What Do You Do When it’s Raining at Disneyland Resort?

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It very rarely rains in Southern California, but this past year we saw some serious rain. On one of those rainy days, guests got to see a beautiful rainbow that arched all the way across the sky.

We asked guests in Disneyland park: “What’s it like when it’s raining while you’re visiting the Parks?”

There are many attractions and things to do inside at the Resort, whether you’re trying to avoid the rain or take a break from the hot sun.

Here are a few tips to make the best of a rainy day:

Do you have any tips to share for enjoying a rainy day?


  • I was in the park just after Christmas back in ’85 and it started raining about 10:00 am. By noon the park was nearly a ghost town so we headed to Space Mtn. We would ride, get off and run as fast as we could back through the line and there would only be about 25 people ahead of us at the bottom waiting to get on. Must have looped it 20 times that afternoon. It was great!! Good exercise and lot’s of fun for a teenager!!

  • I would love to go when its raining!!!! it puts two of my loves together!!! 1st of course… DISNEYLAND and then the rain!!! (I would LIVE in Disneyland if I could… i would even sleep on the ground!!! and I HATE to be dirty… mind you they keep it INSANELY CLEAN but you get the idea) I say put your phone and other electronics in a safe DRY place and run WILD!!! your in DISNEYLAND you get to be a kid!!!! :o)

  • Put on a poncho….ride POTC over and over until it stops.

  • My friends and I love to visit the parks in the rain! We don’t have to rush from ride to ride because of the long lines or wait 30-45 mins. to eat at the Blue Bayou. We get to enjoy the park at a slower pace and it’s really refreshing. Because you get to see things that are often overlooked on a very crowded day like getting silhouette cut-outs on Main St. or watching the Hillbillies at the Golden Horseshoe while sipping on a vanilla coke float. Plus, you get to interact with the cast members more and learn park facts or spend more time taking pictures with Mickey and his gang. And, of course, we ride the water rides.

  • A friend of mine and I were at Disneyland back in 1989 on a rainy day and it was a blast! We’d seen The Who the day before and it was sunny out but the clouds came in overnight but that didn’t dampen the mood in the park. The lines for rides were extremely short and we must’ve done Space Mountain at least 14 TIMES that day, getting off the ride, running back around to the entrance and getting right back on!! We got to know some of the Cast Members pretty well too as they’d be seeing us a bit too frequently. Also the outdoor rides like the Matterhorn were a bit faster because the tracks were more slippery, making an exciting ride even more exciting. All in all it was a great time and the rain didn’t put out the sparks of Disney Magic. We found it everywhere and had a lot of fun!!

  • I like to go on The Mark Twain Steamboat. If you stand on the middle deck you stay dry and still get a great view around The Rivers of America. The porch on Main Street, right next to the Crystal Arts store is a good place to sit and people watch too.

  • I say grin and bear it. A little rain never hurt anyone. I have to say that some or best vacations as a family were when it was raining.

  • My wife and I have 40 years of memories from the park and one of our favorites was a very rainy February trip. Our girls were probably 7 & 8 years old and we prepared them with sweat shirts, mittens, stocking caps, and of course, Mickey Ponchos!! Through out the day we kept watching a Japanese tour group……Their guide had a big blue and white beach umbrella…….He would run over to where-ever the group was headed and open the umbrella and then the group would run after him like “ducklings” trying to get out of the rain!!! They all seemed to get under the umbrella laughing and smiling all the while. Every time we saw them we would laugh and wave and they would laugh and wave in return! A smile and wave are understood in any language. This is part of what Disneyland is all about!!

  • We were there in the rain recently and rode Grizzly River Run 18 times in a row without getting off because there was no line. The kids thought they had died and gone to heaven! We had ponchos on, so we didn’t really even get wet! One word of advice: DON’T go on California Screamin! The raindrops turn into tiny knives stabbing your face. My husband and I found this out the hard way. The picture sure was funny though!

  • I was there for that rainbow too ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish I could post a picture!

  • This is the weirdest thing ever. Not only that I was thinking about Disneyland just last night but I was thinking about what I would do in Disneyland if it happened to be raining when I was there. Of course I came up with some outrageously crazy theories (including breaking out into “Singin in the Rain” on Main Street) but my overall decision had to be that it would be incredible, and now after reading this my suspicions have definitely been confirmed.

  • We go for rides that have covered lines — Star Tours, Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, sometimes Pirates. Most of the rides for little kids have outdoor-only lines, though.

  • Grab a Disney Parks poncho and/or umbrella and continue with the fun! We were there for my birthday this year and it poured that day. We just ran in, bought ponchos and kept on going. Rain can never stop Disney fun!

  • We always see it as a signal to embrace the water rides and go and ride Splash Mountain and Grizzly River as many times as we can — if you are going to be wet anyway, then just go for it!

  • For us, a rainy or very cloudy day is the best day to go to Disneyland. It’s never crowded, the lines are short for everything so then you really don’t spend much time in the rain. We love to go see Billy and the Hillbillys at the Golden Horseshoe Saloon. I could watch them over and over again and still laugh through the whole show. Love them!!!! Of course, rainy days gives me the opportunity to shop more on Main Street. Rainy days are also perfect for picture taking. I’ve taken some amazing shots. I’ll never tire of Disneyland.

  • We just got back last night from our trip to Disneyland. I know many have said innovations, but I have to say it too. When I said that we should go to innovations when the rain started my in-laws looked at me like I was crazy. After we went in and left my 16 year old cousin kept saying, “when are we going to go back to innovations?”

    Oh yeah, and riding Pirates over and over again is always good when the rain gets really heavy. Not only is it an awesome ride, it is warm as well.

  • On my first visit to Disneyland (many, many years before DCA, or even Toontown!) my family & I arrived to the front gates during a massive rainstorm. To a 6 year old, this was a disaster. All the excitement and torture of having to wait until the day we went to DISNEYLAND, & to get there & have the day RUINED by a torrential downpour was almost unbearable. We dodged in and out of shops on Main Street, & trying to make the best of it, we sprinted into an area called “Adventureland”. At this point, the rain became so heavy, even our souvenir poncho’s were no match. Just off to our left, was a covered waiting area. Having no idea or even caring what the attraction was we entered & sat down. My Dad, who, by the way, was not entirely in favor of this vacation to start with, and is by nature, a grouch, wondered aloud, “why are we looking at a bunch of fake flowers, & where’s the stage?” By the end of the show even he had encountered the ‘magic’ of Walt’s imagination. To top it all off, when the doors opened, we stepped out into the warm sunlight, & had a fabulous vacation. To this day, the Enchanted Tiki Room is one of our favorite attractions.

  • My family comes every year at Christmas. Two years ago it rained all day on Christmas day. Not gonna stop us. We took the opportunity to ride some rides over and over because there were no lines. That year we won special lanyards and trading pins in the “Year of a Million Dreams”. Things like rain at Disneyland just make it that much more memorable. We drive down from Northern Nevada, and we all love Disneyland, so we get ponchos and keep on going.
    It’s Disneyland!

  • Being at the park while it’s raining is great but you do need to be ready. We always try and bring golashes or Scotts guard our shoes. Paunchos are a must but a small umbrella to go with it is really nice because you lose alot a visability with your hood up. Having a small plasic bag to hold your wet stuff in when you head indoors or the rain stops is super handy. I also love to do a lot of my traveling around the park using the trains on rainy days.

  • I thought Aladdin was gone.

  • When my son was 3 (he is 17 now) I took him on his first trip to Disneyland. It was raining that day, but we didn’t let that ruin our day. I bought him a little yellow pancho (with Mickey on it)and my favorite memory is of us riding the Flying Dumbo ride over and over in the pouring rain. We were the only one there, and the cast member let us keep riding. After each ride he would ask us if we would like to go again. We must of rode it at least five times! Also rode the train the park seven! It rained lots that day but it was one of the best visits, Great memories!

  • If rain is forecast, we always pack at least one change of clothes-including shoes and socks-to stash in a locker. Then we bring the longest ponchos we can find and just have fun! Don’t forget a big plastic bag to hold the wet clothes in, too.

    There are a ton of rides that are inside and many of the lines for rides are under cover. And, as stated many times, the lines are shorter.

  • This is such a great topic and I have recently told all my friends what a great mom I have. When I was young (back in the 70’s) if it was raining, my mom would announce- “We’re going to Disneyland!”. We’d skip school and drive the hour to the park in the rain. We always took at least 1-2 changes of clothes and shoes so that half way through the day we’d change out of our wet clothes and into our dry clothes and shoes making it just like starting the day again. Since there were no lines and at the time the park was much smaller we would go on every open ride in the park! At the end of the day we would change into another dry outfit- usually pj’s and head home. Some of my fondest of Disneyland were trip in the rain.

    • That’s a great memory, Cristina!

  • Rainy days at Disneyland are the BEST! Over the years I’ve acquired a few favorite rainy day spots. Blue Ribbon Bakery on Main St. has wonderful mochas, cappuccinos and hot chocolate perfect on a rainy day stroll down Main Street from awning to awning. The French Market Restaurant is a great covered local to enjoy a hot fritter (not to be missed) and listen to Jazz. Innoventions is especially great with the young children, as is the arcade in Tomorrow Land at the exit of Space Mountain. My personal favorite inside Disneyland is circumnavigating the park on the train while people watching, relaxing and enjoying the weather from a nice dry seat. My favorite rainy day spot of ALL TIME is in the lobby of the Grand Californian in front of the enormous fireplace. I love Disneyland in the rain!!

  • Last time I went to Disneyland (December 2009), it was raining all day long, with the exception of half an hour when we had lunch! But, it was still an awesome experience, especially since I’ve never been to Disneyland while it was raining! All the lines were shorter and there weren’t a lot of crowds!

    We went to all the rides that were indoors (there are A LOT!), like Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan. We also went to California Adventure and it added more of an effect to the Tower of Terror!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just make sure to take rain boots, there are a lot of puddles!

  • when i went and it was pouring me and my little cousin just ran around avoind drops and running from banister to banister, yeah we got SOAKED but it was fun

  • Enjoy character dining! Paradise Pier Hotel now has “Surf’s Up Buffet Breakfast with MICKEY & Friends!” Also, when the rain is heavy, the characters are often found indoors, including the hotel lobbys ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Put on a poncho and enjoy as many rides for as long as possible.

  • Yes, Disneyland can be great in the rain because they lines are always very short! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Plus, its always nice to be at Disneyland when there are not a lot of crowds.

  • One Word: Innoventions!

  • Personally, I love it when it rains at Disneyland. As mentioned, you can really take advantage of much shorter lines at some of the major rides (most of the queues are at least partially covered, when you think about it.) But my favorite thing has to be getting close to the people I love under an umbrella, huddling together, and just laughing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I don’t mind the rain either–like some of the folks on the video said, it’s a great time to visit those attractions that usually have long lines while everyone else heads home or back to their hotel.

  • We LOVE it when it rains! Less crowds and shorter lines.

    You can enjoy a nice quiet meal at the restaurants that are normally packed (like Blue Bayou or Cafe Orleans). Shorter lines are a given, but also pack a good plastic trash bag to sit on when getting on rides. Saves you a wet bottom!

    Take great photos of the park that are normally people filled shots. Cloud cover makes for some awesome photos because you don’t get the glare or wash out from the sun.

    I’m looking forward to more rainy days at Disneyland! Hopefully this weekend!

    Thanks for sharing the cute video.

  • I’ve never been to Disneyland when it is raining, but I really want to! It’s incredibly empty!

  • That’s an adorable video!

    We were recently at the park the end of February and it rained on us off and on all day. Everyone there, ourselves included, didn’t really mind! Disney is fun, rain or shine!

  • Me and my family took the time to check out Innoventions and did some unexpected pin trading!

  • I was there for that rainbow. ๐Ÿ™‚
    We like to go to the Golden Horseshoe when it rains. In California Adventure we go to Turtle Talk with Crush and Animation Academy.

    • Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

  • Haha, that was a cute video.

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