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Impressionist Art at Disney Parks

Impressionist Art at Disney Parks by Gene Duncan

Throughout my life, I’ve been fascinated with impressionist art and its amazing creators.

The included image is really quite simple, and consists of a red monorail passing in front of Spaceship Earth at Epcot on a clear day. A friend who viewed this for the first time saw Vincent Van Gogh himself in profile, face out of view, white hat with red trim. I don’t necessarily call this art, but rather, a modern tribute to a revolutionary artist.


  • Love this pic! My first impression was the whale “Monstro” chasing Pinocchio in the ocean. The colors are so vivid it’s just awesome!

  • Sweet pic, I really enjoy the pics, keep themcoming please.

  • Cool photo! It also kind of reminds me of pointillism art. Almost like a Georges Seurat painting.

  • I saw Van Gogh’s hat first. I was looking at the picture from a distance.

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