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Pool at Saratoga Springs to Get Makeover

Michelle Baumann

by , Walt Disney World Public Relations

Pool at Saratoga Springs to Get Makeover
Hi everyone…a cool new zero-entry feature pool will be ready for summer fun at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa — in 2011. It’ll take the place of one of the resort’s “quiet pools” at the Walt Disney World resort and will be nearly three times as big. I think it will be a real crowd pleaser for folks not staying near the popular High Rock Springs feature pool. When complete, the new themed area will include a 146-foot water slide, expanded deck, 1,200-square-foot kids’ play area, plus a quick-service poolside eatery.


  • It looks beautiful. Cannot wait to stay there again and now a NEW pool too! Just great!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saratoga Springs is our home resort–but the kids always want to stay at Beach or Yacht Club because their pool is so great–maybe now they will be happy with our home pool!! I do hope that a jacuzzi will be apart of the new poolscape..=D

  • My home resort!!! Love it love it…. Great job disney I know i want to come in 2011!!!

  • 146 foot slide Cowabunga!!!! lets go!

  • That’s great news, especially for physically challenged guests who stay at SSR. Zero-entry pools are much more inclusive, and I hope we see more of them at Disney! The other features sound really cool, too!

  • Two large pools will be awesome. Love SSR but the walk to get to the main pool can get long depending on where you stay at.

  • One of my home resorts! I have always stayed at Congress Park, but I’m going to have to try this one out!
    WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited!!!

  • My girls are screaming their heads off they are so excited!!! We love Saratoga Springs. We will make sure and stay there next year!

  • They just keep doing things that want to make me come back again & again!!

  • It looks wonderful. It’s great when they start fixing up the old pools that are really boring. Did that last year to Fort Wilderness, and now it is a great pool! Good work, Disney!

  • We actually have two home resorts, Old Key West and Saratoga Springs, but we LOVE Saratoga so much. to Melanie from New Jersey, this is the quiet pool that is at the end of the bridge crossing over from the main resort area. That bridge sure is lovely for a walk at night!!

  • Oh this is great news. Saratoga is our home resort but the quiet pools are really quiet. Which area’s quiet pool is getting the lucky make-over?

  • that really a nice addition!

  • Which quiet pool is this replacing?

  • My Home Resort!!!!!!! Love it. It needs something like this by the Paddock buildings

  • Looks great! We love staying at Saratoga Springs. In fact, we were just there last week. We can’t wait to try out the new pool!

  • This is very exciting! We hope to be DVC owners by 2011 so it will come right in time for us! YAY! 🙂

  • AWESOME! Now maybe e can stay close the the pool AND get on the bus first 🙂

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