• You are a gift artist! This is an amazing shot!

  • Breathtaking!

  • Please, please, please consider making some of these photos available for purchase in wall-worthy size–I would LOVE to have this photo! As always, excellent, excellent work, Garth!

  • Now that’s a rush hour I could live with!

  • Fantastic picture! How about a photo book of all these awesome pictures.

  • Very cool! It’s kind of mysterious looking …

  • How about some shots at the Animal Kingdom?

  • I always love seeing the photos that are posted and cant’t wait to see the next one. Is there anyway to get these as prints?

  • Love the photo. I too would like the high-res version

  • Great photo Garth !

  • I would like to echo the wish to have this photo as wall art. Amazing.

  • That is a very cool photo and would also love to have it as wall art.

  • I have a very important question for you, Garth. Why are you so amazing?

  • That is so cool!

  • Nicely done! Wish I could be there!

  • Awesome picture!! Will it be available for sale? It would make great wall art for a train buff, or any WDW enthusiast.

  • Wow, this is incredible. I don’t suppose there’s a chance that you could post a really high-res version that I could use for my desktop background, is there?

  • Foodies have special restaurants and TV Chefs dressed as Samurai warriors. Those of us who shoot and adore Disney have Garth Vaughan. Thanks for taking us to magical places. -[e]

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