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Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Disney Vault 28
With the opening of the much anticipated Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” film this week, our Visual Presentation team has been hard at work on last-minute preparations for store window displays and merchandise vignettes. Amidst her busy schedule, I was able to talk with Visual Presentation Manager Lycia Mick, who has been magically transforming merchandise locations throughout the Resort, bringing to life Alice-inspired worlds that will truly capture your imagination.

A must see for any “Alice in Wonderland” enthusiast, is the window display at Disney Vault 28 in the Downtown Disney District, which features Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” character-inspired banners, three-dimensional mushrooms, flowers and, of course, the newest “Alice in Wonderland” apparel and accessories.
Disney Vault 28
Michelle: Lycia, you have captured the essence of the new film in a way that will provide a true Wonderland type environment and experience for our guests. Can you tell us how you came up with the idea for the window displays for the Disney Vault 28 location?

Lycia: All the colors used in the film are so vibrant and extraordinary. A simple color can bring something to life that you never imagined. So that’s why we tried to create a living environment, where people can immerse themselves in the look and feel of the world of wonderland. I thought it would be a great way to showcase the new merchandise lines as well.

Mad Hatter Hat

Michelle: One of the things your team has been working on is the many “Alice in Wonderland” merchandise vignettes that can be found throughout the Resort, including Disney Vault 28, D Street and the Fortuosity Shop. You’ve definitely had a sneak peek of some of the new must-have “Alice in Wonderland” items. Do you have any favorites?

Lycia: There are quite a few items that I’d consider my favorite, but I’d have to say the Mad Hatter hat with the peacock style print and the curly orange hair is number one. It’s such a novelty piece, and those who love the Mad Hatter can now immerse themselves in that character even more. It’s also humorous to see how everyone looks so different in it. I’d have to say the Red Queen merchandise is probably a close second. We have some great items, including what we’re calling a “creepy handled mug” which is another one of my favorites. But I certainly love some of the clothing items with the Red Queen as well.

Red Queen Mug

So, don’t be late. These window displays are only on display for a limited time. For Disney and “Alice in Wonderland” enthusiasts, whether you consider yourself a more traditional fan or you like to push the envelope with our edgier and film-inspired product, we have plenty “in store” for you. From apparel and accessories to art and collectibles, a wonderland of offerings awaits you.

Our Top 10 Must-Have “Alice in Wonderland” Items

  1. Tim Burton-inspired Mad Hatter Hat
  2. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Adult Tee
  3. Mad Hatter Throw
  4. Red Queen Mug with “creepy” handle
  5. Red Queen Hybrid Satchel
  6. ACME Animation Licensed Film Cels featuring the Mad Hatter and Alice, among others
  7. Curiouser and Curiouser Limited Edition Mixed-Media Paper Sculpture by Dave Avanzino
  8. Open and Limited Edition Pins
  9. Red Queen Checkbook Wallet
  10. Disney Theme Park Merchandise “Alice in Wonderland” Jewelry Collection by Classic Hardware (available in mid-March)

So if you’re curious or curiouser about our new “Alice in Wonderland” product, stop by any of the locations listed above and let me know what your favorite merchandise items are.

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  • I was just at the Disneyland Park and purchased a Red Queen mug. On my way home, it broke. I was wondering if anyone knew of anyway to be able to buy a replacement online.

  • While at Disneyland USA last week, I was able to view the merchandise for the new Alice film in person… these photos do NOT due justice to these creative items. I imagine it’s only a hint at the spectacle that awaits the experience of the movie.

  • Better get your 3D tickets in advance because this movie is going to bring huge profits not only to Downtown Disney but to the Disney Parks as well on merchandise!

  • I’m so excited to go next month! I cannot wait to see the new merchandise! I love the hat and that mug. I can’t wait to see the rest!

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