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Urban Pop Culture Meets Disney Product at New Downtown Disney Store

D Street at Downtown Disney
A new store is joining the unique collection of shopping and dining experiences in the Downtown Disney Area with the opening of D Street, where urban inspired product “intersects” with a Disney creative edge.

D Street, will be located in the Downtown Disney West Side and showcase a mix of products for both men and women. Items include cutting-edge apparel, pop culture novelties, Vinylmation figures and collectibles, artwork, handbags, accessories, jewelry and more. The store will have a raw, unfinished industrial look, an provide a great venue to showcase Disney art created by local artists.

Product lines will feature vintage looks from Disney Couture and urban styles. Vintage apparel includes artwork from classic Disney attractions and characters. D Street will also showcase jewelry designers Tarina Tarantino and Classic Hardware, and fashion labels Mighty Fine and Harajuku Lovers.

The new urban-style location will also pave the way for everything in Vinylmation figures. D Street will become the flagship stores for Vinylmation figures, and become the platform to showcase the latest releases from the various collections, including the Park Series, Urban Series, Holiday Series, Cutesters and more. Designed by the creative talents from our Disney Design Group, Disney’s Vinylmation figures take on a whole new meaning in the world of collectibles. These 3″ and 9″ figures are often designed to represent icons, attractions and characters from Disney Parks & Resorts or have more of street feel with their urban-inspired looks.


  • I love this can’t wait til we get there in May. I am goin to shop til I drop.

  • Goodness knows the only thing Disney has been missing is a location from which to buy Disney Merchandise! I don’t know where else in all of Walt Disney World I would have been able to find these one-of-a-kind items!
    And now that Pleasure Island is a ghosttown, and all the young adults with disposable income, (to whom this store is targeted) who have all gone to Citywalk, I’m sure this store will be a raging success like Starbillia and Virgin Megastore were!
    Kungaloosh Disney!

  • Hey, this is JL from The Disney Driven Life. I must say as one who lives the Disney Driven Life, I find this news to be terribly exciting. I love Disney’s push to make the brand hip and suitable for everyday living without the stigmatism of being “cheesy” (yes, that pun was intended). Tren-D was a fantastic step towards this goal, and it looks like this store will be an asset as well. Keep moving in this direction, Disney!

  • When will it open!?!

  • I cannot wait for this store!! Vinyls are great. And to have a destination for them and fans is a great idea.

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