Guest Relations locations or at (407) 560-PASS.

  • Hi, Thomas. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer all of these questions. My situation is this: I am a WDW passholder. I intend to upgrade to the new Premier Pass for my visit to Disneyland in July. However I will not be back in WDW before the DL trip. Will Disneyland be able to “read” my WDW annual pass and process the upgrade?


  • Hi Thomas. I love that you’re taking the time to answer all these questions!

    My current WDW AP is a renewal, so I paid only the renewal rate for it. When I upgrade to the Premier Passport, will I be credited the full gate-price of the WDW AP, or just the amount that I paid last time I renewed?

    • Hi Paul, yes.

  • My DLR Premium expires May 17, 2010; WDW expires Jun 2, 2010. Will my new premium pass be mailed to me in TX automatically NOW, and then I renew Jun 2 to go thru 2011?This is wonderful!!

    • You should be receiving your Premier passport in the mail very soon. The expiration date will be the latter of the two passes (June 2, 2010)

  • This is AWESOME!! All of us Disney Fan-atics Love everything DISNEY and want it from on side of the country to the other!! This si the perfect way, and I’m a DVC member as well, so SWEET!! It’s the perfect way to take full advantage of my DVC membership if I have this pass I can easily hop from Calif. to Fla. on the Ultimate Disney excursion!
    Thanks so much Disney – keep up these great ideas and keep us Disney “Die Hards” coming back for more!!

  • How much are the taxes? Are there taxes if you but it in California?

  • Thank you for answering my question.

    I have one more question to ask, I read that you can upgrade a premier pass by having a DLR premium pass and unused park hopper ticket to WDW. If I want to upgrade to the premier I must do it at WDW not at DL to add the WDW ticket?

    I read that it must be at a WDW Guest Relations window. Can I go to Downtown Disney Guest Relations to upgrade my pass or does it have to be at any of the theme parks Guest Relations?


  • FINALLY! I think this is a great idea even if just one member of your family gets it for the discounts at both parks, it’s worth it.

  • Question: Does this passport give you the same benefits as a PREMIUM passholder, or the benefits of a regular annual passholder, at each park?

  • What would the cost be for Disney Vacation Club members for WDW?

  • After crunching the numbers it looks like we won’t be purchasing the Premier Passport. Without any DVC discount we’re better off purchasing a deluxe DL AP and WDW parkhopper tickets. I was really looking forward to this type of AP as we’ve had a few years of trips to both DL & WDW, but the cost is too high.

  • We have WDW annual passes that expire January 11, 2011. If we went to DLR in July and wanted to upgrade to the Premier Passport, what would the cost be?

    • The cost is the difference between the Premier Passport ($700 plus applicable tax) and the retail price of the existing pass.

  • Thomas, We have a current passport for WDW that we got in December. In 9 Days we will be going back to Disneyland. Our PAP’s expired in October. We had initially planned on getting new AP’s on this trip, but now want to do the Premium Pass. Will our expiration date be March 2011 or December 2010?

    • Hi Leanne…December 2010.

  • I might consider if there’s a discount for DVC members or FL residents but I don’t see the value add in my particular instance. I don’t enjoy water parks, DisneyQuest or golf so a regular Annual Pass for WDW is my best value even if I add a trip to DL each year into the mix. I can see where a lot of folks will jump on the ticket, though.

  • That’s great! I’ll be anxiously awaiting my beautiful Premier Pass! I’m so glad I didn’t do the early renewal. Our DL AP’s expire March 29th and our WDW AP’s expire August 1st! Yay, Disney! 🙂

  • Thanks for the reply to my question. Just to clarify, since both my wife and I have active passes at both WDW and DLR, our DLR passes exipre on 3/21 and 3/28 we should not have sent in our renewal paperwork for DLR as we should be issued a new premire pass that has our WDW expiration dates of 1/11/11 and 6/8/11. If that is the case how do we go about not being charged our monthly payments at DLR for our renewal as it was sent the morning of your anoucment?

  • Thomas – Thanks for responding to my question above. The additional information you requested is as follows.

    My husband, myself and our son all have Premium Disneyland annual passes.

    Our son’s expires on 03/21/10 although my husbands and mine do not expire until 05/03/10. So we only early renewed our son’s pass.

    We all three have WDW annual passes (purchased with DVC discount) that expire on March 9, 2011.

    Thank you for any guidance you can provide and let me know if you need any additional information.

    • Sure, Katherine. This is a tough one. Guest Relations at DLR can help you get this resolved.

  • Hello,
    If you have a premium DL pass but you are on the monthly payment plan, can you pay the differnce for the new pass and still stay on the payment plan for your premium pass? Or would you have to pay whatever the remaining balance is from the monthly payment plan and the difference for the new pass?

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