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Walt Disney World Chefs in White House Kitchen this Week

Walt Disney World Chefs in White House Kitchen this Week

Hmmm, what to cook when President Barack Obama and the Greek prime minister are coming for dinner – and dinner is for 400 guests?

Just ask Chef Dee Foundoukis and Chef George Paterakis, Walt Disney World chefs from Kouzzina by Cat Cora on Disney’s BoardWalk. They’ll be in the White House kitchen on Tuesday along with celebrity chef Cat Cora to cook for Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, in Washington to meet with the President. Among the dishes to be served is Fishermen’s Stew – the very same stew that you can taste at Kouzzina by Cat Cora.

The popular restaurant showcases many of Cora’s Greek family recipes, including the stew, a savory bowl of scallops, lobster, shrimp and clams dressed with ouzo butter. We think the guests will be impressed.

Also are on the menu are Kouzzina’s loukoumades, those addictive Greek donuts served hot and drizzled with honey.



  • I would love to have a Mickey Mouse recipe book. I do have an apple crisp recipe by Mickey Mouse that we cook alot in the fall.

  • I’m thrilled with the news of Cat, Dee, and George going to White House. My family is a fan of Kouzzina and all the staff-we’ve enjoyed the Greek cuisine at least 6 times now and had pleasure of meeting Cat and Virginia at book signing during Food and Wine. As an added bonus, we were dining at Kouzzina later that day and Cat, plus parents, family and friends came in and Cat took time to visit with us at our table–she even remembered us from the book signing.
    We’re such fans of “Cooking with Mickey and the Disney Chefs” cookbook, that we have set a goal to make all 99 recipes in the book in 299 days ( a little inspiration from Julia/Julie). We keep posting updates on our facebook page and have lots of folks following us and asking for invitations to dinner.
    I’m looking forward to a new Disney Chefs book including recipes from Kouzzina. Way to go Chefs Cat, Dee, and George!!!!

  • How exciting! Those loukoumades are truly incredible — they’re quickly becoming one of my favorite desserts in Disney World (but it’ll take quite an effort to unseat the ooey gooey toffee cake or ‘Ohana bread pudding!).

  • I had the fisherman’s stew in the picture when I was at Kouzzina – it was phenomenal! I even got the chance to meet Chef Dee – she is a wonderful woman, and a talented chef who truly loves greek food. Congrats on the chance to cook for such an auspicious occasion!!

  • I’m with Haley! Haven’t tried Kouzzina’s and probably won’t! Absolutely loved Spoodles and think WDW made a terrible mistake replacing it!

  • I had the fisherman’s stew in December and I loved it. I even got a picture of the chef. I believe it was Dee. I think it is great that I had the same food that will be prepared for the president.

  • Well, the only thing i can say here, is that i miss spoodles and that Kouzzina shouldn’t have taken its place at the boardwalk. Not impressed by it.

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