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Extra Time to Dine at Epcot?

Extra Hour at Select Epcot Restaurants
Do you like the idea of an extra hour for dining in the evening at Epcot? Give it a try from March 28 through April 10, and let us know what you think — you can book your “extra hour” table at Coral Reef Restaurant, Garden Grill or Le Cellier Steakhouse. Then get ready to relax and sip a post-prandial cocktail or linger over dessert while the Epcot crowds dwindle.

Share with us what you think about the idea. And we’ll share with you that we recommend the decadent Chocolate Wave (with a little sparkling rosé) if you’re at Coral Reef Restaurant; an extra scoop of all-you-care-to-eat strawberry-rhubarb crisp with cream at Garden Grill or the Chocolate-on-Chocolate Whiskey Cake at Le Cellier. You’ll walk it off on the way to the car.


  • Sounds like a great idea. We always wind up lingering, just wandering through the shops, on the way out, basically trying to wait for the crowds to die down, instead of rushing to the bus stop only to stand in line for an hour, then get stuck trying to stand on a bus with two kids. If we could spend that time having supper, why not? It would leave us more time to spend in the park, and we wouldn’t just be burning off that hour waiting for the crowds to disperse.

  • I think it’s a much needed idea. I’ve been told that for the five nights my wife and I will be at Disney at the end of April there is not a single table for 2 available for an ADR for any night at Le Cellier. It would be an added benefit to resort guests and help those of us who like a later (and less crowded) dinner. I just hope you make the “experiment” permanent before we arrive.

  • Love this idea. We had the last reservation of the night at Le Cellier when we visited in Feb. It was awesome, the restaurant was nice and quiet and emptying out while we ate peacefully. We even had the kids along (DS 9.5, DS 5.5, DD 9months).We also ate late at Coral Reef and it was great to relax and watch the fish while the restaurant cleared out. We would definitely eat late again.

  • Sounds like a fantastic idea. Can’t wait to test it ou myself !!

  • Is this for walk-ins only, or will ADRs be available? I like the idea of a time set aside for walk-ins, because the dining plan, in addition to lessening the options for diners across WDW property, has made it impossible to enjoy a spur of the moment meal in Epcot, or any table service restaurant in WDW, for that matter.

  • This is an excellent idea! I hope this comes into full effect for my trip in July.

  • I love the idea!!!!

  • I love the idea … Dissapointed that we are going to miss it as we will not be there till the 17th of April

  • I love the idea. No matter how much time we have to play in Walt Disney World, we run out of time before we run out of things we want to do. So to have that extra hour will be fantastic!

  • I love this idea. I hope it will be expanded to having some sit-down restaurants open during Extra Magic Hours in the future.

  • On our last visit during F&W in Oct 09, we had late readies, coming from the west coast, eating at 7:30pm is still early for us. We quickly found out, though, if we didn’t we at the park before leaving, upon returning using the transportation system, nothing else was available. This year we’re renting a car and forgoing the Deluxe Dining Plan in exchange for grocery shopping and our DVC kitchen with a nice dinner out each evening.

  • I absolutely LOVE this idea – whoever thought of this one deserves a raise! Hopefully it becomes part of the regular schedule.

  • I love this idea – we are going in September and an extra hour of magic is always great!

  • I love the idea of having a late dessert in Epcot! I won’t be there in time to participate in the trial run but do hope you make it a regular option!

  • Best idea ever!!!!! I love EPCOT 😀

  • After almost always being unable to get reservations when I need them, even booking weeks in advance, this is the best idea I have ever heard! Magical! Now I can only blame it on MURPHY!

  • Outstanding idea! I hope that it is extended and includes more EPCOT restaurants and food kiosks during the Food & Wine Festival.

  • Super idea. It will make it easier to get a reservation at our favorite restaurants.

  • I think this is a wonderful idea. I hope it sticks around for the F&W

  • We are coming the first week of May, we couldn’t get a reservation at LeCellier for lunch or dinner so an extra hour at night would be great!

  • This idea is a keeper. Why not try it in other Parks,too.

  • This is a wonderful idea- we’re going in May and October– I hope Disney will continue with the later dining.

  • Excellent idea! I hope you get a great response and decide to continue with the program, as we just returned home from WDW, after enjoying lots of great Epcot restaurants!

  • Wonderful idea. Just wish the trial period would last until the END of April since I’ll be there in later April and could try it out. I think it sounds GREAT!!!

  • I like this idea, but I wish it would include more restaurants around the world showcase.

  • Fantastic idea!

  • Sounds like an excellent idea. We are night owls, prefer to eat late while the rest of the crowd packs on to the busses then enjoy a quite trip back to the room.
    I think this will be especially handy durning high volumes when reservations are difficult to get and durning off season it can be helpful for those of us who don’t like the previous 6 pm or 7 pm latest slots.

  • OMG! I love this idea, please have it when we go November.

  • Can you extend that too April 21-28????

  • Fantastic idea, I hope if gets extended into the summer!

  • I think it would be just wonderful to have the extra time for dining at EPCOT. I also love the way EPCOT looks at night it really is magical. It would be so relaxing not to rush thru dinner and just relax. Isn’t that what vacations are for. Hope they decide to make it a full time idea.

  • Great Idea, I always thought Epcot Dining shut down way too early.

  • This is a great idea. Nice way to relax prior to taking the bus/boat ride back to ones resort. Hope it becomes a all year round perk for Epcot fans.

  • While I won’t be at Epcot during this time period to enjoy the extra hour, it’s a great service offering for several reasons:
    1. More seatings are available at Le Cellier where it takes months ahead to book time in this wonderful location.
    2. Guests who visit Epcot for more than just dining and shopping won’t have to take time out of their attraction/entertainment schedule for dinner if they can dine later in the evening.
    3. Overall and should enough restaurants be added to this service, exiting Epcot should be a smoother experience if not more “staggered,” by offsetting the departures of hundreds of Guests (who might be staggering themselves).

    Nice move. Hope the test goes well and generates not only positive Guest feedback, but increased revenue too. 🙂

  • What a GREAT idea! This would be a nice relaxing way to end your evening at Epcot.


  • This is a great idea. We are going to be there just after the testing, but we would certainly have taken advantage of the extra hour if our trip was a few days earlier.

  • Love the idea! I hope it becomes permanent!!!! It is hard enough to get into these places during regular hours. I think this will lighten the load a little!

  • This is FANTASTIC news! I hope you keep this!

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