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Don’t Miss Your Last Chance to See ‘Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular’

Heather Hust Rivera

by , Vice President, Consumer Products

It’s one of the longest running Broadway-style shows in the country, but as they say, “every good thing must come to an end.” This is also true for “Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular.” By the time the last curtain falls, there will have been approximately 7,500 total performances and nearly 9.5 million guests will have seen this fantastic show.

If you’re one of the few Disneyland Resort guests who haven’t had the opportunity to see “Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular,” or if you’re a fan who wants to see the show just one more time, you need to hurry. As we announced on the Blog last year, Aladdin, Jasmine and the Genie will make their last appearance on stage in this entertaining show on August 15.

As we often do, we’re turning it over to you, the readers. What is your favorite part of “Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular?”


  • From Las Vegas, NV. An annual pass holder aswell. Who enjoyed this great production with all her grandchildren. We loved the genie and our favorite part of the play was the great entrance of prince “Ali ababua”. Due to the fact that the audience becomes part of it all, my little ones liked the elephant, camels, and horses. We will definately go back one more time and enjoy it again. We hope the next production is as great or greater!

  • I have seen Aladdin at least 5 times, and it never gets old. I will truly miss it. It would be hard to say what I like best about, but a really liked how the Genie through in comments that were relative to what is going on at the time. Sorry to see it go.

  • More of a question than a comment. I did, however see the spectacular show a couple of times. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed it and hate to see it go. But what will they be performing in place of Aladdin?

  • I’m an annual passholder and live nearby, so have seen Aladdin probably 40+ times! Of course the Genie is brilliant, but Jafar is pretty spectacular, too, especially when having to just stand there with a straight face while the Genie makes jokes about his name. If I could take anything from the show, I would love to have one of the camels that come out with Aladdin and smooze with the audience! I will miss being able to see this every time I come.

  • We have always enjoyed the Aladdin Musical, Thank-You Disney for this wonderful show. We will miss it.

  • Aw…. Im really going to miss the Aladdin Musical Spectacular! My favorite parts of the play were ” To be free”, The Genie, and the magic carpet scene….:) so sad to see it go, but Amazing musical. Something that would never be forgotten.

  • Im going to miss the Genie… but if a new play has to come then BRING IT OLD SCHOOL!!..ummm, how about little mermaid like WDW..or pinnocchio? beauty and the beast? sleeping beauty? i know.. PETER PAN! that would be awesome..just throwing it out there..lol

    The Disney Dork

  • Even though my wife and I live near Salt Lake City Utah we are Annual Pass holders and have had the pleasure of seeing this production well over 30 times since it opened. We have brought children and grandchildren to see it with us. As a family we are going to miss having this to look forward to, but I guess it is time to let genie be free. Thank you Disney Imaginears for putting family entertainment on stage and throughout the parks and resorts.

  • My favorite role is obviously the genie, but my favorite genie was an actor by the name of Ryan Knowles. He was a phenomenal performer and I hope that if they bring the show to Broadway they ask him to reprise his role. I mean, this is the guy who came up with the infamous paycheck at the Haunted Mansion line.

  • We have seen this so many times and it was always so much fun! It was also my son’s first experience at a live performance when he as just 3 years old (he’s now 8 1/2). It was amazing to watch him clap and laugh at everything, and to know when to do it too. I will miss it, but I am looking forward to what the Hyperion Theater holds for the future.
    I think I speak for my whole family, our favorite part is when Aladdin and Jasmine fly over head on Carpet. Then again the whole show is great!

  • My favorite part of the play is the parade. Whoever designed the elephant is a genius. I saw the play three times and never got tired of seeing it. Sorry to see it go, but hopefully it will be brought back again for us to enjoy.

  • I always love when genie comes in. He is always cracking jokes about what’s going on in the now. I love it. I will definatly go see it a couple more times before it goes. What’s the next show going to be?

  • Please extend the show for 2 more weeks! We are planning our FIRST trip to Disneyland in late August and would love to see this highly recommended show. I hate to miss it – just 2 more weeks…PLEASE!

  • I go to Disneyland once a month and always make sure I see Aladdin while i’m there. I think the Genie is hilarious! The jokes often change based on current events. The entire show is absolutely amazing. I will miss it, also.

  • I won’t be able to make it to California to see “Aladdin” again, and I’m not sure if I’m more upset about it closing or what is replacing it. This will be the second Toy Story attraction at California Adventure, and I don’t think that’s necessary. I saw “Toy Story” on the Disney Wonder last year – the Wonder’s other two stage shows were better, in my opinion. The special thing about the “Aladdin” show is that it’s never the same show twice. Nothing in “Toy Story” as it is on the Disney Wonder makes me want to see it over and over. I agree that “Aladdin” would be great at Walt Disney World or even onboard the Disney Dream next year. In this case, I think it’s a matter of “don’t fix what isn’t broken”. As for my favorite parts of the show, The Genie, The Genie, The Genie, and the songs.

  • I’m not usually overly big on shows like this, but Aladdin is really an AWESOME show. The last time I spent a week in Disneyland, I caught it 3-times and it never grew stale to me. I will readily admit that I have never watched the actual movie (yet), but hasn’t been necessary in order to enjoy the show. Everyone in the cast has done a great job over the years and Genie is particularly wonderful (as mentioned by others) as he always manages to keep things funny and fresh.

    I realize that the show can’t go on forever, but I will really miss it. I hope to get back out there one more time while it’s still running so I can wish it a proper goodbye. *sniffle*

  • A most wonderful show. If you haven’t seen it, then you should make every effort to get there before it closes. Absolutely wonderful. We have seen it many times and every time is special. I will never forget the performers with the animals in the aisles stopping right in front of my 4 yr old daughter. She was enthralled and excited. Everyone at Disney does an outstanding job. I’m sorry I won’t get a chance to see it again.The genie was the best!!! I’m looking forward to the next great show to take its place.

  • Genie: “You look good up close…but better from Jafar!!!”

  • Agreed! The Genie absolutely makes this show!! His quips, one-liners and pop culture references are constantly changing, and keep the show fresh and funny! My boyfriend and I have been fortunate to see this show on each of our three trips to the Disneyland Resort, most recently on a cold, rainy December day. And the theater was still packed! If people will stand in the rain for an hour to see this show, shouldn’t that tell Disney something? 🙂

  • This show needs to come to Hollywood Studios. This is far and away the best stage show Disney has ever produced, including the shows that made it all the way to Broadway.

  • Who doesn’t love the Genie’s role and Aladdin flying on the magic carpet? I just wish Disney would sell DVD’s of the show so we can remember this wonderful production for prosperity. A lot of great shows are lost for future generations this way at the Disney theme parks and it is such a same.

    In any event, I have seen this show lots of times, and it was always a must see for any guest I brought to the park for the first time or the last event I would do on my daily jaunts to DL from Northern Cali (back when I would fly a couple times a month down, for the day).

    Thanks for the memories of the Aladdin Musical Spectacular! It was a great gift to all who love great show!

  • I am so in love with this show. I am making a special trip down in June just so I can see it one last time. I was there in January and I thought that would probably be my last viewing and I cried so hard! It’s incredible to me how Disney shows can have such a strong effect to make some of us just so passionate about them! My favorite part of the show is either the Genie and his ever-funny, always current jokes, or of course, the A Whole New World scene! All of the sets and costuming are so elaborate, and as a performer myself I had always wished to someday audition for a Disney show like this one! I too would love to see a DVD release of the show! Disney did it before the Electrical Parade ended the first time (it was still VHS) and I still own that video and my younger siblings love to watch it! Although I am so incredibly sad to see it go, Aladdin had an amazing run! Congrats to the current and former cast and crew who all contributed to making this such a successful and completely unforgettable show!

  • This is a wonderful show, its been a few years since I’ve seen it, so I will make a point to see it again very soon.

    It is a shame to see it go, but it has had a good, strong run, and I am looking forward to seeing new things.

  • Is it true that “Aladdin” is heading towards Broadway? I heard a rumor and wish upon a star!

  • #17 – Having gone to DCA ever since the special event before Opening Day in 2001, we have seen all the versions of the shows put in the theatre there, from Steps in Time (Version 1.0) until the Aladdin show. Aladdin has definitely been the best show there!!

    We will be sorry to see it go, even tho we feel we’ve seen it plenty of times. I’m sure we’ll see it one last time, before it closes on 8-15. It’s definitely a great Broadway-style show, that’s very exciting for the audience, with the entrance on the “elephant” that goes all around the theatre to the mad improv skills of the Genie!

    Please give all of Aladdin’s cast members our thanks for a show well done and I hope the Toy Story show is equally good.

  • I will miss this wonderful show! So many times over the past several years, I climbed the staircase to the mezzanine, knowing I had an enchanted hour ahead. The singing, dancing, stunts, and ohmygoodnessisthatanelephantandaretheyactuallyflyingaroundandsinging, are always superb. I especially enjoyed seeing the various refinements different performers brought to each role. It is always the same name on the marquee, but never the same show twice. As for the name, to play off one of Genie’s jokes, I would change it to Alajasfarpetsultenie, even though that is quite a mouthful, because Disney has assembled one of the best ensembles I have seen and I am very grateful to them for many years of entertainment.

  • What a spectacular show, I was very fortunate to get see it once. My only child at that time was scared of the theatre – the darkness and the loud sound level, so my husband had to leave w/ her. I sat and watched the show all by myself, but I was amazed by the entire performance. I loved the flying carpet, the Genie (of course!), and the elephant. All in all an awesome show. My poor husband has never been able to see the show.

    I know Disney will replace it with another show that is as great or even better somehow. I applaud the castmembers of this production.

  • We were able to see the Aladdin Musical when we were there last year. I have to agree with other comments that the Genie made it absolutely hilarious! The one-liners just kept coming and had all of us cracking up. My boys were 7 and 10 at the time and they loved it too. The magic carpet flying over the crowd toward the end was also really amazing to see. We’re finally getting to WDW this year for the first time so we won’t be able to see the Aladdin show again but I highly recommend it to anyone who has the chance to see it!

  • I’m sad to see this show go- I first heard about it while at Disneyland, from one of the workers, who encouraged us to go see it when we were able to get over to California Adventure. It sounded so fantastic- it was the one thing on my list I REALLY wanted to do that day. And I was blown away by the quality of the show- it was absolutely amazing. From the moment I walked into the theatre, I had goosebumps. My favourite part of the show… I can’t pick a favourite part. I loved the magic carpet scene, and the scene with the giant elephant coming in through the theatre. And let’s not forget the Genie. So hilarious. Just the whole show was, like I said, amazingly well done. When we first saw it, my whole family agreed that we probably would’ve payed around the ticket price just for that show. I hope I can get to DCA one more time before it closes, because I’m really going to miss this show. But, I’m excited to see what comes in its place- I hope it’s something just as magical. <3

  • A few years ago my husband and I saw this, he was very hesitant to go see this but he enjoyed it and got a good laugh. It is definetly Disey magic. Genie is the best part of the show. Sad to see it end… but can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • I will be sad to see this go! The Genie of course is hilarious and the cast is phenominal. I’m sure in true Disney fashion that what ever they pick to replace it will be great…cuz they have big shoes to fill.

  • We are going this weekend for our 1 year wedding anniversary & we cant wait to see it again it will be the 3rd time and I love it.. I cant wait for Toy Story The Musical to take its place that opens in 2011 Its an amazing show but Toy Story is going to be great to. I love Disney and how they keep the season pass holders coming back because they have new things all the time!!

  • Sadly, I will be missing the show as I am going to Disneyland at the end of August. What’s going to replace the show once it closes?

  • I am sad that this show is going to end. Everything about this production is grand! I remember taking my two boys to this show for the first time. They were just in middle school and as we were standing in line waiting for the doors to open, they were not happy that we were going to see a “musical show.” Talk about a change of heart. After the show, they quickly looked to the schedule to find out when the next showing was so we could come back and watch it again. Every year since then the first thing we do is look at the schedule to see when Aladdin is showing.This family is going to miss the show.

  • My favorite part; what made the show extraordinary was that the Genie would make jokes at the expense of current news. I’m really bummed that this show is ending and am patiently waiting for news on the next amazing play Disney will put together in its place.

  • Yes, I’m with Robert. Where can I reserve my copy. I’ll do it now if it can be made available!

  • We love anything that comes out of Genie’s mouth! He is the best! We went to the performance at least twice each day it was showing during our last visit in January especially knowing that it would be our last time seeing it. When we return next January, it just won’t be the same. We were so sad when we heard it was about to come to an end. Our only hope is that Disney will move it to Florida to Hollywood Studios so we can see it when we visit there each year. I would love to be in the audience for the last performance but don’t even know if I could make it thru it. Let everyone involved with the production thru the years that it was our favorite and they all did a spectacular job! We still wonder why the Disney folks didn’t just add a theater over by the new Car’s Land or in the area of Toy Story Mania to add the new Toy Story Show and leave Aladdin were it was. That seemed to make more sense to us. This Iowa couple will miss them dearly.

  • It’s sad that this show is going. Aladdin is such a great show and should stay at DCA. I think toy story has enough stuff in the parks and I think Toy Story already has a show on the Disney Cruise line. Or another idea would be bring the Aladdin show to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida. Move Beauty and the Beast to the events pavilion by Light Motors Action and a new bigger theater would be built in the current location of Beauty and the Beast. That would be awesome if it ever came to Florida!

  • I went to Disneyland to celebrate a friend’s birthday, not realizing that it was Super Bowl Sunday when I RSVPed. So we rode some rides and were walking back from Tower of Terror, and the birthday girl said we should see the show. I had never seen it before, and was down with anything new. So we get the highest seats in the theater, which felt like a mile away but were actually perfect for us.

    And the show was Spectacular. There is no other word to describe it. Alladin actualy flew with Jasmine on a magic carpet….IN THE THEATER! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!! I MEAN C’MON! Have you ever heard of someone flying on a carpet inside a theater? I think not.

    But undoubtedly the best part of the show was Genie. Now,I have been blessed with the opportunity to see musicals in almost every major city, and I have never laughed so much in one until this. I literally fell out of my seat from laughing….I didn’t even know that was possible. I thought it was a clever thing to tell someone like, “Oh man that’s so funny I’m falling out of my seat.” But no, I actually did it…multiple times. I’m sure people thought I was crazy, but he was hilarious. The funniest person I have ever seen on a stage. He was better than any stand-up comedian, and person on SNL, actually he belongs there. I don’t know who he was but I do know one thing. He was the icing on the cake of one of the greatest Disney stage shows in the history of Disney stage shows.

    God bless and good luck

  • I love this show!! i wish they came out with a bluray copy of it!

  • I was able to watch the show twice the last time was in Feb 2010 the Genie added so much humor to the show. A baby started crying towards the end of the show and he told Jafar…”See now you made the baby cry” ha ha I laughed so hard. Its sad to see such a wonderful show come to an end. I wonder whats next? Anything Disney comes out with will be wonderful. A good excuse to return next Feb. Thanks disney for such a wonderful place where truly dreams do come true.

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