New Stroller Area Opens at Disneyland Resort

Up until a few weeks ago, if you wanted to rent a stroller, wheelchair or electric wheelchair you rented them once you were inside the gates of Disneyland park or Disney’s California Adventure park. Well, those days are gone! Now, there is a new stroller shop in the esplanade between the parks, near the dog kennels (to the right of the Disneyland park gate). This means you can rent what you need BEFORE you enter the park. You can even team up with one of your family members and have them wait in the park line while you go to the stroller shop. Two birds with one stone, right?


  • Dan:

    Haha I’ve been in too many “oops I forgot my pass” lines! 🙂

    Maybe Disneyland could create a special entrance gate near the stroller shop especially for those families with strollers that has wider gates and such to help things move along easier rather than have them find a place in the other lines.

  • This is perfect for families. This allows them to gather their stuff, their kids and their PASSES, before they get to the gate. I’ve seen how difficult it is for families to juggle kids and diaper bags and passes while trying to get through the gates. In addition, the moment you want through those turnstyles, the adults (errr… I mean, the “kids”) tend to just want to RUN (not walk) into the park. The last thing you want to do is to wrestle kids just inside the magic. It’s rough.

    And Richard? I know what you’re saying, but honestly, it’s not “that” much more time behind a stroller. Truth being, trying going FOR the stroller line next time. Those strollers take up at least 2-3 large adults in space and when they go through the gate, that line MOVES. Try it! Believe me, an efficient Cast Member at the gate can move stroller through just as fast as some of the “ooops.. I forgot my pass, do you have it hunny?” groups going through. 8):-)

  • OMG!!! Totally awesome that this just opened in time for spring and summer! Thanx Disneyland Park!

  • Let me get this straight?

    Before now, you needed to carry your infant into the gates of the park and go to the stroller shop [efficient].

    Now, you get your stroller before getting into the entrance line thus clogging up the long lines and impeding the entrance process for all. (Everyone knows to avoid lines with strollers as it takes considerably longer to get them thru the line).


    You encourage these same people to hold places in the line thus annoying everyone behind the “stroller family” from getting into the park.

    Time to rethink this one.

  • luv it…less walking for everybody

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